We started out the day at 12 degrees and only went up to 25 degrees this afternoon. We are dropping right back into the teens and single digits overnight. There were even some places along the PA/MD border that had some snow on the ground still and dropped below 0 this morning.

Yes, it is cold here in Maryland, but get this one…International Falls, located in northern MN, has been running below 0 since Thursday evening. They even went down to an incredibly frigid -45 degrees! While that air will moderate before moving our way, there is a cold front passing north of us tonight that will keep the Arctic air flowing our way through the beginning of the week. Highs will only be in the 20s Sunday and Monday with overnight lows in the teens and single digits.

After a cold, but dry couple of days, a new storm will move our way Tuesday into Wednesday. It will probably start as snow with such cold air in place. However, like most storms coming up from the south, it will draw warmer air into it – forcing any snow to mix with sleet, freezing rain, and even rain. It’s still a few days out, but the way this storm looks to be tracking, that mixing line will move right through Maryland. Of course, we will continue to fine tune the details as we get closer.

The storm will get out of here for the end of the week. It will remain cold, but probably not quite as bitterly cold as this weekend.

Stay tuned…


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