BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland has been named one of the worst states for pedestrian fatalities.

Kelly McPherson has more on what the city is doing about it.

A woman carrying a baby ran across Light Street, in between traffic.

“I feel like sometimes I don’t have to follow the rules,” said Ashley Kelly.

It’s one example of how Maryland has become one of the worst places for pedestrian fatalities.  A new study shows there are two deaths for every 100,000 people.  Here in Maryland, D.C., Louisiana and Florida, the blame for the problem is shared.

“Especially with people paying more attention to cell phones and things like that,” said Matt Satterfield.

“If somebody is in a crosswalk, even if they’re crossing at a green light, they still have the right of way, and driving around, I see drivers not paying attention,” said Rena.

The city has added some paddle signs to tell drivers to stop when someone is standing in the crosswalk.

The city runs Safety City to teach road safety to kids.  This year, 26 schools will have new walking signals.

“Countdown pedestrian signals, crosswalks, the contract is going to be putting flashing beacons to warn motorists when they’re approaching intersections, especially where school kids are present,” said Frank Murphy, Baltimore City operations.

Fewer kids are getting hit by cars in Maryland, down 42 percent from last year.

“We do try to catch the younger kids and I guess that’s working, but the trick is sometimes educating the adults,” Murphy said.

The city had a targeted enforcement for drivers in September and the Department of Transportation is looking for more federal funds to run that enforcement again.

The contract to install additional crosswalks and signals near schools should go out for bidding within a month.

Comments (9)
  1. Jim says:

    Pedestrian laws are not enforced. Let’s have some cameras to enforce these laws.

  2. ray says:

    the proble is most all the accidents that people are hit or kiler are not in crosswalks. The people in baltimore city crosss where ever they want.

  3. Heather says:

    Jaywalking I seem to remember that you should get a ticket for it. So many times I see pedestrians walking where ever they want and many times I would have hit these people if I would have been speeding

  4. citizen says:

    I work downtown near Lexington Market. I feel sorry for the light rail conductors as they have to dodge junkies strolling across the tracks. Daily I witness people waiting at until the traffic light turns green to cross the street – dodging cars and buses and putting motorists in danger. It is very frustrating.

  5. Mark says:

    They definitely need to enforce jaywalking laws better-especially in Baltimore City. The people down there use the roads for sidewalks.

  6. Gree nmeans go-for cars says:

    Maryland is dangerous for pedestrians because pedestrians make it dangerous. Blind pedestrians cross the street better than the seeing – sad but true. The title of the article should be “Maryland Dangerous State For Motorists”.

  7. Neil says:

    I like it when I’m pulling out of a parking spot, put the car in reverse and some idiot pushes their baby carriage right behind my car after it’s moving backwards.

    Pedestrians get hit because they want a lawsuit. They pray you hit them and do everything they can to make sure it happens.

  8. Danette Hopewell says:

    I honestly believe adults are worst then kids when crossing the street,they only look one way(which ever way has their attetion)or they are looking down at a cell phone.I try to avoid the downtown area those people just walk out into traffic as if it’s ok and look at you as if you’re wrong!

  9. Joey says:

    Today I was yelled at by a man standing in 500 block West Cold Spring Lane. He was standing with driver’s door open – extending into the west-bound traffic lane. Turns out he was waiting for a woman to exit the passenger side and meet him. Then just before the two crossed mid-street 500 West Cold Spring Lane in traffic he decided to turn and yelled. I had sounded my horn but was driving slowly and almost rear-ended myself as there was a line of vehicles behind me.
    Lucky I live in the area and drive very slow since residents see this happen all the time. There’s crosswalks and a traffic lightlight at the intersection of Scheney Rd. and West Cold Spring Lane, a half block down These two and many, many others are too lazy to walk a bit for safety or to obey the law. Hope they enjoy their food. Last week this area was closed off by emergency vehicles called for an accident. There are numerous near-misses and accidents there due to pedestrians croosing mid-street and the heavy traffic volume.
    The City does nothing to enforce any laws or do anything to relieve the situation.

    If there’s a law then how can it be enforced?

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