HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Maryland’s prison agency says its suspension of youth crime deterrence programs wasn’t prompted by an episode of the TV show, “Beyond Scared Straight,” in which two state inmates appear to throw a young man into a utility room.

Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services spokesman Rick Binetti said Friday that Corrections Commissioner Michael Stouffer decided upon the review after learning that the A&E Network was taping additional episodes at two other Maryland prisons.

Binetti says Stouffer wants to make sure the youth programs conform to agency policies.

The TV series began Jan. 13 with an episode taped at the Maryland Correctional Institution at Jessup.

Upcoming episodes were taped at the women’s prison and at a prison near Hagerstown.

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Comments (13)
  1. Jim D says:

    What does the Maryland prison system have to hide ??? The over crowding, the internal corruption, the drugs ? You name it and its inside the system.
    “Beyond Scared Straight” gives the kids a first hand view of the future and the opportunity to think twice.

    1. C Moore says:

      I could not have said it better. Just visit downtown silver spring to view the problem first hand.

    2. Robin says:

      I agree fully Jim D. I think the show is great. Sad to see Maryland will once again, be left out.

  2. It's 2011... says:

    and we still have people like old Bernie here using the term “porch monkey”. I can’t wait for his generation to die off…such pathetic and narrow minded people. The sad thing is he probably raised his kids to think this way as well…probably spends his days sitting in a trailer park with dial up internet looking at filthy porn sites and blogging on WJZ.com of all sites, to make himself heard since he’s had no real voice in anything all his life. Probably doing this on our dime as a retired truck driver or something, too. Makes me sick. Just as bad as the people he is undeservedly judging. Loser.

  3. Debbie M says:

    I just watched the program. It provides a “wake up” call for those juveniles who desparately need one. Apparently nothing else has worked. At the end of the program, it demonstrated how it turned some of their lives around. I have someone in the prison system and it is devastating. If one juvenile can be saved, the program is well worth it. Also, it gives a chance for the inmates to give something back to society. I am sure they wished they had been “scared straight.”

  4. Efrain Zorrilla says:

    You all are racist that are doing as much damage to society as they are. It’s 2011 and you racist people are going no further in life with that attitude. Blacks,Whites,hispanics we all break laws no matter what race we are!

    1. Robin says:

      If you watch shows like Lock Up Raw, etc. and actually look on the Most Wanted lists, Hispantics are the ones bringing this Country down. Most are sex crimes! We don’t want to breed with these animals. I really wish they would just close our boarders and DEPORT ANYONE who is illegal, anchor babies and all!

  5. Robin says:

    WHY? WHY? WHY? I think that show is GREAT! I love it when these little boys and girls who think they are so bad-azz end up balling their little criminal eyes out after coming across someone who is bigger and badder then them. I love the fact that this program was instituted by inmates. I would bet about 40% of the under 18 age group in this State belong behind bars. If you commit an adult crime, you should be charged as an adult.

  6. eightbitme says:

    Racist make my nuts itch. 😦

  7. terpfan says:

    bernie, moleman, et al: we even have an african-american PRESIDENT, don’t we? How about that, isn’t that amazing? How do your minds/philosophies deal with that? Yeah, your IRISH broke the laws like everyone else, then joined and corrupted the police forces. No ethnic group gets a free pass or is blameless, don’t you get it? Of course you don’t. What is appalling is the amount of hatred and ignorance in this nation and culture, much of it aimed at people simply because of color or ethnicity. I’m in my sixties and believe there’s been little progress in that regard in the last fifty years.

  8. Obongo says:

    Well, its obvious what color of people destroyed Maryland. It was not white people. Look at the poor quality of every school, mall, and other civil establishment. Exits 2 through 29 are not safe areas to live. Look at the crime, violence, and poverty – mostly African in origin. Thats just a fact and facts are not racist – just the truth.

  9. Chicken George says:

    Lois – you are a liberal CHIMP.

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