The two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are always the longest two weeks in all of sports whether your team is in the game or not.  So one way to pass the time is to reminisce about the past games.  So that is exactly what I’ll do right here, only my list will be a little different.  I’m only 24 and the Super is almost twice as old as I am.  So, my list will be of moments from the games I have watched.  My earliest Super Bowl memory was Super Bowl 27 which wasn’t the greatest of games as the Cowboys destroyed the Bills 52-17.  Everything after Super Bowl 27 is what I’ll be talking about.  Let’s not waste anymore time; here are my top 20 Super Bowl Moments.  I will try to post links to each play if they can be found.

Number 20, Super Bowl 27, Leon Lett Caught from behind:  With all of the close games in the past years its odd to start with a moment that happened in a blowout.  Lets set the scene, the game is over with Dallas up 52-17, Frank Reich (who was in for the injured Jim Kelly) drops back to pass and he is sacked and fumbles.  Leon Lett picks it up and looks to be racing for 65 yard TD.  Out of nowhere Don Beebe, maybe the fastest Buffalo Bill, comes up from behind and knocks the ball away right before Lett crossed the goal line.  It was by far the most memorable moment in a game that wasn’t.

Number 19, Super Bowl 40, Fast Willie Parker: The first of many Steeler moments on this countdown of mine, sorry Baltimore.  But anytime a Super Bowl record is set its a great moment.  Super Bowl 40 will always be remembered for the questionable officiating, but Willie Parker’s run was legit. (Sorry for the music on the video, only one I could find)

Number 18, Super Bowl 36, Birth of a Dynasty:  Some of you might think this should be higher, but ill be honest i don’t like the Patriots, but you cant take anything away from this upset.  Game tied at 17 the heavy underdog Patriots could have easily sat on the ball and gone into OT.  Well they didn’t, they got close enough for maybe the most clutch kicker in the NFL to drill a 48 yard FG, and the dynasty was born.

Number 17, Super Bowl 41, Hayden Game clinching INT: The Colts were in the first Super Bowl since moving to Indianapolis and they got off to a very slow start in the big game.  They weathered the storm and found themselves in the lead in the fourth quarter.  Rex Grossman threw one of his trademark picks and Hayden closed the door on Super Bowl 41.

Number 16, Super Bowl 39, Owens gutty Performance: T.O. has never got the fanfare that he believes he deserves, but this may be his defining moment.  Owens broke his leg in December and would not play until Super Bowl Sunday.  And all he did was catch 9 passes for 122 yards.  Not many people like T.O. but you have to respect this performance.  (Couldn’t find just T.O.’s catches so here is the quick highlights of the game)

Number 15, Super Bowl 34, Greatest Show on Turf comes through in the clutch: For most of the game St. Louis had dominated Tennessee building a 16-0 advantage.  The tough Titans squad battled back and tied the game at 16.  It only took one play for St. Louis to recapture the lead, Warner to Bruce for 74 Yards. (TD Pass at 1:55 of video)

Number 14, Super Bowl 44, Tracy Porter Pick 6: For some this moment might be a little higher but i account that to it just being the most recent.  The Saints were up 24-17 and the Colts were driving for the game tying score.  The usually reliable Manning threw the interception that sent New Orleans into a frenzy.

Number 13, Super Bowl 37, Tampa’s Dominate Defense: This Super Bowl was intriguing for the simple fact that Tampa head coach Jon Gruden was facing his old team.  The Game was never really close and the Bucs defense smothered Rich Gannon and the Raiders including 3 interception returns for TDs in the second half.

Number 12, Super Bowl 42, 18-1: Heading into this Super Bowl the entire country was ready to give New England the title as best team ever.  They dominated throughout the regualr season and playoffs and were 1 win away from perfection.  The Giants had other plans, you will see another moment from this game later on but Plaxico Burress comes in at # 12 with the buggest catch of his career.

Number 11, Super Bowl 41, Devin Hester you are Ridiculous:  Hester is widely regarded as the best return man not just now in the NFL but some say of all time.  So what better way to solidify that than to take the opening kickoff for a touchdown.  Unfortunately for the Bears there were not many bright spots after that.

Number 10, Super Bowl 38, Vinatieri does it again: This game was a lot better than i think most people would have thought.  Unfortunately this game will be remembered for the halftime show.  The Panthers fought hard and tied the game late and then John Kasey did the unthinkable and kicked the ball out of bounds.  With the short field New England capitalized and won its second Super Bowl in three years. (Game Winning Kick at 6:00)

Number 9, Super Bowl 31, Desmond Howard; 1 Man Show: You have to have an impressive day if you’re named MVP and you’re basically a special teamer.  That is exactly what Howard did, he had 244 all purpose yards including the game breaking 99 yard kickoff return to seal the 35-21 win over New England. (Return is at 35 Sec)

Number 8, Super Bowl 29, Steve Young’s Record Day: I know this is not a specific moment but it deserves notice.  Anytime you set a Super Bowl Record its a special day, especially if that record was the guy you watched as you sat on the bench watching him.  Young’s 6 TD performance will go down as one of the best games period.

Number 7, Super Bowl 43, Santonio Holmes:  The Cardinals came out of nowhere to make it to the Super Bowl and with under a minute they were actually winning.  But like Roethlisberger usually does he made a great throw but the catch was even better.  When you watch the video it will still amaze you.

Number 6, Super Bowl 35, Jermaine Lewis seals the deal:  This is one i know a lot of you remember and cherish.  The Ravens defense was dominating the New York Giants 17-0 after a Duane Starks INT.  The Giants responded quickly with a 98 yard kickoff return and the Giants finally had life.  Well Jermaine Lewis put them out of their misery with an 84 yard return of his own and the city of Baltimore had its first championship since 1970. (The Return is at 1:10 on the video)

Number 5, Super Bowl 32, Elway takes a Dive: It is well publicized that John Elway had some tough games in past Super Bowls and probably nobody wanted to win this game more than Elway.  Late in the game Elway scrambled inside the 5 yard line and was spun around in mid air by three Packers.  Needless to say the play catapulted the Broncos to their first Super Bowl Title.

Number 4, Super Bowl 44, Saints Onside Kick:  This is one of the few plays that didn’t result in a score or prevent one but it was just as important.  If New Orleans doesn’t get that kick the Colts have about 45 yards to add to their lead.  Instead the Saints recover and it was just the spark they needed to win their first ever Super Bowl.

Number 3, Super Bowl 43, James Harrison 100 Yards: I’m sure most Ravens fans won’t like it but you cant deny its greatness.  The Cardinals looked to be going in for the go ahead score or at least a game tying field goal.  But Harrison stepped in front of Warner’s pass and took what seemed like forever to go 100 yards and completely steal the momentum.

Number 2, Super Bowl 34, 1 Yard Short:  This in my opinion is the greatest finish to any Super Bowl game.  It couldn’t have been more exhilarating for St. Louis and more agonizing for Tennessee.  Little known Mike Jones became a Super Bowl hero and now we will never forget his name or play.

Number 1, Super Bowl 42, David Tyree: Is there any doubt? This may be the best play ever in a Super Bowl, not just plays I’ve witnessed.  Under a minute and a half left in the game it was a third down play Manning probably should have been sacked but somehow he got away.  Even now I really don’t know how Tyree caught it, but he did and he gave us the most incredible Super Bowl Moment ever.

Andy Snakovsky – 105.7 The Fan Staff Writer

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