A Maryland judge who was convicted of drunken driving is taking daily blood-alcohol tests before and during his courtroom work.

Washington County Circuit Judge W. Kennedy Boone III said Tuesday he agreed to the unusual punishment.

“I’m glad it’s gotten to this point,” said Boone, 68, who has acknowledged a long struggle with alcoholism. “The sanctions are certainly totally appropriate and I’m prepared to live by them.”

Boone also must attend at least five Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week.

Judges elsewhere in the country have been ordered to attend AA and in some cases have been required to take random drug and alcohol tests, according to Cynthia Gray, director of the American Judicature Society’s Center for Judicial Ethics.

Boone pleaded guilty in March to driving under the influence in a collision that caused minor injuries to a 25-year-old woman driving another vehicle. Boone blew a blood-alcohol level of 0.18 percent, more than twice the legal limit.

He was fined $1,000 and sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation.

The breath tests were ordered by the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities.

Boone said he bought his own blood-alcohol testing machine. A law enforcement officer or court bailiff has administered the tests in his office twice daily — in the mornings and after lunch — since the reprimand took effect Jan. 17.

“They watch me blow into the thing and verify what the readings are and we put it on the log,” he said.

The commission said the reprimand was a warning.

It was at least the second time the gruff and outspoken jurist has been in trouble since he was appointed to the bench in 1997. Boone was reprimanded in 2008 for calling three black women lawyers “the Supremes” and advising their defendant to get “an experienced male attorney.”

In that case, Boone acknowledged his comments suggested racial and sexual bias. He said he was trying to protect the three public defenders from representing a defendant he knew was difficult.

Boone said he has no plans to step down before his mandatory retirement at age 70.

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Comments (6)

    Automatically classifying half of our countries population as criminals just because they smoke a joint while the other half are free to puke til there hearts content is insane…..it doesnt matter whether the drug is wrapped in a fine french wrapper, or packaged in a fancy bottle with an artsy label and fantastical descriptions proclaiming how fruity and nutty it is….the fancy crystal glass doesnt make it not a drug either. So if your drinking alcohol to get a buzz then at the very least your immature and may have control issues? but according to other authorities you could be classified as drug addict? (I guess you become a drug addict if you consume an illegal drug, or if you do a legal drug and then get into trouble? otherwise if your just sitting around after sunday brunch suckin down a bud, then your just a law abidin citizen). And if your a drug addict, legal or not then where do you get off creating laws that automatically classify 50% of our population as criminals? Just askin….Cheers Teddy!

    1. Atim Ant says:

      That’s because there’s a difference between legal drugs, and illegal drugs. Marijuana, cocaine, ecstacy, etc… are ILLEGAL. So, they are criminals if they use them. Tobacco(yes, it’s a drug) and Alcohol are legal consumable drugs, manufactured by legal US companies. It is up to the consumer how the product is used and the consumer takes full responsibility for his actions if it is consumed inappropriately.
      You must be a pot smoker or something, because I sense a lot of tension.

  2. Atim_Ant_sheepleman_speaks says:

    Drinking while under the influence is also illegal. Being drunk and running people down in the streets is also illegal. Marijuana is illegal. I dont see the differance? a criminal is a criminal.

    So now we have a judge thats a verified drug abuser thats sitting on the bench with a history of making bad decisions, thats now passing out 20 year prison terms to people accused of even lesser crimes. Makes sense to me.

  3. travis says:

    So this guy hit someone? I had a d.u.I. in which I didn’t hit anyone and blew lower then this guy and I spent 2 days in jail over 1000 in fees 4000 on a layer 2500 for p.o an 1200 for treatment 77 bucks a month for a interlock in my car and had to get my. I .d fixed twice mean while all this guy has to do is go to 5 free a.a meeting and blow into something before he gets to give all this stuff out to people like me yeah I would say this is a flawed system how about you

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