Monthly BGE Bills Will Soon Rise

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Your BGE bill will be rising. The utility has been granted an increase by the state and plans to seek another one.

Suzanne Collins explains it has to do with upgrading all the lines that carry those utilities to your home.

We are not talking about the cost for actual power. The increase is in the part of your bill from BGE that covers the cost of getting electric and gas to your house on its system of wires and poles.

People are trying to conserve when it comes to electricity by shopping around for electric suppliers and making sure not to waste power.

“I also put new windows in my home, and I got a new BGE smart thermostat and that kind of helped as well to help reduce my bills,” said homeowner Cheo Hurley.

But BGE says one part of your monthly bill is going up and will go up even more on a regular basis in the future.  That’s the cost of getting electricity to your home over its poles and wires.

“We really do need to file more regularly for rate adjustments and we will be filing for an increased rate adjustment this year, and we will be doing so more regularly in the future,” said Rob Gould, BGE.

BGE just received approval for a rate increase filed in December. That will add, on average, $16 to its fee for bringing electricity to your home and an additional $10 for gas customers.  It is the first-rate increase BGE has been granted since 1993.

Another request for an increase will be made in October. The money will be used to keep the power infrastructure in good working order.

“It’s replacing cable, it’s replacing poles, it’s investing in technology, it’s also added cost we experience from our suppliers,” Gould said.

The only saving grace is as that rate increase goes into effect, the cost of buying electricity from a supplier is going down by about 20 percent in the last two years.  Some smart families have shopped around for alternative suppliers and saved money.

BGE says these more frequent rate increases it’s requesting will be easier to take rather than having your bill jump a huge amount at one time.

BGE plans to invest $3 billion in the next few years to be sure the delivery of electricity is more dependable.

  • willie joe wanker

    First rate increase my ass, my bill has doubled in the last three years.

    • Mike

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    • Margaret Vossler

      Check out This is our electric provider in Georgia. I grew up in MD and cannot understand why BGE continues to raise their rates. We have a power co-op in Georgia. Why can’t Marylanders also have an energy co-op? Our bills are so much lower. Something needs to be done in MD or more and more people will leave the state.

    • Donnie Dietrichson

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      • I. Gabriel


  • Steve
    ANNAPOLIS — BGE customers this summer will see their average monthly electricity bills increase 19 percent instead of the 72 percent hike under a deal negotiated by Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.

    Ehrlich administration officials continued negotiations with BGE parent Constellation Energy Group after a legislative proposal died with the conclusion of the 2006 General Assembly session 10 days ago.

    ‘‘It is in everybody’s best interest to mitigate rate shock,” Ehrlich (R) said Thursday afternoon. ‘‘It is in everybody’s best interest that the people least able to afford it get the relief they deserve.”

    The legislative deal had slightly smaller increases. The House of Delegates overwhelmingly passed the plan, but the Senate killed the proposal when a procedural vote failed to pass by a single vote.

    Like the deal announced Thursday, the legislative plan had Constellation offering $60 million a year for 10 years to offset rates. The company also will borrow $588 million to pay for a deferral of rates.

    The legislative plan would have allowed the company to secure its debt, borrowing more than $700 million, which would have reduced the rate increases more.

    ‘‘I think the plan we had on the table on Sine Die was the best plan,” House Speaker Michael E. Busch said. ‘‘Right now, the governor is trying to put the best possible alternative forward.”

    Since the end of the legislative session last week, Annapolis observers have contemplated whether the governor would call — or want to call — lawmakers back for a special session to take up rate relief.

    Busch (D-Dist. 30) of Annapolis brushed aside the question for the moment.

    ‘‘Without other information, I don’t know there’s a whole lot else that can take place,” Busch said Thursday.

    One of Ehrlich’s rivals, Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan, blasted Ehrlich as well as Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley. Duncan and O’Malley are both seeking the Democratic gubernatorial nomination to take on Ehrlich in November.

    ‘‘They are both way too close to the energy companies and their executives to fight for the hard working men and women in Maryland,” Duncan said Thursday in a statement.

    Ehrlich, in his shirt sleeves on the lawn of the governor’s residence on State Circle, said the state and nonprofit agencies will launch a public education campaign to tell BGE’s 1 million ratepayers about the deal.

    The 19 percent increase would kick in July 1. On June 1, 2007, rates would increase 25 percent. Customers also will pay $15 a month over the next 24 months. In January 2008, rates would transition to market levels.

    Customers will have to sign up for the rate deferral, otherwise they will have to pay the full cost of the increase.

    The $15 charge is a deferral from the 72 percent increase. The legislative plan charged instead $1.50 a month for 10 years. The difference is the ‘‘Ehrlich energy tax,” said Hari Sevugan, a spokesman for the O’Malley campaign.

    Ehrlich also announced an 85 percent increase in state and federal assistance for low-income families.

    The actions follow the expiration of price caps put in place in 1999 to end the state’s regulation of the energy markets.

