BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As a result of melting snow and freezing rain in the forecast, there are dangers overhead for Baltimore City residents.  Freezing water is forming into icicles on roofs, window sills and trees in every neighborhood in the city.  

“It is imperative that people be aware of the risk presented by icicles and the serous injuries they can cause.” said Robert Maloney, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management.

Residents and business owners are requested to only make attempts to abate hanging icicles using extreme caution and safety measures. Considering the weather forecast, this danger is likely to be a threat throughout the week as temperatures fluctuate during the week.

Icicles should be removed with gentle tapping of a broom – do not hit them hard or pull with great force.  Icicles that formed in siding or gutters, when hit too hard, can cause serious damage to the roof.  The broom should be long and one should stand back away from the side of the building when the icicles are tapped.  Never stand under an icicle.


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