ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The budget, job creation and tough decisions will be even tougher. That’s Governor Martin O’ Malley on the state of the state.

Kai Jackson has the governor’s message to you.

O’Malley says considering the state of the economy, Maryland is doing pretty good, yet with so many individuals and businesses financially strapped, he admits pretty good isn’t good enough.

As lawmakers clap for Governor O’Malley just before his State of The State Address, they realize the urgency to roll up their sleeves and put those hands to work.

The governor says Maryland is doing better than it was just a year ago.

“But better isn’t good enough, not with so many moms and dads out of work, so many businesses just barely holding on,” O’Malley said.

Jobs are a top priority for the administration. Governor O’Malley says cutting-edge facilities like the University of Maryland BioPark in Baltimore are critical to the state’s future.

“Passing this legislation could well be the difference between running ahead and running in place, creating thousands of jobs in Maryland or seeing them go to other states, creating the next world-changing company here in Maryland or watching it happen [someplace else],” said O’Malley.

Education is also among the governor’s priorities. Yet his tough words about funding will be hard for state leaders to swallow.

“Yes, it is level funding. Most school systems for the first time during this crisis will now have to make the same tough choices that the rest of government has been making for the last four years,” O’Malley said.

Maryland is facing a projected $1.4 billion budget shortage. T hat’s going to mean cuts, but those cuts won’t come easy.

Republican lawmakers believe the governor will have to make more significant cuts to balance the state’s budget.

Comments (10)
  1. donald Holloway says:

    O’Malley is only interested in his own pocket. He knows that with out taxes & price raises on everything he want get his pay raise.

  2. Ed says:

    O’Malley says “Whats in your wallet”

  3. Taylor says:

    Why do you think all these politicians fight to get elected? GRAFT MONEY, HONEY! That’s all they are in for To do everything they can just to line their pockets with the green backs. They don’t care about the citizens!

  4. Tc says:

    Everybody that voted for omalley must really love taxes I am tired of taxes

  5. overregulated says:

    Wants to ban septic systems polluting the Bay? Always after rural folks with right stripping environmental policy. What about state rum sewage treatment plants that are spilling raw sewage into the Bay? Patapsco river, Severn River? Does “science” tell him that those spills are ok? Always after people on the Eastern Shore. O’Malleyman will not step on the toes of his dem voting base, Baltimore and surrounding counties.

  6. Jim says:

    President O’Malley, I like the way that sounds. And I am sure he does too.

    1. overregulated says:

      President O’Malley, are you smoking crack?

  7. Deft says:

    Like most politicians, he believes he can improve the economy by stealing from the private sector for his own spending ideas. Another Socialist fool.

  8. jwalters says:

    I bet you enjoy all the social perks, not only now but in the past as well, it’s sociallism when a demacrat has office, and it’s ok ism when the republican does it. you’re not as smart as you think you are. You must understand that you had a republican president and governor prior to the DEMS. Check the state of the economy when they left office. You drink coffee Wake up

  9. josyse says:

    I want to vomit all over O’steally. would make me feel better. I wonder if he steals from his own parents?

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