    Back then, proponents believed deregulation would spark competition that would drive rates lower. The caps prevented other electricity companies from competing for Maryland customers.

    ‘‘It did not work. The grand experiment failed,” Ehrlich said Thursday.

    The governor’s announcement capped a week showing how electrical rates will ignite gubernatorial politics. Duncan and O’Malley also unveiled proposals for state energy policies.

    Duncan’s plan, released at a news conference Monday in front of Constellation’s Baltimore offices, called for re-regulating power companies, price caps and aggregation (where counties and municipalities buy electricity in bulk for residents).

    ‘‘We have to do what is right by the people of Maryland — and I don’t believe that it is right to sit idly by while big corporations take us to the cleaners,” Duncan said Monday.

    O’Malley’s plan, released Thursday, takes special aim at Ehrlich’s appointees to the Public Service Commission.

    ‘‘I blame the PSC because they should have seen this iceberg coming up on our bow a couple of years ago,” O’Malley said.

    In a Dundalk neighborhood of 1950s row homes on Thursday, O’Malley promised to replace the PSC commissioners with advocates for consumers. He also called for a ‘‘shock absorber” to keep energy bills affordable.

    O’Malley did not call for re-regulating markets immediately.

    ‘‘If we had a Public Service Commission, we’d have professionals that could tell us what’s reasonable,” he said.

    On Thursday, Duncan was in Baltimore arguing that Pepco customers were not getting a good enough deal for its rate increase. He filed a motion to have Montgomery County’s Office of Consumer Protection advocate for county residents in the rate increases.

    In a deal between PSC staff and Pepco, residents would see rates increase 15 percent beginning June 1. On March 1, 2007, rates would increase 15.7 percent more. On June 1, 2007, customers would be charged full market rates. Customers also would be charged for the amount deferred for no longer than the next 18 months.

    The PSC ruled the county could take part, but Pepco has asked for a ruling by today, said Christine Nizer, PSC spokeswoman. Until the PSC rules, Montgomery County can present a filing to the commission, she said.

    The electricity issue comes tailor-made for political challengers to carry through a summer of campaigning into the September and November elections.

    ‘‘It’s probably going to be the overriding issue. A lot of people are going to cast their votes on this issue. It’s an enormous increase,” said Matthew Crenson, a Johns Hopkins University political science professor.

    By taking over the issue, Ehrlich is playing a high-risk strategy: The governor could be blamed for not coming up with a better deal and the company has a vested interest in seeing him re-elected, Crenson said.

    If Ehrlich is not re-elected, Constellation will be dealing with someone who is a good deal more hostile, Crenson said.

    Chris Cavey, chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, is a self-described DATE — Defender of All Things Ehrlich. He is unabashedly sanguine over how the electricity issue can play into Ehrlich’s campaign.

    ‘‘In my opinion, the governor will be completely unbeatable if he comes up with a complete solution the everyday man can understand,” Cavey said.

    People are frustrated, confused, even clueless over the rate debate, he said.

    ‘‘They know they’re getting a rate increase, but they don’t know how big. They know the governor’s trying to do something, but they’re not sure what. They know the legislature didn’t fix the problem, but they’re not sure why,” Cavey said. ‘‘They’re looking for a hero.”

    Lawmakers, however, are facing some voter scrutiny over the deal they let slip through their fingers.

    Del. Herbert H. McMillan (R-Dist. 30) of Annapolis said he has had as many constituents question why the General Assembly did not institute re-regulation of energy markets.

    McMillan was one of nine delegates to reject the legislative rate relief plan, in part because it softens the blow of higher rates before the November election and then constituents get ‘‘hammered” after the election, he said.

    ‘‘This is the big issue for people, but I think you have to do better than come up with a little deal to get you past the election. People aren’t stupid,” McMillan said.

    Another opponent to the plan was Del. John R. Leopold (R-Dist. 31) of Pasadena. Leopold’s district and McMillan’s are served by BGE.

    ‘‘While it was tempting to support the bill that we had on our plates on the last night, I had 36 pages of legislation to digest in 10 or 15 minutes. I didn’t think that was responsible legislating,” Leopold said.

    A new poll showed 75 percent of Maryland voters ‘‘very concerned” about utility rate increases.

    In the poll, by Gonzales Research and Marketing Strategies, 40 percent of respondents held Constellation most responsible for the rate hikes; 34 percent blamed the General Assembly; and 12 percent held Ehrlich most responsible.

    Meanwhile, Duncan announced he has returned $3,205 in campaign contributions from Constellation and its top executives.

    O’Malley said Thursday he would not return his contributions.

  • Steve

    havent had an increase since WHEN? 1993 my caboose!!!

    • Margaret Vossler

      Check out This is our electric provider in Georgia. I grew up in MD and cannot understand why BGE continues to raise their rates. We have a power co-op in Georgia. Why can’t Marylanders also have an energy co-op. Our bills are so much lower. Something needs to be done in MD or more and more people will leave the state.

  • Herman Glimsher

    Don’t blame Constellation…….blame O’Malley. He’s in Constellations hip pocket since they helped get him elected.

