By Vic Carter

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A gala was held Wednesday night celebrating the inauguration of Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley.  The governor is returning for four more years and beginning his term with a battle over the budget. 

Vic Carter reports hundreds gathered at the Fifth Regiment Armory in downtown Baltimore Wednesday night to celebrate O’Malley’s second inauguration.

The governor was sworn in earlier Wednesday at the State House in Annapolis.  Because of the state of the economy, this year’s inaugural celebration was toned down from previous years.

“We are in a period of profound economic change.  It is a change that will affect all of our lives and, more importantly, the lives of all of our children for the better or for the worse,” O’Malley said.

The state is facing a projected $1.8 billion deficit, a big concern for many Marylanders.

“Of course it’s budget-driven and we’re looking forward that state workers are not going to be crushed under that budget,” said one.

“It’s been really hard finding work and I know a lot of people are out of work, myself included, so hopefully things will get better,” said Janet Monteverdi, volunteer.

O’Malley will unveil his budget Friday.  He is also scheduled to deliver a State of the State address next month.

Comments (9)
  1. old14spice says:

    Should be a good crowd! With all Marylands “new americans” and the black voters form the city and PG county the place will be hopping with excitement! Great job owemalley, you managed to fool the morons of Maryland once again.

    1. Beverly says:

      Congrats to Gov.O’Malley! Ejoy your special day you have earned it. And you are right OLD14SPICE , it will be a great crowd since all of the disgruntled Ehrlich supporters won’t be there!!!!

      1. old14spice says:

        So you’re one of those born to a working class family that was brought up being told that Dems are for the wrking class and Reps are for the rich.Which makes me always ask this question: What has Owemalley done for ANY working class citizens of Maryland or Baltimore City in his 4+ years of leadership? If there are any democrats that come up with a reasonable answer Id support him. I honestly could care less which party leads as long as its for the good of the state. The facts show that owemalley falls short of being a leader. TAX then spend. Real good vision.Itys takes a true leader to sit down and combat a deficit in other ways besides raising taxes (OR FEES). Beware beverly, that hispanic illegal that lives on your street might take over that job of yours.

  2. Lisa says:

    Congrats to Gov. O’Malley. I watched your Inauguration. It was fabulous.

  3. Sarah says:

    worst governor in the state of maryland’s history
    can’t wait for the budget report……

    1. old14spice says:

      Wasnt the buget “fudged” just before the election? And wasnt that done to make it appear as if maryland had faired much better than it actually did. I dont want to see the Budget report! When it comes out it will be another round of taxation with poor representation. gasoline,dairy products,alcohol…you name it, you will be taxing it. Its just a re-run of his first four years when he approved the largest tax hike in marylands history just 3 months into his tenure.Ironically when Ehrlich was in Annapolis we had a SURPLUS! And we did it without Obamas STIMULUS, without RAISING TAXES and without SLOT REVENUE. No one can dispute facts..they are as clear as glass.

  4. eric says:

    Well hold on to your wallets again, no doubt the dems and it weak leaders will raise taxes to pay for the crisis they created. Maybe we all be proud to pay for the illegal immigration,being a proclaimed sanctuary by Gov. O. THAT WAS NEVER VOTED ON!
    Hey gov. how are the furloughs going, you know cutting out tax payers who are here legally. Its amazing that this administration makes people who can give to people who wont. Maybe Omaily will hold a banner in Obamas parade, his comrade in socialism.

  5. DisgruntledDemocrat says:

    This man does not care for the state anymore than he cared for the city. His wife should also step down as a judge because that is a conflict of interests betweeen two branches of government. Further, O’Malley only has political aspirations on his mind. Would not shock me if he decided to run for President and abandon Maryland all together.

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