The Tigers were reprimanded by the Colonial Athletic Association for failing to adjust their travel plans to account for anticipated problems from Wednesday’s snow storm which contributed to the postponement of their game against George Mason.  Towson Sports Information Director Pete Schlehr explains how the team got caught up in what he describes as the grandaddy of all gridlocks.

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  1. Brian Frederick says:

    Poor Towson, what will it be next? They were obviously in no hurry to go get pasted in yet another CAA game. For Chrissakes, they won’t win a league game this year! Didn’t we just go through that in Footbal at ‘ol TU.

    Well Baseball’s just around the corner, maybe the Tiger nine can carry the day and only lose 15 more than they win this Spring. It’s time to call it what it is –a Division 3 athletic program wasting the resources (and taxpayers money) of a Division 1 instuttion. Whatever season it is Fall, Winter, or Spring — Towson’s special blend of athletic mediocrity and indifference is on display — pick your favorite sport!

  2. Kene "GoGo" Gorham says:

    Hold on there, my friend. Your comments are a bit harsh. There’s nothing poor about Towson or its efforts to become a winner in Division 1 like hundreds of other Tier 2 schools in this country. It’s not easy. More importantly, what have you done to further the cause? The collective efforts of students, staff, athletes (all current and former) and the community at large are needed to get the unerelaistic results you seek. It will come. The TIGERS will rise.
    Will you be there or still on the internet posting negativity and nonsense fomr the sidelines?

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