BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore Gas and Electric says higher bills could be on the way because of colder than usual weather.

BGE says that in November and December temperatures were at or below freezing for a total of 458 hours in central Maryland, compared to 321 for the same period a year earlier.

Jeannette M. Mills, senior vice president of customer relations and account services for BGE, says electric rates are about eight percent lower than last year, but extreme weather generally triggers significant increases in energy usage, which can lead to higher-than-expected bills.

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  1. melissa says:

    B G E, you should be ashamed of your self! This is just a way to let everyone know you are going to steal from them in a nice way.

  2. craig says:

    Well I think Gas & Electric should go much higher…. $$$$$$$$$$ I mean it should be so high that no one can pay for it…. and I hope it reaches that point… this way there will be no jobs for the Gas & Electric employees and no money being made by GAS & Electric compaines across the country,,,, end result they will have to either lower the rates or go out of business….this is a desperate measurement but it will work…. then you will see just how fast they will tell you just how cheap it is to provide the service to you… just like they did when they first started in this business….. raise them rates now….

    1. Tony says:

      Problem is this is a monopoly no matter how they say it isn’t. Who owns and leases out use of electrical wiring, gas pipes and service to other so called competing electrical and gas providers? B G E! When it is 6 degrees out side your telling me that you are going to shut off your heat just to prove a point. Really! How about Maryland State government who allowed us to get into this mess get us right back out of this mess? You can’t deregulate a vital resource!!! Of course how much money does B G E pay in campain funds to governor election campains and “public relations” to keep the greed?!

  3. Helene says:

    Wow, DUH, BGE The gas bill goes up, and the lucky ones pay it, and the not so lucky ones, get their gas and electric turned off, Then they live in a place with no warmth, This means turing on anything that they can get heat from.

    How do you people go to sleep (in your warm and cozy houses) while others are freeeeeeezing in their houses. So please no more stupid articles like this one.

  4. Lou says:

    The Reagan deregulation environment spawned Enron and BGE’s owner, Constellation Energy, used to be respectfully referred to as a mini-Enron. Now we consumers pay the price for this unregulated monopoly that resulted. And our bought off politicians are not going to fix this and regulate the Constellation monopoly. Remember when O’Malley said he was going to fix this? He never did. So we’re stuck with these high energy costs ad naueseum. You can be sure the next governor of MD after O’Malley’s term expires will be bought and paid for by Constellation Energy.

  5. mike says:

    I keep my heat at 65-66 in the winter and even 63 at night…my bills have been ok but if i keep my heat there all the time why would prices really matter if it is 2 degrees outside or 32 outside…it wouldnt make that big of a difference. BGE should be criminally investigated. What a JOKE…I am leaving this state ASAP

  6. ACP21 says:

    Honestly we as the people of Maryland should be able to bring a Monopoly lawsuit against BGE/Constellation Energy. These prices are astronomically high and more than most people can afford.

  7. East Coast says:

    …and next in news from Captain Obvious. Sunshine could make daytime brighter. BGE and the people who approve their rates are crooks.

  8. johnsonj3 says:

    BGE is just greey for money and using the people of Md to make money. How do my bill just up to 500.oo for one month no even using that much. Something needs to be done. People are just working to pay them.

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