By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–It’s coming, but it may not be as bad as first thought. The state is hiking tolls at many toll facilities.

Mike Schuh breaks down the possible hikes and the impact on drivers across the state.

When you go through these tolls, you’re paying for the entire upkeep of the Maryland Transportation Authority system, as well as two massive and expensive construction projects– one up on 95 and the other, the Intercounty Connector.

The MDTA will let you drive on its roadways, provided you pay as you go. The toll authority reminds us, it is these tolls that pays for the upkeep of its entire system.

“Many of our facilities are over 50-years-old,” said Harold Bartlett, MDTA.”And like many things that are 50-years- old, they require a substantial reinvestment to keep them up and running.”

To do that, you’ll pay more at the tolls–maybe as much as 75 cents more.

“On the surface, I don’t like it. It’s more money,” said John McNerney. “What am I getting for it, I guess, is the question.”

MDTA has burrowed millions, and tolls keep the  system from digging a financial hole.

“We have to do the necessary, and sometimes to do the necessary you have to face the unpopular,” Bartlett said.

On the bright side, until commercial truck traffic picked up this year—they pay a lot more in tolls—the increase was going to be much higher.

MDTA officials say that at one point the increase was $1.35, then $1.10 and now down to 75 cents.

Before the MDTA raises the tolls, they will hold hearings across the state, so customers can vent a little bit.

 The MDTA board acts independently of the legislature or the governor and is expected to raise the tolls sometime this year.

Comments (21)
  1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Interstates are supposed to be free of charge paid for by tax from gas when you fill up. Delaware is horrible & this is nothing more than a money grab. I-95 is not fifty years old , it was started in the late sixties & really got going in the eighties. The so called “Lexus Lanes” are discriminatory, punishing the marginal & poor & accommodating the wealthy while we all pay at the gas pump Fed & state. California, bad as it is out there are no toll roads on the interstate system. Come east & you get hammered. A trip from Baltimore to N.Y. will cost you over fifty dollars r/t. Shameful.

  2. Rick Steinhauser says:

    I’m not thrilled with an increase either. But compared to Delaware, New Jersey, and New York, we’re paying nothing.I drive back and forth to Connecticut several times a year. Delaware charges you $9 to drive across 16 miles of highway. To go through NJ costs me about $15 and if you take the Verazano or the 2 tunnels, it’s $8 each. The Tappen Zee is $5.

    Also, if you get on the Commuter plan through EZ-Pass, it takes like 35% off the cost.

  3. Charles Wanko says:

    Why don’t they just use some of the one billion dollars the state owes the transportation fund to pay for the improvements? Oh wait a minute, the state already spent that money on other things, all thats left is the IOU. WAKE UP – THIS IS JUST ANOTHER TAX INCREASE WHICH WILL END UP IN GENERAL FUNDS!

  4. anonimous says:

    What happened to the hundreds of millions of dollars that were pillfered from the tolls facilitys over the last 2 decades. Ever time the good ole buys and girls in Annapolis have finshed depleating the coffers down there they would pull 25 to 70 million from the tools facility.

    Was this money ever put back and would they release the records showing so

  5. Sandra Perdue says:

    The truth is this state is going to tax you anyway it can… they say the tax on gas was for this but we see where that went. All you need to do is Drive around good old Maryland and you will see the taxis we spend to drive each and every year not going to work.. there are holes in the roads every where you go. the pot holes that they say they are fixing have coast me close to $2500.00 on work to may car because they say there is no money to fix the roads … this is total BS you have taxed enough find the money to do the work in the money you already get from us … or better yet maybe all the so called good ole boys and girls should take a nice pay cut …. just like they did to the retired people …. they do nothing for us and never will

  6. Cathy says:

    Us truckers already pay $16.00 one way and road tax.. Annapolis just keeps adding on and consumers wonder why everything is so high!

  7. Nancy Fisher Pritchett says:

    Yeah the money goes for upkeep,and they get plenty of money for it already ,i do understand maybe with the GAS prices up maybe people aren’t traveling as much across (who knows) Buti think its wrong..and other states like NY tolss i think its ROBBERY!

  8. Jim W says:

    People using the “Lexus” Lane are going to pay for that privilege. It was never intended to be for everyone. It is for people that choose to PAY to use it. There is no discrimination (Planned or Actuality). We, contrary to the writer above do not pay for the Lexus Lanes at the pump. Learn your facts

  9. Andy says:

    what a way to stifle economic growth. Gas prices go up, car insurance prices go up, and now toll prices go. This is not the way to boost the economy! I use to pay 20$ a month for Easy pass and now because people were not using their easy pass I now pay 25$. soon I will not be able to afford to get to work! We ALL need a beak from tax increases!

  10. Jonathan Chiles says:

    I love Maryland, but we are one of the worse states to live in…My concern is the fact that once this tax/fee is in place, it will never go away. They say it is to repair the roads and bridges, but I thought that is why we have been paying the toll all along is the first place, along with the gas tax,state tax, and with your local city tax if you are so lucky to live in one!
    Then, and this is the best part; the funds are not even going to cover what they were intended to, such as using the road funding to close the fiscal gap.

