Trent Dilfer recaped the final Ravens game of the season and talked about the future of Cam Cameron, Joe Flacco, Anquan Boldin and TJ.  Plus, he added homework assignments for the staff for next season.

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  1. Joann says:

    This season ended tough for us Raven Fans however not as tough as next season is going to be. John Harbaugh, has said “he is keeping Cam Cameron” and that shows me he has not learned from this season. If I was the coach of the Baltimore Ravens, I would have fired Cam Cameron, Defensive Coach and Michael Oher. Also, T. J. Houshmandzaheh and Fabian Washington are others that need to be waived as well. If John Harbaugh did not see what we are saw this season he would be on the chopping block for next season.

  2. Sandy N. Fay says:

    I could never understand why we let Trent Dilfer go? But I guess chalk it up to

    the buddy system. Billick and Kyle Bowler. Cam Cameron and John Harbaugh.

    These match ups don’t win Super Bowls! We will never see a Super Bowl with

    this match up! Now It’s becoming to embarassing to even face the Steelers any

    more! It would be nice to have the coaching staff that they have! We really

    need to get our defense back to #1 again. We need to stop getting these

    throw back coach’s. And offense needs to protect the quarterback!

    Once Drew Brees got away from Cam Cameron, look at him now!

    They are making every excuse they can to keep him! Like I said when you

    start seeing more Steelers jerseys at M&T Bank Stadium than Ravens Jerseys!

    “WAKE UP!” It would have been nice to go to the Super Bowl on the

    anniversary of the last Super Bowl we won with Trent Dilfer!

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