By Mike Hellgren

SEVERN, Md. (WJZ)–The family of a man behind bars for a notorious case of road rage is fighting to clear his name. His loved ones say new evidence puts him miles from the scene of this vicious crime.

Mike Hellgren has the story you’ll only see here.

The family of James King is fighting to clear his name. In their first interview, they tell WJZ new evidence puts him away from the scene of the brutal murder of Calvin Yeung.

Yeung was shot last August at the intersection of Telegraph Road and Route 100 in what prosecutors have called a cold-blooded execution.

His car crashed into a support wall.

“I feel bad for the other family,” said Martina McCauley, King’s mother. “I’m sorry for their loss.  But I also feel bad that police have misled them into thinking that they’ve got the real killer.”

King’s mother says video from a surveillance camera pinpoints her son in Baltimore City at the time the murder happened. The video is now at a FBI lab.

“If you know who really did this, please come forward,” she said. “My son’s life is at stake.”

She also showed WJZ a voice-stress test that revealed her son was not being deceptive when he told investigators he did not shoot Yeung.

“Nobody wants to admit they’ve made a mistake, and my son’s the one who’s paying for it,” McCauley said.

“We’ve been married for six years, and he would never do anything to be away from his family,” said Connie King, suspect’s wife.

King’s wife says that night her husband was dropping off employees from his job cleaning up foreclosed homes. People are willing to testify when the trial starts next month.

“There is a real person out there who killed Calvin Yeung, and he is still at large,” said Connie King.

Yeung’s sister had no comment about the claims King’s loved ones are making.

Police say King initially came to them telling them he was in the area, but did not commit the crime. Sources say a witness placed him at the scene.

“I’m not sure if he was mad by the time he shot my brother, but if someone cannot control his temper and decided to kill someone, he had a problem,” said Hilda Chan, victim’s sister.

“It is so awful what happened to him, but what is more awful is the real killer is still out there, and you have gotten a fake form of closure through my husband’s arrest,” Connie King said.

Yeung has a wife and two children. King has a little girl. His trial is scheduled to start early next month.

Comments (44)
  1. Jury says:

    This nut job is guilty!!!

    1. JUDGE says:

      No, he is NOT guilty! Maybe you’re the one that did it Jury. Didn’t you see it? He was some where else when it happened! Baltimore city cameras don’t lie!

    2. Bullfrog says:

      Hey Jury Nut: You need to find 11 more IDIOTS just like you who condemn a person before you know all the facts. Thank God you are in Maryland, please stay there. I will pray for the people who come into contact with you.

      1. Fyre says:

        Hey now bullfrog, I am in Maryland too… what makes you think we want that kind of injustice in the ways of thinking that Jury has displayed here, either? Hell no! People need to hear all the facts and THEN make a decision, not have their minds made up before being well-informed of all the evidence or lack thereof that is being submitted.
        (So how about we ship Jury off to somewhere where there is an extremely low population level?) <>

  2. D. Bos. says:

    First he was in the area and then he was no where near it!!!

  3. SEV says:

    OK I have known Mr. James King for 11yrs, I know for a fact this man would never inflict any pain on anybody, he is a well rounded citizen with a family. He was wrongfully accused of this crime he even made the attempt to contact police himself now ask yourself this, if he was guilty why would he go to the police station in the first place any guilty person would flee the county or state. The video tape will prove all of this

  4. S says:


    1. tylerjake says:

      That’s right just like OJ! Innocent until proven guilty. Oh wait, isn’t he in jail now?!

  5. j says:

    Unfortunatly the media and our society have made it guilty until proven innocent and Anne Adirty county police have made it look like an open and shut case. But if you know James you know he didn’t do it

    1. sheriff willie says:

      In this country, one is always GUILTY until proven innocent. Where the hell have you been?

  6. j says:

    And jury you should be a “hung jury”

  7. S says:

    Anybody that knows James King knows that he is Innocent and should be at home with his family and his little girl that misses her Daddy and the police should be looking for the real murderer

  8. Vicki Clark says:

    This a terrible tragedy for both familes. Jamie did not do this. I understand how the Yeung family needs to grieve and have closure but convicting an innocent person, does no one any good. Jamie is a wonderful father and loving son. This is a horrible mistake. I know Jamie will be release and the real killer will be found. .

  9. J says:

    The one thing I’m confused about is the two different stories of where he was. HE told them he was in the area at the time. Now there is a surveillance camera that may or may not show him in Baltimore City and not in that area. Which is it? Why would he say he was in the area if he wasn’t. I’m not saying he did it or didn’t do it. I’m just saying that doesn’t make any sense.

