CROFTON, Md. (WJZ)—Girls’ underwear and secret videos of young women changing are just some of the evidence police say they seized from a man’s home in Anne Arundel County.

Suzanne Collins explains police say this suspected peeping Tom has been targeting women for years.

There’s a tape of a naked woman in her home from last fall and another woman from almost three years ago. Police don’t know how many victims there may be.

In a Crofton neighborhood, police say a man slipped out of view and up to a window. Inside, a teenager was naked. The camera rolled, and now Charles Novak is charged with that crime.

There are other victims.

“Oh, that’s kinda creepy,” said Kathy Schwink. “That’s gross. It kind of makes me want to pull all my shades. All the time.”

But there’s more. Police also found video from inside the same teenager’s home. At her dresser, a man’s hand is seen fondling her underwear, which disappeared from her drawer.

“We’ve seized some electronic equipment of his,” said Lt. James Fredericks, Anne Arundel County Police, “and some evidence we had from other residences,” including videotapes and underwear.

Novak was first arrested after breaking in a home after Christmas, but the investigation led to videos of various women. Now he faces 21 counts.

In the neighborhood where Novak lives, people have seen a peeping Tom and now a letter has gone out from the homeowners’ association.

“I feel for the women caught up in this situation being videotaped without knowing what’s going on,” said John Bloomfield.

One woman who lives on that block in Crofton must have been stunned when police came to her with two videotapes and asked her to look at them. When she did, she saw herself on tape, naked in her own home.

The problem is how police will figure out who the other women are on the tapes they’ve seized.

They hope possible victims will call.

“We can’t put out video out there that shows, ‘Hey you may be on this,'” Lt. Fredericks said.

Police say they face a quandary. Let’s say the female’s face in the video isn’t clear. They could be showing one person video of another person naked.

Anne Arundel County Police say if you think you are a victim of the peeping Tom in the Crofton area, call them at 410-222-8610.

Comments (30)
  1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Why don’t parents teach & make their girls close the curtains /shades? The guy is a harmless pervert but some of these girls haven’t a clue or have never been taught. C’mon parents.

    1. LindaJ says:

      Don’t blame the victims!!!!!!! Curtains or shades can be closed and with a small camera you can still see through the side of a shade…

    2. Amber S says:

      How can you state that this man is HARMLESS. He is invading the privacy of women and stealing underwear from INSIDE of a home…. I highly doubt this TEENAGER had her underwear hanging outside?? But I guess its okay to say this is harmless… that is until the next time he does something, (godforbid) he breaks in and physically attacks a woman?? For you to state that he is harmless only proves that you yourself may need some type of help. Blaming the victims is not something you should be doing or have any right to do. Maybe your parents failed to teach you a thing or two about common decency and right and wrong.

    3. Angel says:

      WOW!!! Are you kidding me?? Harmless pervert! Would you feel the same if it were your child?? These things usually progress. That’s just a idiotic statement, IMO.

      1. KMH says:

        any of the narrow minded, idioic comments came from people who I would wage a guess do not have children, and are probably practically children themselves (guess by the lack of maturity) and I am quite sure do not repect women.

  2. KMH says:

    Harmless? You’ve got to be kidding! When peeping and taping these victims for his own sexual gratification isn’t enough for a perv like this, he’ll most likely move on to physically assulting these girls and women. Your “harmless” comment suggests you don’t have children.

  3. j says:

    “harmless” and “pervert” do not belong in the same sentence. He’s a step away from possessing porn not to mention invasion of privacy.
    Although I would agree girls should be taught to close the shades

  4. Chuck says:

    I think this guy is a pervert and should be locked up for a long time. I understand taking precautions by pulling the shades etc. However you should be able fell free and safe in your own home without worrying about some pervert. Also it’s apparent that the pervert was “staling” his victims, and took it to another level by breaking into their homes. He is obviously a creep and deserves several years away in our facilities. I know we will hear a lot about reform and counseling, but sooner or later he will be out on streets doing it again. Let’s keep these types of creeps off the streets.

  5. Trisha says:

    The idea that you consider him to be harmless is repulsive, to say the least. Apparently you have never studied criminal behaviors, but here is a quick lesson for you: deviant behaviors escalate, and once this “harmless” guy finds a good opportunity, he will more then likely sexually assault a woman. Over time, the gratification he receives for taping a woman will diminish and he will need to explore other options to receive that gratification. How harmless would he be in a few months/years?

  6. cora says:

    And do you know this man is on house arrest living at his parents house in the same neighborhood where all this happened.

