Police Search For Suspects In Officer Shooting

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police officers are investigating the shooting of one of their own.

Kelly McPherson has the very latest.

It happened around 9:15 p.m. Tuesday. A police officer was shot in a parking garage stairwell at Water and Frederick streets.  The parking garage is right outside city police headquarters. 

The officer, a homicide detective, was shot in the leg and has been taken to Shock Trauma with non-life threatening injuries.  Officials say his condition is stable. 

“Every type of policeman was down there,” said Maria Mercy, a witness.  “The ambulance could not get to the area [because of police cars blocking the streets.]”

The detective was not in uniform at the time of the shooting.

The suspect is described as a light-skinned man with facial hair.  He was wearing a black puffy jacket.

If you have any information, please call police.

  • Laura L..

    What is going on lately. I just don’t get it why would people want to hurt the people that keep us safe when they are just doing their job like everyone else..People need to understand that cops are normal people and have normal lifes like we do out of the uniform so if you break the law you have to deal with it. In my opinion I think all criminals should be sent to fight in war over in iraq and that soldiers should be brought home maybe this will teach people not to break the law

    • Geminicasa

      I agree with your statement 110%.

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  • Bill

    Great description, I’ll look out for him.

    • Chris

      Bill you should look for him because you might be next, but you won’t because you expect the police do what you are afraid to do. Those who can do and those who can’t criticize.

    • Gus


  • eric


  • pigeon

    Black, white, hispanic or other? All could have facial hair. You are right Bill, great description. I would say approximately 75% of all males would “kind of” fit that description.

    • Chris

      Hey Pigeon, you can only report the facts of what you have at the time. The fact of the case is that it is” a light-skinned man with facial hair. He was wearing a black puffy jacket.”

  • John Connor

    Terminator, your idiotic comments are unnecessary on a subject as serious as an officer getting shot….

    Pigeon & Bill…..The description is vague because the officer probably didnt get a good look at the suspect….if he had he could have returned fire or avoided the ambush….duh!

  • Maria T.

    The time in the story is slightly wrong. Police cars started streaming east bound on Baltimore Street about 9:05 based when the No. 8 bus arrived at Baltimore and Light. I’m not surprised that the ambulance could not get through after a dozen polices cars (City, unmarked and MTA) zoomed ahead of it into the narrow outlet on the block.

    By the intensity of the response, I feared that there was an officer down. (Fortunately we don’t see a dozen cars responding at top speed with lights and sirens, and some of them with visible gold high on their sleeves moving at top speed every day.)

    I;m glad his injuries are not life threatening. I hope has a full and complete recovery of health very soon.


    it was marlo stanfields crew

  • Biff

    I assume the suspect was ‘light skinned black’ – or is that not PC to state the obvious? – F’in pathetic!

  • Concerned Employee

    I work for the restaurant at the corner of Fredrick and Water. Over the past month over 15 cars have been broken into. Central Garage are the owners of the garage. Maybe now the will install the correct camera security system to catch a theif or even worst someone that shoots a cop. I can tell you right now there are no “camera’s” in the stairways. Because all they have are 4 cameras. They are at the drive-up entrance. Half the time I’m at work I am in the garage. Central needs to step up their game!!!

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