RODGERS FORGE, Md. (WJZ) — As soon as the state gave Baltimore County the ability to place speed cameras near schools, the county did just that. Now, after a half-year of use, they want more.

Mike Schuh has more.

In the average week, 2,000 speeders are getting caught. Now lawmakers want to vastly increase the number of school zones with cameras.

You can hardly see them, but look closer. They’re here alright. Back a few hundred feet, at the speed limit sign, you’re even given notice.

In the county, motorists are getting tickets at a rate of 2,000- 4,000 per week.

These cameras give you a 12-mile leeway. WJZ found one that triggers at 42 miles an hour or faster.

“Everytime you look in the mail, there’s a red light camera ticket,” said Bernadette Johnson, motorist. “You don’t even know where they are.”

Right now, they’re only near 15 schools. But new legislation would allow portable cameras near every school in the county during school hours–a change this motorist welcomes.

“Well, people are forgetful and they have to be reminded,” said Larry Keifer, motorist.

But up in Towson, a councilman is one of two who oppose the change.

“I feel that going to mobile speed cameras is too much of a leap forward at this time for Baltimore County,” said Baltimore County Councilman David Marks.

He points out the number of citations issued had dropped 52 percent since the program started, and there has been no change in the accident rate near such cameras.

And, people just don’t like them.

“Just going to mobile unrestricted speed cameras is going too far in the county.  I don’t know if there’s public acceptance for that aspect,” Marks said.

The bill will be voted on at next Tuesday’s council meeting.

If the bill passes, the cap on the cameras would be lifted as of Feb. 20.

Comments (8)
  1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    They’re already here in place generating revenue & hopefully saving lives.

    1. Lex says:

      but generating revenue for whom? Most of the money from Redlight cameras go to private companies not the state. The article states “…there has been no change in the accident rate…”

  2. Irreverant says:

    Using schools as a front to generate revenue is a sick and detestable way to legally exploit children. Point is, those children should be inside the school trying to learn to speak, read and write English during school hours, not wandering around in the roads outside the building. Not only that, there should not be students in or near a school in the middle of the night, but the cameras click in a steadfast manner regardless of the time of day just because it’s in a school zone. Wake up people…this is nothing more than a money grab using people’s child worship weakness as a reason to put up these insidious and incontestable eyes of big brother. There is no way to face the accuser to dispute the accusation…it was designed that way so you have no choice but to pay the money. So much for liberty, comrades.

  3. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    All of you posters here, get off your cell phones, I-touches, pads, GPS, radio, picking your noses, scratching your nuts & pay attention. If you don’t SPEED, you will not receive a ticket in the mail….What part of that do you not understand?

    1. shiv says:

      Mr. McKernan, you must be mad!! you mean if i DON’T break the law (which was posted and i blew right past) i WON’T get a ticket? if i actually DO the posted limit in a school area which is what is expected of me, i could AVOID paying the crazy fines? that is just stupid and does not make any sense. i will KEEP speeding, keep getting these stupid tickets AND keep complaining it is unfair. It is totally a violation of my rights as an American to break the law AND be held accountable.

  4. angel :) says:

    i think this is good so.. we \can save some people from being killed

  5. speed cam girl says:

    I work for a speed cam vendor and all the money goes to the police dept. bernard F Mc Kernan makes an excellent point if you don’t speed you won’t get a ticket for god sake they give you 12 mph over the speed limit before you get a ticket no one should be going that fast in a school zone. People always complain about the cameras and their location instead of slowing down. They also offer the option to go to court where you can request an officer to be there. As for the hours of operation most shut off at 8pm. And it doesn’t matter if kids are in school or not the fact is that there are always people present in school zones. Its simple don’t speed and you won’t have to pay.

  6. DL says:

    I hate these stupid things. My sin keeps driving my car and getting these tickets that I am responsible for. They don’t take into account who is actually speeding only who owns the car.

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