  7. Susan LaMantia Nolan says:

    Add me to the list of people who find the word “harmless” inappropriate and inaccurate in describing this individual. Sure, he’s spying on people, video taping them without their knowledge and stealing underwear today, but unless stopped, his crimes will only continue and increase in their severity. He’s a rapist in the making.

  8. KBR says:

    I agree the man is harmless, If these women leave their window shades open then they deserve to be photographed…

    1. KMH says:

      KBR – seems like you have the same warped mentality as the pervert. They are not just women – many teenagers (children). That doesn’t matter anyhow. How do you know that their windows aren’t facing an inconspicuous area like a wooded area? Wrong is wrong. The “deserved” what happened? You’re sick too.

      1. Stopbeingstupid says:

        Teenagers aren’t children. They are past puberty and have the same desires as adults. Many of them have sex. Don’t try and pretend you are trying to save the innocent children. He is obviously harmless, he was in their homes but hasn’t assaulted anyone. He probably has a sexual fettish which is not likely to escalate to anything else.

      2. Savingpeoplebykillingthem says:

        Also if he does have other urges he’s more likely to assault or rape someone now. Stress is a major factor in people who have been convicted of sexual offenses. Being arrested for this kind of crime and having your face posted on the internet is extremely stressful and now I wouldn’t feel safe around him. Congratulations, you guys have just created a lifelong problem that will probably get someone assaulted or raped. Way to save people idiots.

      3. KMH says:

        Yes, you should stop being stupid. Teenagers are technically anywhere from 13 – 19. According to the LAW under the age of 18 they ARE children. We are not talking about some teenagers who choose to engage in consentual sex. We are talking about a grown adult comitting a CRIME! Talk about being STUPID! Okay, I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt, maybe you’re just “ignorant”. It reads like you are the same person posting from SPBKT – go back and read your nonsense. In fact, show it to a family member ( an adult) and see if they don’t shake their head at you with pitty.

      4. Angel says:

        Alot of the tapes ARE OF CHILDREN! Other news reports have confirmed that. I don’t care if they are grown adults, children or teenagers, it’s NOT HARMLESS! If it were then it wouldn’t be against the law! Thank the good Lord you aren’t my neighbor. Take your own advice Stop being stupid!

  9. donald holloway says:

    Geeper’s Creeper’s where you get those Peeper’s.

  10. Jim says:

    Why don’t just pluck his eyes out, or how about cut his head off, or maybe just hang him. How about bury him in the desert w/ honey on him and let a million ants go near him
    What a just, fair & beautiful place we live in.

    1. KMH says:

      Jim very meaningless and very immature.

  11. Anon says:

    Harmless? You have got to be kidding me!! As a victim of an assault by someone who started with voyeurism, I find your attitude appalling. Reminding people to be safe is one thing, but blaming the victim!? Seek help for what is clearly a lack of empathy, or better yet, why don’t you give your home address out to one of the “harmless” peepers out there and then you tell us how it feels to have your privacy violated. He may just be a peeper now, but he has already escalated by breaking into homes. The next step in the clinical psychology is a physical encounter you want to take a chance that it might be you or someone you love?

    1. KMH says:

      Anon – don’t waste any efforts on idiodic ramblings from someone who most likely spends more effort on video games rather than trying to make a positive difference in society. Small people; small minds.

      1. Angel says:

        Some people don’t even have a clue, it’s disgusting!

  12. KMH says:

    This has NOTHING to do w/ a fettish. It IS ABOUT BREAKING THE LAW AND VIOLATING SOMEONE. There are so many sad people out there who have no empathy and no morrals. Your mother’s I am sure are so proud.

  13. what says:

    hey put bernard F Mc Kernan and the underware man in same cell seems they need to share some quality time together plzing each other. sicko to sicko..

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is not a ‘harmless’ crime — in fact, many peeping tom perpetrators do escalate to further sexually motivated crimes — stalking, burglary, underwear theft, sexual assault, homicide. Many rapists and sexually motivated killers fetishize voyeruism, froutterism and articles of clothing of their targets.

    For far too long, many L.E. thought this behavior wasn’t serious, so kudos to this police department and D.A. for arresting and prosecuting this creep. Give him the record he deserves.

    The victims will likely not feel secure in the places that they should feel most safe, and for even that lesser fact this man should face some serious prison time.

  15. Disgusted with stupidity says:

    Bernie MacKernan probably also believes Casey Anthony is innocent and harmless. Stupid prick.

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