What do we do now?  After being up 21-7 at halftime, the Baltimore Ravens had about as colossal a collapse as one can imagine, leading to a 31-24 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs.  That’s it! Talk about finality.  The Ravens put a cap on a successful but frustrating season, with their most frustrating performance in franchise history.  Ray Rice fumbles for the first time this season, then Joe Flacco throws a terrible deep ball to Todd Heap in double coverage for an interception, then Matt Birk and Flacco cant handle a center-QB exchange for a fumble.  Boom, a 21-7 lead becomes a 24-21 deficit.  In the 2nd half the Steelers made plays and the Ravens didn’t, period.  Turnovers, dropped passes, and penalties eventually combined to lead the Ravens to an early offseason and the Steelers to the AFC Championship game.

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  1. Mitch says:

    Hi Kenny, I have always been a loyal Baltimore fan … Baseball Football Hockey….for whatever reason we just can’t beat the Pittsburgh teams… I don’t know what they have over us…. but its about time we learn how to overcome. …The most disapponting thing about this season is the under- performance of the team in playoff games ….Well better luck next year……

    1. Steve Weiblinger says:

      Mitch, you are killing me with your kindness.
      GO Steelers, Penguins and Pirates….
      BTW, I live in MD and I get all my Home Town Pittsburgh Sports on TV. Love it!!!!

      1. Dave Clugh says:

        How do you get the Pittsburgh Sports on TV? I miss it so much and would love to see more than the few games network tv allows here in Baltimore. GO STEELERS!

  2. Robert Lescalleet says:

    I,ll say nothing about the refs. that is another story. Int,s hey they are part of the game, fumbles are all so. But #27 could have held the ball just a little bit more to his body. What i can not take is the dropped TD pass right in the hands of #81 He didn,t have to reach for it, jump for it, nothing ., Right to him and he can,t hold onto it. Brings back #85. and his drop. The other point is the 4th and 18-19 , Joe hits #84 with a pretty pass ,hits him right where it is suppose to and what happens, he drops it. Mistakes are part of the game and always will be. But the two drops to me are not mistakes, they chould not have been caught

  3. Robert Lescalleet says:

    BTW on the above comment. my bad. ” They should have been caught.

  4. Hojo says:

    The problem with this year’s Ravens, and it has been pretty consistent throughout the season, is the offensive and defensive play calling. Lack of creativity, lack of persistent agressiveness, just a plain vanilla-ness of coordinating on both the offense and defense. Yesterday’s game was just like the rest of this 2010 season, Cameron plays agreesive in the 1st half, then pooters the offense the entire 3rd quarter. Poor execution by the players doesn’t help, but the plays that were called were only destined to be a routine “1-2-3-PUNT”. Did Cameron find Matt Cavanaugh’s old playbook somewhere in the Raven’s locker room??? Wake up Cam… when you have a succesful 1st half of a game, do the same thing for the rest of the game! Take time off the clock, move the ball, and let your defense rest up in order to be aggressive. Mattison on the other hand… way to be agressive in repeatedly forcing the Steelers into 3rd & long, only to call a 3-man pass rush in which Ben R. has enough time to stop, tie his shoes, then pick the ball up and still hit an open man in the weak secondary! Mattison’s poor defensive play calling has ruined the legend of which once was the mighty Ravens defense. Yesterday’s 1st half defensive performance was fantastic… but I wonder if it was more of the players desire to excel, than listening to Mattison’s poor play calling. Mattison… you have GOT to GO!!!! (Might want to take Cameron along with ya!)

  5. Steeler Family says:

    Way to go Steelers. Live in Baltimore now, grew up in Pittsburgh. Love those Steelers!!!!

    1. Steve Weiblinger says:

      Same here. GO STEELERS…….

    2. Dave Clugh says:

      I grew up in Harrisburg but my Dad was born and raised in Pittsburgh. Love those STEELERS too! Do you know of any STEELER fan clubs here in Baltimore area? I live in Parkville.

      1. Aytch says:

        Yeah…. go to Pasadena MD, off Hogs Neck Rd, a place called the Brass Rail. Walk in cheering the Steelers and join in on the frivolity…. Good times man!

  6. KEVIN says:


  7. Pain says:

    its as if the the game was fixed. go in locker room and r told we are not allowed to win, so make it look good and lose!!!! the side line had a totally different look in the second half. no energy at all. even lewis had his head covered and down.we as loyal fans arent blind not to see that something looked very suspect looking at the first half and then the second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Steve Weiblinger says:

      This is so funny Pain. OMG are you serious…

  8. Pat says:

    @Pain. I can’t imagine the Ravens were told at halftime they had to lose, but you got one thing right – the team we saw on the sideline in the second half WAS NOT the same team we saw in the first. I don’t have a clue what happened, but it was like they just didn’t care anymore and gave up. What was up with that – I don’t have a clue – no fiery pep talks from Ray, Anquan, Ed….. NOTHING.

  9. Gus says:

    F— the steelers! I went up on a bus trip for the game and let me tell you. Say what you want about Ravens fans but Pittsburgh fans are the most ignorant, in-bread bunck of aholes ever. As we were passing the stadium some redneck steelers fan threws a rock and shattered the window on our bus. Paybacks are hell steelers fan. And the female steelers fans in that city are god awful ugly, I did not see one good looking steelers fan, noe even one. The city sucks. Steeler fans who live in Baltimore can go to hell.

    1. MCB says:

      Amen brother. AMEN. F__k the steelers, and there fans… there and ESPECIALLY the ones here – meaning those FROM here. Nothing but traitors to there city.
      GO RAVENS. Yesterday, today and always.

      1. mcb says:

        i know i know….”their”

  10. ZAck says:

    Wow there sure are a lot Squealers Fans around here. Is the bandwagon not full yet?

  11. Mike Brown says:

    Ken, while I agree with you most of the time, I think you are being a little harsh on Joe Flacco. Consider this, a caller proclaimed that the Steelers always seem to get rid of players, but keep on keeping on. They rid themselves of Plaxico Burriss, Santonio Holmes, and hell, even going back to Rod Woodson the Steelers have refused to pay players high saleries. Some of that speakes to how cheap the Rooney’s are, but they know they have the system in place to plug in players and get the most out of them.

    Do the Ravens have such a system? I think not. We have Cam Cameron, the arcitecht of “Marty Ball” who has players that despise him. The man can’t figure out how to make adjustments in the second half, as has been demonsrated all season long. He is who is guiding Joe Flacco, and you expect steelar results? Both Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers exploded after they were out from under the scheme of Cameron, why would you think Flacco would be any different?

    I lead people in my business, and I’ve seen a number of them who were guided by others, that weren’t on the path to success, but after I had a chance to work with them, and teach them, they excelled . It comes down to who is telling you what to do, and how to do it, and Cam Cameron isn’t the person Flacco needs to reach the next level. Perhaps you should focus more on Cameron, then you do on Flacco. For that matter, you with a voice in this community should be promoting the ouster of Cameron, not bashing Flacco for being in a system that has serious flaws.

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