  10. KottaMan says:

    Yes, the two different stories about that he was in the area and then that a City cam shows him there just don’t add up. Having policed for years (not in AA County or the City, btw) I became familiar with Voice Stress Analysis over 30 years ago. It continues to be universally regarded by law enforcement and courts as unreliable. Results of these tests (and polygraph tests as well) continue to be inadmissible in Maryland courts and elsewhere. As to polygraphs, my experience has been that is is easier for some certain people to “beat the machine” when guilty rather than the converse of a polygraph test showing guilt when there is none. For what it’s worth.

  11. M says:

    Hey KottaMan sounds like u have experience in wrongfully accussing inocent people.
    Why do police bother to give those test if there so unreliable. I wonder if it could be they are unreliable only if it proves someone is inocent. Sounds to me like a detective was in a hurry to earn a brownie button at the price of an inocent mans freedom. Happens all the time but I dont have to tell u that your in lawenforcement.

  12. sheriff willie says:

    Was he ever tested for gun residue right after he was arrested?

  13. Just Us says:

    I wonder too, why would he come forward if he was guilty, but remember the report says he was in the area, but not when he was in the area. He might have encountered the victim at some earlier time and driving could have placed him miles away at the time of the crime. We don’t have the full account of what is meant by he was in the area.

  14. C Green says:

    James King is innocent. Let’s him go !

  15. executioner says:

    You people are just as nuts as him! I have personal knowledge about this case from reliable sources…the detectives who interviewed this murderer even stated that he has serious mental health issues and when he was accidentially released w/o bond there was a serious manhunt to track him and down lock him back up asap to prevent him from doing it again…the fool admitted he was in there area, the video is BS, ok so the car he was a passenger in may be on there but how do we know that he’s in there, he was the passenger, duh, doesnt mean he’s automatically in the car when it pops on some city camera…i bet if king was a black man, and yeung was a white man, you’d all have different views, typical of d-bags like yourselves though! I hope the korean mafia gets a hold of him in DOC and settles the score!!

  16. Just Us says:

    Executioner, you are a rambling idiot. You sound like you have about as much inside knowledge as a pimp in a monastery. No more drinks for you pal.

  17. KingisGuilty says:

    your the idiot!! Its liberal morons like you who sit on juries and put cold blooded killers like King back on the street and then when they commit another heinous crime, you cry that its the justice systems fault or the police departments fault, or someone elses fault but your own. Believe what you want, it will all come out eventually…and then you’ll be saying damn he was right, dont worry im not the type to get on here and say hey d-bag, told ya so!

  18. tylerjake says:

    I bet if this wasn’t a Korean man that was killed, people would feel very different about the situation. He’ll claim insanity and be back on the street in no time flat. When he’s back out there, watch out! If you’re near him in a car, pull over so you’re not the next one he targets.

  19. M says:

    Sherriff Willie YES he was tested for gun powder residue.THE RESULTS NEGATIVE.

  20. KING IS INNOCENT says:

    He did not do this. Yes the truth will come out and when it does maybe some of you idiots out there convicting an innocent man before you know all the facts will have to sit down and take a good long look at your self in the mirror and say, please dont ever pick me to be on a jury. That would be a tragedy if the did.

  21. James' Mom says:

    EXECUTIONER, I have inside info I am James’ mother. It’s apparent that you don’t have any inside info. James was not let out with no bond! He was let out on 1 million dollar bail. There was no man hunt to put him back in jail, it was a call from the States attorneys office 4 days later, to report the very next morning for another bail review. James’ attorney, Peter O’Neill, told him that he very well could have his bail revoked at this hearing, but my son did the right thing and went to the hearing and the JUDGE revoked his bail. And now my innocent son is sitting in jail awaiting trial. And as for the Baltimore city camera, it shows my son on camera 4 minites after the murder took place. We just got new news back from our lawyer, the police have now proved my son’s cell phone was in Baltimore city at the same time. How’s that for inside info.
    Who was the detective you got your inside info from? Did he get his badge and gun from Toys r’ us?

