By Alex DeMetrick

EDGEWATER, Md. (WJZ) — Thin ice may be to blame for the death of a man in Edgewater.  That’s where authorities plucked a body of a man in his 20s from a storm drainage pond.  Alex DeMetrick has more on how rescuers found the body.

The victim, Justin Raddie from Gambrills, was apparently alone.  His body may not have been discovered until spring, if not for an observant dog-walker.

Behind a housing development on Stepney’s Lane in Edgewater, a woman was walking her dog on a paved path that runs along a storm drainage pond.  She noticed a pair of shoes on the thin ice near a hole.

“Yesterday, when she was out here, she noticed no holes in the ice and today she became alarmed,” said Captain James Ross.

Firefighters pulled Raddie’s body from under the ice near a hole in six-feet deep water.

“That is terrible,” said a neighbor.

Neighbors say children often skate on the pond in winter.  Some claim the ice appeared thick until above-freezing temps on Saturday thinned it out.

“There’s a little bit of snow.  It’s deceiving that you think it’s completely frozen and it’s not, it’s just covered.  An inch of snow will make a big difference in thinking it’s solid and it isn’t,” said Barbara Silva.

That’s exactly why this weekend, several local fire departments and were training to rescue people who fall through ice.  The water is so cold, hypothermia sets in in a matter of minutes.

“The clothing they’re wearing, it adds weight, it adds density, it adds mobility problems, so once they’re in the water, they start to freeze,” said Shannon Stallings, Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire Department.

Getting out of these holes without professional help is near impossible.  Firefighters say no ice is safe unless it’s at least four inches thick.

Justin Raddie body was taken to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy.

Firefighters say the searched the water near both holes in case there were other victims or a pet that the victim was trying to rescue, but they found nothing.

Comments (24)
  1. Susan says:

    Very sorry for the young man to loose his life.
    I think the article meant HOLE in the ice instead of WHOLE in the ice

    1. JFW says:

      And I think you meant “lose” instead of “loose.”

      1. Kay says:


        Sorry to hear about the young man that lost his life. Makes you wonder why his shoes came off…

  2. Pat says:

    Yep, just like lose instead of loose.

  3. Bullfrog says:

    Doesn’t anyone have spell check?

  4. pigeon says:

    To the family of the young man, my prayers are with you.

  5. Shirley says:

    We’re talking about a young man who just lost his life. Who cares about “spell check”, etc. Think about his family and friends who are suffering.
    Praying for them in this tragic time.

  6. Lisa says:

    I agree with Shirley…Who cares about the spelling at a time like this? People never cease to amaze me….

  7. Scuba says:

    he was on thin ice without hisa shoes

  8. Robert Lescalleet says:

    What the heck does this article have to do with race. or as far as that goes spelling. The art. said hole not whole. people get a life

  9. Molly says:

    Some people find any oppurtunity they can to raise their voices regarding race…even in other people’s grief. Shame on them. Thinking of the family.

  10. ha says:

    This seems weird to me I mean unless he was found with ice skates on or something. Why would he walk barefooted across ice? GOD bless his family.

    1. carol says:

      I agree why did he not have shoes on, as cold as it was.doesn’t make sense.

  11. LYNN says:

    I agree. I’m a Black Woman and this has nothing to do with race or spell check..Sorry for the family, my prayer’s are with you.

  12. Taxi says:

    I agree. I’m a white woman it doesn’t matter gender or race. This person lost their life very young. God bless the family.

  13. Taxi says:

    That’s not right Don. What if he was your child.

  14. Kay says:

    Oh my goodness people, lets be friends. Someone lost their life here and we should be considerate. Who cares what color you are, this is a life that people should think about.

  15. Sherri Brown says:

    Wow Don what the heck does a young 28 year old dying in ice have to do with the bs you just said? I’m not quite sure you read the posts before the last couple but you should feel like a total idiot for your comment as well as the jackholes talking about spell check. A 28 year old man died, say sorry to the family & pray he rests in peace!

  16. Michele Murray says:

    Sorry for the family, my prayer’s are with you.

  17. Dawn says:

    Look I am a friend of Justins.. An I think this is ridiculous.. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Its really a bit self absorbed, dont you think? There are many questions here.. And Im pretty sure its not about spelling.. The question is why werent his shoes on him.. Why was one on the ice and one on the shore.. Why where there two holes.. Why were they so far apart.. He walked this path on a regular to get home. I also couldnt imagine that he would be interested in going ice skating. He had gotten off work from a long 12 hour shift.. He went to hang out with a few friends for an hour. He was offered a ride home. However he was in such a rush to get home he left and just walked. So Im going to have to say being cold and wanting to get home he wasnt up for a pitstop… He was familiar with this path! My only hope is that the police are following up on this tragedy. He was a hard working fun loving guy and he leaves behind a many of hurt and confused people.. So just think of all this and how life is too short before you start writing about things that arent even in reference to the topic at hand..

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