WASHINGTON (AP) — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is blasting Pepco for the pace of its efforts to restore power to customers who spent days in the dark after a winter storm.

O’Malley says in a letter sent Saturday to Pepco’s chairman that the utility’s restoration rate was “dismal.” He also says he was “outraged” by the utility’s customer service and by reports of a slow response in requesting aid from other jurisdictions.

The Democratic governor says he will introduce legislation allowing the state to fine utilities for poor performance, with the money going back to the affected customers.

O’Malley notes that other utilities restored power more quickly.

Eighty percent of Pepco customers had been restored by Saturday, while Baltimore Gas & Electric had restored power to 98 percent of its customers.

As of 6:15 p.m. Sunday, more than 1,900 Pepco customers still didn’t have power. More than 1,600 were in Montgomery County.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    My husband has been sent to Maryland from North Carolina and do you know what Pepco has had him do the past three days? Absolutely nothing. He, along with other electrical workers from North Carolina, have been sitting around waiting on Pepco to get their act together. Every “outage” he has been sent to has either been repaired, or the Pepco representative he is with is “unqualified” to perform the needed repairs…so he is forced to just sit around. He has been ripped away from his family and now he is not even able to help get power restored to those in need due to Pepco’s lack of appropriate direction. Now, the company is threatening to hold them longer for adverse conditions expected on Tuesday. What’s the point when they obviously can’t use the resources they already have! My knowledge of the company is small, but I am frankly shocked at the company’s lack of organization. Not to mention the millions of dollars I imagine they are spending to employ not only their workers, but those from out of state…provision of hourly wages, meals, boarding cost…costs that will eventually fall back on to Pepcos customers. I am enraged that my husband has been away from home for days, not even being able to help restore power to those in need. Pepco’s customers, as well as the local governement, should be aware of now pitiful this crisis is being managed. I miss my husband and if Pepco wants to continue wasting his time, they need to send him home!

  2. Lee says:

    Since he is blasting Pepco, why doesn’t he get on BGE’s case? BGE took their sweet time getting power back on. I was without power for 20 some odd hours and each time I called their story changed

  3. Fredrick says:

    Hey Elizabeth I bet you will not complained when your POOR husband returns with around the clock overtime check they receive when out of town on some one elses storm ticket? Been there done that!

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Fortunately I have a geat job and we don’t rely on his overtime. It’s just an unexpected bonus. I think other guys he is with do however, love and need the overtime.
      I hate it when he unexpectedly leaves town for days/weeks at a time. I hate it even more when he is with a poorly organized company that does not utilize the help they have received. I have been there as well, and its not worth it for us. Call me silly – I’d rather have him home with his family.

  4. Sharon Staines Davis says:

    Hey Fredrick not everybody worries about money some people think about there family first .I am sure her thought was that if they dont need him then she sures hell does

  5. Jeff says:

    Lee, the reason he didn’t blast BGE is because they had most of their customers power restored in 24 hours or less. Not all, but most. BGE called in reinforcements before the storm got here. Pepco waited until 8:30 PM the night of the storm to call in extra help and as a result a lot of their customers who lost power didn’t get it restored for days. I can’t believe it took til 8:30 for Pepco to call in help from other states. It was a blizzard by 5:00 PM. The help comes from their locations out of state, so they need time to get here.

  6. Ray says:

    Pepco probably could not get into areas because the State or County never cleaned the streets to make them safe to get through.

  7. mark says:

    Ray, sorry that’s bs. Those big utility trucks are the same thing the state/county uses to clear the roads but with a different body. Those trucks can navigate in that amount of snow with no problem. All they needed to navigate in that storm was a little common sense on driving

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