Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times, the writer who broke the story of Joe Flacco speaking out on the firing of QB Coach Jim Zorn, joined The Norris & Davis Show to give insight into the comments and the controversy.

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  1. bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Glad to see Flacco speak up. Now I want him to show up & put up!

  2. Al Skirvanis says:


  3. Angie from Baltimore says:

    I’m sick of people commenting that they want Joe Flacco to speak up, preform aggressively and now this “show up” Hey Bernard, Joe showed up 3 years in a row at the playoff games! Now that’s how I want my QB to speak up, show up and put up. As for wanting to change Joe Cool into something he’s not, you don’t own him, you pay to see a QB not a show on the football field. You don’t have the right to even suggest that he act aggressive or speak out in such a way that you find sufficient of a QB. It sounds like you think a QB has to act a certain way or he’s not a QB. It makes me ask what would you change about John Unitas. I had the privilege of meeting Joe just after the ravens signed him and my first impression was WOW what a nice genuine guy! I told him that too. I also said he reminded me of our Baltimore Colts QB Bert Jones and his demeanor was much like our beloved Johnny U. When Joe first came to Baltimore, it seemed everyone agreed with my first impression of him. Ask Joe cool to change, NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

  4. Sandy N. Fay says:

    I agree with Angie! At least he’ not a rapist! My brother and I see the same

    qualities in him as Johnny Unitas and Burt Jones. We really need to get rid

    of that Cam Cameron! I feel they are using Joe as an escape goat for

    his mess ups! He needs to be protected more in the games!

    Joes the best we’ve had in a long time!

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