Lots of finger pointing, so I’ll break the Ravens/Steelers game down like this. Our running back fumbled and it led to a TD. So did theirs. Our QB turned it over and it led to a score, and so did theirs. (Actually, our guy Flacco had a bonus turnover that gave them three points more, but whatever.) Each team had a costly pass interference on a scoring drive.  Both teams made their share of penalties.

But here it is in a nutshell: their receivers made big catches, including a 6th round pick Antonio Brown with the play of the game.  Our big name guys didn’t deliver. Boldin dropped what would have been the go-ahead TD.  TJ Houshmanzadeh dropped a sure first down catch to keep the game going. That’s the difference.  For all the things that went wrong, if we make relatively easy catches, the AFC Championship might be here in Baltimore. That’s why you signed them. It doesn’t make them bad guys or bad players. It does have everyone watching instead of playing this weekend though.

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  1. joey says:

    It is not that simple. This offense under Cameron totally suck. Flacco has to win a game on his own. He has not. Sanchez did. I have been saying it for 2 years we have the offensive players alongside a quarterback who is never going to be above average. Cameron must go. The offensive plan has sucked for 3 years. Imagine what Peyton would do with these players and without this defense.

  2. johnM says:

    Cam the sham has to go or the Ravens won’t be getting any of my money or time next season!!!!

  3. JasonD says:

    Look at the QB season stats on NFL.com, Flacco is essentially top 10 in almost all major categories, given 2nd in most sacks taken, blaming him for all of them is plain ignorant. You are fooling yourself in saying he is only average and going to only be average… In his 3rd year, the guys ahead of him in these categories are for the most part veterans in the league. Flacco has to win a game? Pittsburgh? Atlanta?lost by the DE… Show me a stat that says he sucks and I will reconsider my thoughts but till then all the Flacco haters are blind fools asking for an ill-advised change!

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