BALTIMORE (AP) — Two attractions will be missing from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for the next month. 

The submarine Torsk and the 1854 war ship the Constellation are being towed away for a month of repairs. 

The World War II era Torsk is scheduled to move out Sunday to the Sparrows Point Shipyard. The Constellation is to follow on Monday. That’s according to the executive director of Historic Ships in Baltimore, Chris Rowsom.  

This will be the first time both ships have been taken out of the water since the late 1990s. The repairs are expected to cost about $500,000. 

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Comments (14)
  1. barnyard says:

    They should sink both. What a waste they are.

    1. dll says:

      sounds more like you’re a waste o good air child

    2. Jack Disturbance Baltowsky says:

      I see you troll’n

    3. dump says:

      Are you smarter than a fifth grader????

  2. Mike says:

    American History A Waste ? Stay in your barnyard you brain is working like a chicken. God Bless America and protect our history and freedoms!

  3. John Devoe says:

    hey mike, barnyarn probably has never left the barnyard so they don’t know.

  4. Steve says:

    Seems the “waste” would be barnyard !!!

  5. Ali B. says:

    Considering that the Inner Harbor area is no an active commercial port and is instead a tourist location the Toursk and the Constellation are anything but wastes. Tourist like to see history and both those ships have a place in American history. The Torsk sunk the last enemy ship of World War Two. The Constellation had been the flagship for the US African Squadron, the job of which was to prevent the illegal slave trade.
    If these ships are such wastes what should be placed in their stead? As it is both the Constellation and the Torsk keep tourist in the area where they then spend more money on food and shopping. Please do keep in mind the economics involved in your comments.

  6. barnyard says:

    The USS Constellation has more wood in it from Home Depot than it’s original design. iT RUN FOR PROFIT & NOT HISTORY. The Torsk is a rust bucket that smells, is leaky & a drain on our tax dollars. Want history>? go to the library or learn it in school. No everyone wants instant now.. How many kids in Nebraska do you think know about the Torsk or Constellation or even care idiots. Nothing but a scam.

    1. dll says:

      barnyard…….were you born that immature and stupid chld or did you pay for lessons little boy

  7. Mrs.Janet S. Claassen says:

    Barnyard needs to be reminded, to disrespect our history or forget it, is a sure sign we would repeat old mistakes. Staying aware of the threats to our freedom assures that we should stay vigilant. Also these and other symbols bear witness to those of our fore fathers and our military, who have sacrificed to establish our Democracy and defend our freedoms. We should never forget and always be grateful for the values that gave us our Freedoms. JSC

  8. Ali B. says:

    Barnyard, I wasn’t talking about school children in Nebraska, they sadly do not have the money to be tourists. When I talk about tourism I am talking about people that come to see the city and the history we have here. They surely do not come for the people. I have known and talked to a number of foreigners and it always amazes me the grasp they have had of American history. I have had more intellectual conversations on my own county’s history with people from other counties then with my contemporaries.
    Just because children in Nebraska do not know about the Torsk or the Constellation does not mean that should they have the chance to come to Baltimore and see both that the children would not appreciate the time period and history both the Torsk and the Constellation represent.
    As for not knowing the entire history of either ships it is highly unlikely that someone travels just to our city to see either of those ships, instead they see the ships and become curious and then go look at them. The Ships are set up to be educational and both the Torsk and the Constellation aim to educate their visitors on their own history and the history of the era they were active in.

  9. Zeph says:

    C’mon people, don’t give Branyard more than he can handle!
    Hey Barnyard!

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