BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

Hello my friends!  It has been a good run of things at Fort Dix.  Despite my constant complaining about the food and the weather, my unit any myself managed to make it through with out any injuries or hiccups in training.  That was step one and priority one.  Our next priority was getting over the pond which we have done successfully as well.  We got a charter flight … a short stop in Germany for re-fueling and then over to the sandbox.  Our first stop is Kuwait.  I can’t tell you what a relief it was to step off the plane a NOT see snow!! Now the weather wasn’t perfect, but there was no wind and the temperatures are more than comfortable right now.  Soon we will head north into Baghdad to get things rolling.  We are all pretty excited to start what I think will be an amazing journey.

I know I have said it several times before, but I can’t help but say it again.  Thank you very much for all your support.  I can’t tell you how many e-mails just lift my spirits so much.  Before I left I got to go home and spend my final days in America with my family and loved ones.  They will never know how much that time meant to me and how much I look back on it with strength.  The friends and fans in the Charm City have become my extended family and each message, email, Facebook post give me a pick-me-up everyday.  I think about all of you and how much you have supported me and that makes me work even harder to accomplish our mission.  What lies ahead will be challenging, dangerous and different, but I know what a great team that myself and all the soldiers have behind us.

I am coming home with a “W” …


img 0200 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

The Zinno/Citarella clan ... it was a great time at home with the family!

  • Faye Berman

    be safe Mark. Enjoy the desert, well as much as 1 can enjoy the blazing hot daytime temps and the freezing night time temps. Bring home that ‘W’.

  • laurie jeter

    Zinno – I’m very proud of you!!! I never met you in person, but I have grown to love you on the Bruce Cunningham show. Please know that I am praying with your family/friends and for you and your company/battalion and all those associated with you. I love you!!! Look forward to hearing from you soon…. Laurie

  • Kent Eitemiller

    We are praying for your safe return.
    Kent from Woodbine

  • Mike Hudson

    We’ve all been Zinno-tized…Stay safe Mark!

    Mike from Joppatowne

  • Ken Crispens

    Dude, godspeed, you bring credit tyo your generation. Looking forward to hearing your opinions next year on bringing your “W” to the Ravens.


  • Nicole

    WE LOVE YOUR MARK <3 Thinking about you while sitting in business policy class!!!

    Nicole and Alex

  • Sharon

    Miss you a lot! Wish you could have been here to comment on the singing of the National Anthem by “your girl” Christina before the Super Bowl! UCH! lol
    We here in the states are praying for your safe return! Godspeed!

  • Tim Kreft

    nice blog I’ll keep the jokes coming let me know if there is anything we can provide to you or your troops and we will do our best to make it happen

  • Kathleen Pieper

    Godspeed and stay safe. Our prayers are with you all!

  • Lisa Kittrell

    I’m glad you’re doing well. We miss you a lot. Stay safe and keep up the good work. I’m glad your girlfriend is sticking by you. It makes it a little easier knowing
    your vain ass have someone waiting for you lol. Take care you’re in my prayers.

  • Rob Wiley

    Zinno, thank you and stay safe, Buddy. You and those with you will remain in our prayers for the ‘W’ and safe return to Baltimore.

  • Kenny Lockerman

    Stand tall my friend. Just wanted to thank you again for your loyalty to the fans and to the United States of America. The sacrifice that you put forth hasn’t went unnoticed. Stay safe and until you return we will try to keep the ZINNO nation alive and well

  • Dennis Sarfate

    What up bro. I am proud of you. Im over in Japan right now. Be safe and I will be praying for you. Kick some ass. Who is that piece on your lap?

  • Korey Stevenson

    stay safe, Major

  • Wayne

    Great attitude! Keep it up! You are the man! Thanks for doing your part to keep this nation safe!

  • http://facebook Donald Rozelle

    Zinno, you truly are a hero. I wish for you and everyone else over there, a safe return home. You are in our prayers. Be safe!

    Donald Rozelle
    Havre de Grace, Md.

  • Tammy Veney

    You’re a Marjor? What!!!!!!!! They must really need people….lol. No I know you earned that and you’re over there giving 100% and some. Praying for you and all our soldiers. Love you!

  • Kelly

    Good Luck to u Mark!! Praying for ur return to the states with a W!! Hope the time goes by quickly for!! What a beautiful u have n ur GF is gorgeous!! She is a brave women to stick by a solider!! Best of luck!! <3

  • jennifer

    Darling… i miss u and hope for your safe return ;) xoxo

  • P.J. Williams

    I was in Baby Gap & it got me thinking of ya. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I actually miss u in some unexplainable way. I can just picture u now…….lost in the desert, listening & singing along to Lady Gaga in ur extra-schmedium camo’s, asking some family of nomadic sheep herders for directions. Ha!!! Seriously tho, come home safely brotha. (Cuz I’ll need gm tix again I’m sure!!) -P.J.

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