BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland State Police are investigating a traffic accident that occurred Sunday morning on eastbound Interstate Route 70 in the area of Maryland Route 27 (Exit 68).

Police say the accident involved a tanker truck carrying propane fuel. The fuel truck was overturned during the accident and two people in the truck were transported to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

The accident closed lanes in both directions. All lanes have now been reopened.

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  1. Elizabeth Kohler says:

    We were traveling on I-70 and the interstate was closed at exit 73. There were no directions of how to detour around the wreck. It was awful for us, as we were unfamiliar with the area. Lost a lot of time. One man said it was like they didn’t want the public to see what happened. We finally took a road that turned out to run parallel to I-70 and we saw the tanker. It sure didn’t look like it had turned over, but it WAS on the side of the road with a couple of state vehicles.

  2. joe says:

    the dept. of transportation should have set up some signs for a detour or something. we turned around when we saw traffic was stopped and got onto a road running parallel to i70. that road was also closed. it was like the maryland state police were playing a cruel joke. we lost about 2 hours because of this mess. there were no signs and the police were not helpful at all. i can’t understand why they would also close the most logical detour, the one identified by our GPS.

  3. KottaMan says:

    Don’t feel bad….. remember the fatal helicopter crash a year or so ago on I-70 at the Washington County line? All of in that parking lot of an Interstate should have packed a lunch and brought a cot.

  4. DrDblU says:

    My wife and I could not believe the traffic jam that resulted as we headed west to Hagerstown. A total lack of communication by the police and DOT. Why were none of the radio stations broadcasting news of this? And then there is Emergency Radio – non-existant. Maybe the legislature should can the network and save some money that way.

  5. wa says:

    wow I know what it is like to be stuck forever in traffic, stinks. But in this case I am sure the police were focused on this fuel truck not exploding and killing many people. They should get signs that say fuel truck overturned find a way off and far away in case. I am glad everyone is ok.

  6. Theprofessor says:

    We were on 70 just after it was closed and were forced to turn around. With an accident involving hazmat, im glad they kept everyone far away. You people complaining would still be complaint if the truck had exploded, and the had left the freeway open, or you would be dead, so be thankful for the quick response. Detour signs would be nice, but it’s not like they can pull them out of no where, and immediate safety has to be the number one priority, not getting you on your merry way again. I don’t know what happened that it took you two hours to get around, I don’t know the area either, but got onto the nearest county highway for about 15 minutes then cut back to 70 with no problem. It may be added 20 minutes to my trip. Small price to pay for safety. Thank you officers for your patience with these rude and idiotic people who are only concerned for their own well being.

  7. Dennis P DeFlavis says:

    doles anyone, except tThe Professor realize how dangerous this situation could have been? as a former firefighter we are trainer to handle situations like this. For example, the 20lb. tanks taht we use for grills, if exploded, will create a fireball which will literally incinerate everthing within 400ft. That truk, i’m sure was substantially larger than 20lb. so all the raocs that were closed were closed to not endanger you and others. the police should be commended for the job they did.

  8. Anita says:

    I live just off the parallel road south of I-70. I’m glad they closed it off but there really did need to be better directions. There is also a road north of the interstate. We followed a semi there on our way over to town. This road turns into a one lane tunnel under the railroad track. Fortunately there is a large school bus turn around area. This trucker just drove 4 miles after leaving the interstate just to find out he had to turn around. There was already another truck turning around when we got there. I just hope they found the road that crossed the interstate. From there they sent everyone down our road. At one point my husband said traffic in that direction was backed up to our house. I would say that was 4 or 5 miles of cars trying to get onto Rt. 27.

    Then on Rt. 27, they were letting cars make u-turns and that backed things up there. There were several rude drivers there. Some of them were driving way too fast. If I would let someone in front of me, someone behind me would lay on the horn. I’m glad they did the safe thing but still there needed to be more guidance for the drivers.

  9. Stull says:

    im a firefighter that was on the scene and we were afraid the tanker might possibly explode which is why we just down frederick road( the one that runs parallel with interstate 70)

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