By Mary Bubala

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you’re in the market for a space heater, make sure you are getting an energy efficient model.

Mary Bubala reports homeowners should look for models with thermostat and timer settings.

The settings can save energy and keep rooms from being overheated.

Lastly, compare the wattages of similar models to see which one uses less energy.

Comments (5)
  1. jimmy37 says:

    What is “an energy-efficient” model?? They all use resistant heating, the most inefficient type of heating! 1500 watts of heat is 1500 watts. This is bogus.

    1. cire says:

      Jimmy you’re right on. Mary is either a shill for the electric industry just the usual, not the brightest bulb in the pack – incandescent no doubt – reporter.

  2. bingo43 says:

    Jimmy37 did you miss the “look for models with thermostat and timer settings”. The one I have doesn’t have either of these it just runs and runs. The believe if I purchased an energy-efficient model i.e. models with thermostat and timer settings it would save me money.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Get some cheap white blinds. Paint one side ‘flat black’ and leave the other side white. In the summer leave the white side out and pull shade down to reflect sun and heat out window. In winter, turn ‘black’ side toward sun (flip blind horizontal) so ‘black’ side absorbs heat from sun. This and using ‘painters plastic’ –semi transparent or if you can, completely transparent, (dollar store) with 2 sided tape to cover inside of all windows. DON’T buy the window cover packages, to costly for what you get. You’ll cut your bills by a at least 30% (been doing it for years, number is tested). Use the blinds on the sun side of house –east (morning side), west (evening side) and any widows in between where the sun hits. Make sure you pull blinds down before you go to work. O.K. Hons, “Baltimoron”

  4. RICK says:


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