    1. King=Killer! says:

      Ok so i stand corrected, thats what i meant though, he was being held on no bond and it was changed to 1 million…that was a shady move by ONeil, the only reason he got away with it was because the SA office was on a furlough day and unable to attend the bail review hearing because if they had been there it wouldnt have happened, but hey thats what Pete gets paid to do….knowing the ins and outs of the system to keep murderers like your kid out of prison!Innocent son? lmao come on lady, gimme a break, you act like he’s a choir boy or a respectable citizen….pleasseeeee, and I see you didnt dispute or deny the fact that he has serious mental health issues…thats the politically correct way of saying he’s a nut job!!! OK so this camera NOW shows him on it, before it only showed the car….he even admitted to detectives that he was in the area at the time of the murder..dumb move on his part….A cell phone? are you serious? Ok so he left his phone at someone’s house or his buddy’s car in bmore….man guess that sums it all up, no need for any further investigation, ladies and gentleman of the jury, thats the defense’s case….kings cellphone was in baltimore city at the time of the murder, because people are never without their phone, wallet, keys, etc….gimme a break! Get use to visiting your boy in jail because he’s gonna be there for a long time! To Yeung’s family, god bless, may you have some type of closure that Calvins’s killer is behind bars and may Mr. Yeung rest in peace…

      1. Spell check yourself! says:

        Oh by the way,you got a lot of nerve telling people to “learn to spell”….lmao! You cant even spell yourself…..its BOLOGNA, not balonga!!!!! Idiot! and its wrinkle, not wringle! Moron!

      2. James' Mom says:

        Gimme a break he is without his truck now he is without his phone. You must be the detective that is going to loose his brownie buttons for this arrest. The comment about my son have mental issues I wouldnt waste my time responding to that. There was another man who placed his self in the area. The other man was not arrested the other man didnt have a past record my son did. I cant go in to what was said about my son being there that night. I can say this what you are hearing is not exactly what was said. It will all come out soon and then you will be saying oh I didnt know that my source didnt tell me all that. I dont think you will ever admit it but I am sure then you will say King didnt do this poor guy .My son is a great guy he had some trouble in the past but he changed his life and it was never anything real bad.anyway the internet does not give details of the case. My son had his own business was a great father he used to help his friends that were having proplems.My son would never see anyone go hungry he was always giving to people who were in need. You dont know my son so dont judge what kind of man he is.He has hundreds of friends and family who know what a great person he is. What he did in the past he paid for everyone has a chance to change thier life and thats what he did.

  22. Amy says:

    I have known James King all his life, he is like a nephew to me. He has always been the most polite, and mild mannered young man I’ve ever known. He is incapable of harming another human being in this way. He is NOT a murderer! Don’t pass judgment so quickly… it could be “you” or “your loved one” falsely accused next time.
    My sincerest sympathy goes out to both James’ and Calvin’s families.

  23. janet says:

    Jamie is my blood nephew and he would never take another persons life in cold blood he is a good father a good son and a good man .Its easy so so easy to judge people when u dont realy no them.This is all very sad it isn’t the truth and whoever realy did this is still out there .

  24. James name will be cleared says:

    To the person that thinks they know everything I guess you forgot to mention during all your babbling about just how shady A.A county police are to innocent citizens. You don’t know anything more from your “reliable sources” than anybody else does that has watched the news or reads the paper. So keep babbling about you THINKING you know everything and than when James is cleared you can babble about the REAL MURDERER! And to the others that think its funny to joke about James mom this page is to make comments about James King’s case not his mother! So really grow the eff up!

  25. James name will be cleared says:

    REALLY?! DNA! And you heard that from where? Umm oh yea let me guess your “reliable sources”. Why don’t you go find something better to do than be ignorant to an innocent man’s family !

  26. James's family says:

    Justice prevails- Thanks for the positive comment and support!

  27. Bill says:

    To justice prevails…..I have friends and family that are either retired from or currently employed by aa county police….ive never known any of them to be corrupt as you state…their actually all great men and women with families who are just like you and i…..not sure where you get off painting an entire police department with a broad brush stroke…so they have some bad apples, all police departments do….baltimore city, pg county, MSP….theres one or two in every crowd…and thats just the other departments in this area….just something to think about before you spout off with a statement such as “The Anne Arundel County police are corrupt, and always have been for that matter”….shows your ignorance!

  28. Vicki Clark says:

    To Jamies Mother, Just stop responding to the idiots that think they know it all. You and the people who know Jamie know the truth. Responding to illiterate babble is a waste of your time and extremely disrespectful to the Yeung family.

  29. janet king says:

    I am so glad that my nephew has been looked over by Jesus and his family and a great lawyer to find the truth in this sad murder case.If he did not have such a strong mother and a good wife and the money Which has left them to be much more needer now , there would be a innocent man in prison….I hope that the real killer will be found now that my nephew is not to be blamed.

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