Suspected Peeping Tom Held Without Bond

CROFTON, Md. (WJZ/AP)– An Anne Arundel County man is facing 21 counts of burglary and peeping Tom charges after police say they found videos of women changing and a little girl’s underwear at his home.

Police arrested Charles Novak, 35, of Crofton in December after officers were called to a home for a burglary where a resident told officers she found a man sitting in a car in her garage.

Officers searched the area and found Novak, who had a camera with videos depicting nude people who did not appear to be aware they were being recorded.

Neighbors say they’ve noticed Novak behaving strangely, but they didn’t realize what he was doing until now.

Police say a search of Novak’s home turned up evidence linking him to other burglaries, including the theft of a girl’s underwear found in a bag marked with her name.

Novak was under house arrest on the earlier charges and is now being held without bond.

Detectives believe this has been going on for years, and they’re having trouble identifying all of the victims.

Anne Arundel Co. Police urge you to give them a call at 410-222-8610 if you think you’re a victim.

  • whatnow


  • willie man hanging

    To all you idiot Mom’s out there who do not care or teach your teenage girls not to walk around naked but to pull the shades down on the windows, Smile, you’re now porn stars.

    • AtimAnt

      I CONCUR!!!

  • Squaregrouper

    This guy is sick, but being “held without bond” seems a little extreme for this crime. Murderers who are flight risks should be held without bond, not peeping toms

  • BlueClaw

    I for one am glad he is being held without bond. Keep this sicko off the street. I mean, if this guy was brazen enough to commit burglary to fulfill his needs, who knows what he would be capable of if it got to a point where that wasn’t enough for him.

  • dont rush 2 judge

    we have only herd the states side of this so far.lets wait to hear both sides before we rush to judgement.everything police say isint always true.

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