ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Former talk show host Montel Williams is coming to Maryland to support legislation that would legalize medical marijuana.

Delegate Dan Morhaim said Williams, who is a multiple sclerosis patient, is scheduled to attend a news conference in Annapolis on Monday.

Morhaim, a Baltimore County Democrat, and Sen. David Brinkley, a Frederick County Republican, plan to introduce a measure to allow marijuana to be used under well-defined circumstances for bona fide medical purposes.

In 2003, Maryland approved a law limiting sentencing to a $100 fine for people who use marijuana if they have a medical excuse.

But critics of that law say it still drives people whose pain could be alleviated by marijuana into alleys to buy from drug dealers.

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  1. Angel says:

    why don’t they just give in and legalize it and also package it and tax it like we do with tobacco… a logical solution to help people who need it and the government to make money off it… but I”m sure no one thought of that , they just wanna focus on how people who smoke it sick or not are breaking the law…

  2. Sandra Stonko Crue says:

    Go Montel…………..

  3. KottaMan says:

    While in town, maybe he can also do something much more meaningful. that is direct efforts towards the Number 1 cause of death amongst young black males: Homicide.

  4. Betty Schueler says:

    Bless Mr. Williams for supporting the medical use of marijuana. My husband and I both have very painful, debilitating diseases. We currently use oxycodone to manage our pain but it is very addicting and quickly needs to be increased to manage pain. It also has a long list of minor to serious side-effects. Because of prior conditions I shouldn’t even be using oxycodone but it is, unfortunately, the only legal pain medication available that wouldn’t be even worse for me to take. I used marijuana, dozens of years ago, when I lived in Mexico, to successfuly control many of my current symptoms. I find it inhumane that those of us who need marijuana to control chronic pain are denied its use because of where we live. If I wasn’t so seriously ill I would pack up and move to a state that is more enlightened. As it is I will continue to suffer until marijuana is medically legalized or I pass on. I suspect the later will come first.

    1. Sandra Stonko Crue says:

      Call your Senator & Rep for your area and let them know your are in support of the medical marijuana bill. MD has them on the table , but has to get them passed

      1. tom says:

        where do i go to get medical marijuana.

  5. FedUpWithItTooGrrrr! says:

    Our government spends $135,000,000 per day on this ridiculous war on drugs. but it only focuses on one herb that is not only harmless but medically and therapeutically invaluable.

    Annual cost to enforce the prohibition:
    35,000,000,000 (billion per yr)

    Annual cost to feed 1,000,000 non violent cannabis users, now converted into wards of the state:
    58,275,000,000 (billion per yr)

    Rough estimate of number of non violent citizens removed from taxpayer status and converted into non taxpaying prisoners:
    1,000,000 non violent citizens and millions of their family members forced into poverty (the cost of which is not included in any of the stats stated here).

    Value of cannabis sales in the USA alone, with currently every dime of this going to the criminal cartels that manage of nations number one cash crop
    36,000,000,000 (billion per yr)

    Either legalize it or criminalize everything else including the legal drugs that are responsible for all of the damage to society. The current situation is offensive to anyone with a higher intelligence than a chimpanzee. It’s damaging our society and bankrupting our country.

    I’m NOT seriously advocating the criminalization of another part of human culture and the trampling of more of our rights. But I only offer the following information for the purpose of showing how irrational the prohibition of cannabis really is.

    Alcohol and legal pharmaceuticals are responsible for 40-60% of all violent crime REPORTED in the world, according to the UN, WHO, CDC and every police force in the country.

    Our government allows Big Pharma to produce 100 times more synthetic heroin (oxycontin) than is legally prescribed! It has no nutritional or therapeutic value and is intended strictly for extreme pain relief. Big Pharmas main consumers of this product appear to be the illicit drug trade.

    The abuse of alcohol and legal pharmaceuticals leads to violence, poverty, soaring divorce rates, massive deaths of innocent lives, broken families, reliance upon social services, etc. Its a plague on society yet perfectly legal.

    Alcohol causes close to 1,000 deaths EVERY DAY due to intoxicated drivers stoned out of their minds. The cost to the public is in the billions.

    Pharmaceutical drugs even when used as recommended cause an equivalent number of deaths. The cost to the publich health system is in the billions.

    Big Pharma takes the profits and spends it on their families. They do not reimburse the tax payers for all of the damage that their products cause.

    Alcohol is one of the leading causes of illness and medical problems. The cost to the public health system and taxpayers is in the billions.

    No one benefits from the war on cannabis except for the 1/2 dozen guys that own pill factories and the politicians that they bought and paid for.

    Cannabis can be used to make bibles, fine paper, linen quality clothing, beverages, ointments, nutritional supplements, saddle blankets, diapers, backpacks, rope, sails for boats, and 20,000 other products.

    Ending the prohibition of cannabis has the power to turn the United States back into a Manufacturing Superpower which is exactly what was needed to pull us out of the first great depression and exactly what we need to pull us out of this one.
    Call your representatives and demand that they end this blatant abuse of powers entrusted to them by the citizens of the United States of America. The time for change is now. We’ve been beaten, abused and imprisoned into poverty. The politicians need to understand that they work for us and not for the benefit of Big Pharma and other corporate elites.

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