    Did you know we are the 6th most ticketed state in the US Ever wonder where all the money raised from tickets is going? Or have you ever really thought about how many times in a day you are taxed over and over on that money you make from working your butt off. State, Federal, Gas, Property, Sales. Oh and if you take your already taxed money and invest it, well you get taxed on any profit you make; because that makes sense (sarcasm).
    So, it isn’t just another $.75cents at the toll; it is another $.75 cents on top of everything else to pay for a greedy, financially miss managed government, if the money was actually used for what it was collected for, that would be one thing, but that isn’t even happening!

  11. John McConnell says:

    Why should I be paying for the Intercounty Connector when I drive through the Baltimore tunnel? What BS!

    1. Jonathan Chiles says:

      The ICC will be a toll road, costing approx $.25 cents a mile during rush hour, and approx $.10 a mile during off peak times. I believe the tolls were implemented to pay for the project and justify the cost to Marylanders. You may be paying the upfront costs but I think they tolls were supposed to “pay back” those funds.

  12. Candylyn Parker says:

    Everything is going up and yet you expect taxes and fees to stay the same? The last time I checked companies that make concrete, asphalt and other things the state needs to buy didn’t cut the government a discount. You are paying more for goods and services as a civilian; so are the state, local and federal governments. Grow up, live in the real world and accept that if you want services you have to pay for them.

    As for government corruption, lol, what in this country is not corrupt? Business, religious organizations, families and you all corupt. Every take office supplies for your kids to use for school supplies? Well it cost the company something. That is a form of corruption and no excuse will change that.

    1. overtaxed says:

      If you want services you have to pay for them. Grow up? Take your head out of your rear end and realize WE THE TAXPAYERS paid for those services, with fuel tax and toll money, and the funds were STOLEN by Governor O’Malley and the General Assembly. Now they are saying they need more revenues because Maryland is not keeping up with infrastrucutre needs. The reason we have not kept up is that O’Malley STOLE the money when he put the money into the general fund.

      And your lol shows that the liberals that make this state one of the worst in the nation are giving the Culture of Corruption a FREE PASS to be corrupt. You liberals will re-elect or promote the current Democratic criminals

  13. Christina williams says:

    Ok so there raising gas prices…. raising toll fees… were is my PAY RAISE min wage goes up but if u wernt making min wadge you didnt get a raise… so its gonna cost use more to go to work … soon we wont be albe to afford to go to work…NICE… THANKS GUYS WE NEW THE GOVERMENT ALWAYS HAD OUR BACKS….

  14. Jonathan Chiles says:

    I believe in limited government. If you want something done right, you have to get it done by the private sector. Only the government can do a project and not need to make a profit. Most of the time they are always over budget and running a debt. Mostly because it isn’t their money they are using, it is yours. Case and point, the census is taken every ten years. I don’t see how this is a complicated process as they do the same thing every ten years and have ten years to plan for it. Yet within the first few months, they were over budget running up debt. What was the cost per foot they were paying for a place in Baltimore. $70sf. Seriously, did they have to HQ it in Baltimore? Was there no where else in Maryland they could place it? I find that extremely hard to believe!
    A private company would need to make a profit or break even on cost’s to be able to stay in business, but they would do it more efficiently and be able to complete the task without all the waste.
    As for Parker’s comment on Growing up is I want the services, I think that was an ignorant comment. First, why don’t you look into the latest news of how the transportation fund is being used to close the fiscal gap for Maryland and is being diverted from it’s intended use – Roads and Bridges. Second, the Governor and the rest of the Delegates and Representatives were using the Federal Stimulus money to close the Budget gap for the past year or two. Instead of making the cuts while they had the “Borrowed” funds, they waited till they were out of options and funds. Third, I can’t go to my job and tell them to give me more money every time I spend to much; I, like most american’s have to budget they spending with what they make. If I don’t have it, I obviously shouldn’t be spending it. But hey, what do I know Candylyn Parker, like you said, I need to grow up.
    One last thing, didn’t Governor Martin O’Malley run his campaign against Ehrlich saying a FEE was a TAX. Just food for thought. Kind of funny when politicians are hypocritical.

  15. KottaMan says:

    Another reason to move out of Maryland. The corruption continues and the average working stiff gets shafted. Where are all the gas tax dollars that Annapolis has repeatedly raided for the Highway Trust Fund? Don’t steal MY money you already collected and then come back for more. This MUST stop! Elections are coming again. You have been warned………….Don’t pee in my boot and tell me it is raining.

  16. Ronald Lee Norman says:

    Stop Blaming O’Malley:::When you go through these tolls, you’re paying for the entire upkeep of the Maryland Transportation Authority system, as well as two massive and expensive construction projects– one up on 95 and the other, the Interc…ounty Connector.Many of our facilities are over 50-years-old,” said Harold Bartlett, MDTA.”And like many things that are 50-years- old, they require a substantial reinvestment to keep them up and running.”

    MDTA has burrowed millions, and tolls keep the system from digging a financial hole.

    The MDTA board acts independently of the legislature or the governor and is expected to raise the tolls sometime this year.

    You need to google the facts before statements are made. ·

    1. overtaxed says:

      Blame O’Malley, and his democratic cohorts who STOLE the money from the transportation fund and used that money to fill holes in his budget and not the holes inn our roads.

      When you go to the beach this summer you will see where some of the money was wasted…brand new gaurdrails on rt 50, and the road need fixing.

      We pay fuel taxes to support infrastrucure, not fo O’MALLEY to STEAL for his habit of overspending.

  17. Erick Bell says:

    This liberal state will never stop why dont we just let our employer send all our money to the state and just get a allowence

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