By Tim Williams

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There is a line of showers moving into central Maryland and it will be crossing the area around midday, but that will be pretty much it as far as precip is concerned. There has been some clearing off to the west and with the surface low exiting to your north, assuming that is what happens, we should be able to get the clouds to break in at least parts of the viewing area this afternoon. Some of these places can see temperatures spike well into the 50s, while other places get no higher than the lower 40s.

It will be much milder later Wednesday, but it will turn sharply colder tonight after the “storm of epic proportions” in the Midwest heads into New England and eventually offshore.

It will be dry and cold Thursday, then a modest recovery (if any at all) occurs on Friday. Saturday, a storm will be moving up the East Coast looks like it will mostly consist of rain in your area, but the global models still have me concerned that there may be a period of snow, or a “wintry mix” occurring for a while on Saturday morning before the storm makes a transition over to rain.

 Have a good day !!!

  1. Christie Ence says:

    Hi Tim,

    Sorry this is off topic, but I have a problem with the website’s Weather Page. I searched everywhere on the newly designed site for a feedback or contact information, but any reference to contact information either takes me back to the homepage or leads to a bad e-mail address.

    I was looking at the Weather Page and noticed that the image used for the New, First Quarter, Full and Last Quarter are all backwards. The image shows what appears to be a Full Moon image in the slot where the New Moon date is, and a New Moon image in the slot were the Full Moon date is (First/Last Quarters are switched too). The dates for the phases are correct, just the images are wrong. It appears that this issue is not just on the CBS Baltimore site, but on all the CBS Local websites as well.


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