Md. Center For Mentally Disabled To Close

CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) — Gov. Martin O’Malley is proposing closure of a state center for the intellectually disabled in Cumberland.

The July shutdown of the Joseph D. Brandenburg Center is among nearly $1 billion in cost-saving measures the administration outlined Friday.

The center has eight residents, down from a high of 57 about 15 years ago.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene says Brandenburg has 18 staff members and about a dozen contract workers.

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  • Doug

    8 people ?
    Surely something can be done.
    The problem is,will we get our monies worth for care,
    or our normal 100k per person plus, cost,with the state at the helm ,
    and a number of greedy people ,stuffing their pockets,padding the bills,
    and sticking it to the tax payer..
    The real truth here is, we the sheeple get ripped off for every dollar of tax rendered.

    • pigeon

      Put our politicians there and there wouldn’t be a problem with lack of residents. However, the facility would have to hire more workers/staff.

  • Deb

    Where are the eight residents being moved to? Why are they closing it down other then cost-saving?

  • Bernard Mc Kernan

    Since Ronald Reagan tossed all the mental patients out on the streets in the 80’s governments across the country have been following suit. The streets are littered with mentally ill people committing crimes. Look at the guy two weeks ago in Tucson Az..True, there are rip offs of the publics tax dollar & St. Elizabeth’s in D.C. & Springrove here are perfect examples. What we need is an absolute bullet proof administration that can be with out peer in running a good qualified hospital. No outside connections with doctors that can profit from people’s misery. We have to & must take care of the sick. It is our moral obligation as a country.

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