  • wayne mink

    when is it going to end. BGE just keeps raising rates because the governor is the one who bill has gone from 75 to 200 dollars in the last two yrs.BGE is wasting the money on replacing poles it dosen’t have to replace. i for one am looking to move out of state. i am retired and cannot stand any more taxes and rate increases

    • Brian

      wayne mink, as I have been encouraging everyone else, visit my friends website ( he is saving me almost 12 bucks per month. Its not much, but it better than nothing

  • rick

    even when the rates supposedly go down my bill keeps going up….bge must be run by politicians the way they lie so much

    • Mike

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  • chearts77

    Goverment – asks for more money when they over spend the money YOU gave them
    BGE – asks for more money when they can’t keep the power on that YOU pay for

    Goverment – lies
    BGE – lies

    Yeah, there’s a politician running that company.

  • baltimore resident

    replacing what poles and gas lines, only poles i ever see replaced are ones that are struck by cars after and accident occurs, no new lines at my home and have been there for 40 years same lines and pipes so who is getting this benefit, O’Malley and his cohorts keep the bills rising and when everyone gets fed up an Eqyptian uprising may occur here

    • DB

      BGE and Government have something in common they are Greedy and steelers

  • D. Bos.

    This is BG&E’s way of getting back at all the customeras that are switching their gas supplier away from Baltimore Gas. You know how politicians are when it comes to big corporations needing favors, everybody gets what they want!!

  • jeff

    Time to leave Maryland. WE all need to foreclose our homes and move out of state.

  • TC

    Well what have we learned this time ,They re-elect O’Malley and now they are upset when the get another bge/constellation rate hike …SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • D. Bos.

      You can’t blame O’malley, because if he doesn’t do it, then he gets no more bge contribution money!!!!

  • TC


  • TC


  • susan

    They never give up, do they? Everytime you turn around they are asking for rate increases or for something else. And they are supposed to a non-profit. Yea right.

    • Mike

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    • DB

      BGE are just like our country,GREEDY.They rob from the poor and give to the rich like the CEO’s.They don’t care about you the care about themselves.Its bad enough that most of the american people have to work 2 jobs like me and still trying to make ends meet.You people make me sick you com—–ts

  • Margaret Vossler

    Check out This is our electric provider in Georgia. I grew up in MD and cannot understand why BGE continues to raise their rates. We have a power co-op in Georgia. Why can’t Marylanders also have an energy co-op. Our bills are so much lower. Something needs to be done in MD or more and more people will leave the state.

  • willie joe wanker

    WJZ does not publish the truth & has restricted my 1st amendment rights!!!!

  • Barbara

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  • Mike

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  • pro-life

    didnt omally blast pepco for doing the same thing and making them repay fair hikes from 2008 on to the costumers what the hell omally is bge lining your pockets or are you a double Standard sob

  • Willie man hanging

    Our Governor is a LIAR. He get’s his electricity free courtesy of the taxpayers. All corporations LIE!

  • whatnow

    My bill was $425 last month. Of that $425, $95 was for delivering service. That is almost 25% of my bill. They have got to be kidding me. I have new system, new insulation and a small (less than 1,000 square feet) house. HOW MUCH MORE CAN I PAY. My monthly medical outlay just shot up $90 a month. Gas is up, food is up. I have gotten one raise in 3 years. How am I supposed to keep up with these bills. My only choices seem to be (1) sell my house and rent a basement apartment or (2) find a husband. Or wait, maybe I can move out of Maryland, save a boat load of money, and be able to buy clothes and go out to dinner, thereby stimulating the economy and turning around the country. I hope the CEO enjoys his $10,000,000 bonus!

    • Tim

      I moved away from Md to Georgia and would never return, it is so much nicer, F”’k Maryland !

    • Brian

      Whatnow, check out my buddies website (

    • bge lineman

      He actually got a 15 million bonus

  • MAF

    Jeff good damn idea. Everyone don’t pay your mortgage and your BGE. This will be the biggest protest by Maryland consumers. If that happens, you can bet BGE and the banks, and the Governor will be crying the blues and begging Marylanders to stop the protest and you bet they will work with us.

  • Brian

    Folks please visit they , its a friend of mines who helped knock off almost 12 dollars on my bill. And that was before this increase these idiots are about to put us through.

  • Being robbed

    Here’s some simple math. In Florida my FPL bill is $127, while using A/C and a lot of electrical items; such as my stove, TV’s and so forth.
    My BGE bill is $600, with only $100 for gas (heat and cooking). The balance of $500 is for electricity with hardly any usage.
    A friend of mine has a BGE electric bill for her one bedroom condo that’s always cold (keeps it at 65), she doesn’t cook and she is rarely there.
    And you can’t blame this on “union labor”, this is pure greed at the very top of BGE.

  • P of the Doll

    BGE is out to get Marylands for whatever they can get. They don’t care about the people in Maryland. They are like a devil of this state. They are evil.

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