It’s been an interesting start to the off-season for the Ravens.  Hard to imagine a 13-5 team losing 3 coaches, none of whom depart for “better” jobs. Mattison went back to college, and Matsko and Zorn were fired.  I don’t read too much into the departure of the defensive coordinator, but the firing of the quarterback and o-line coaches tells you that the fans weren’t the only ones dissatisfied with the offense.  And that’s a good thing. It means the Ravens brass isn’t in denial. The offense underachieved, and these moves are meant to make it better.  The offensive line did not have a good year blocking or pass protecting; maybe Matsko is a scapegoat, or maybe he didn’t do a good enough job.  Flacco didn’t progress as much as people would have liked, and so it’s possible that Cam Cameron taking a more active role will be a good step.  The jury is out on both,  but don’t view it as a negative the coaching staff has been shaken up.

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  1. justin says:

    When you finish a season w/o hoisting the lombardi Trophy there are going to be changeas. It never good to remain satisfied with status quo. You get complacent. Maybe now the players will realize w/o performing they may begone. and actually perform

  2. Sandy N. Fay says:

    I’m really glad that changes are being made! I really hope it’s for the better!

    I feel Cam Cameron really needs to go! I feel they have given him plenty of

    chances in the past. I feel we have the players. We just don’t have the

    coaching staff! I would also like to see us get some good defensive

    players to help out some of our guys! I don’t know how much longer

    Ed Reed can go? He is one of a kind! I’m just tired of the Steelers lording it

    over us! It would have been nice to go to the Super Bowl on our 10th


  3. gerard moore says:

    Steve, I believe that there should have been a “shake up”, but I think Cam should have gone. Everybody knows that Zorn and Cam didn’t see eye to eye and with Flacco’s outward disapproval of Zorn’s dismissal, I’m willing to bet that Flacco’s lack of improvement had more to do with Cam than Zorn. I ALMOST feel like Harbaugh
    is falling into the Billick line of thinking. “This is my guy ‘CAM’ and I’m sticking with him.” We all remember how Billick was with Boller. JEEZ!

  4. Steely McBeam says:

    Joe Flacco is over rated! He has no pocket presence and when the pocket collapses he’s like a deer in the head lights. Face it there’s a reason why Flacco played Division 1-AA ball. I know all you Baltimorons who named their pets and children after Joe Flacco are not going to like this but come on! With the weapons Flacco had (Mason, Heap, Boldin, Houshmandzadeh, Stallworth, Rice and Pita) we should be in the big game. I say FIRE Flacco! Make Bulger the starter or pick up a GOOD Division 1-A QB in the draft.

    1. Steve W. says:

      Steely McBeam is my hero. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The writing was on the wall after we lost to the Bengals in September. Even the rare occasion when we had a big lead, Bulger never took one snap.

      1. Mark says:

        Your both idiots Joe Flacco has broken a lot of records so far in his three year career, the Ravens have gone to playoffs every year with him starting and if you look at quarterbacks like peyton manning and tom brady neither one of those guys handles in your face rushing all that great so the problem lies in the offensive line, And steely why dont you just go somewhere where your opinion matters any way no one cares about steeler fans.

  5. barnyard says:

    Cameron stayed because it would have been way tooooo difficult to change the offensive philosophy in a short amount of time. He will be canned & possibly Harbaugh with him if things don’t improve next year. We have most of the players its just that we’re not executing, & have a good game plan game after game.

  6. Kevin A says:

    Amen to Steely McBeam and Steve W., Flacco is a average Qb on a team with a good D. Please he is a D 1-AA player who couldn’t play Qb at Pitt please. But Cam should be fired as well. Flacco can’t read the D and has “happy feet” in the pocket!

  7. Gene from Aberdeen says:

    Cameron had even more weapons this year but couldn’t cobble them together effectively. Firing Zorn and adding QB responsibilities will likely overwhelm Cam Cameron even more. Many of those weapons will now leave this mess for better opportunities elsewhere. Steve Biscioti can’t afford to pay these guys what he’s paying them and then witness their talent be9ng squandered. The problem will only get worse next year but there won’t be anyone else to hide behind. Postponing the shake-up until then will only maked the disruption worse.

  8. Steely McBeam says:

    Hey Mark! Don’t even mention Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in the same breath as Flacco. They are HOF QB’s. Yeah Flacco has records but unfortunatley winnning the Bert from Sesame Street lookalike contest at last years Halloween party doesn’t count in the NFL! Maybe it does in 1-AA but not here.

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