Peeping Tom Suspect May Have Had Dozens Of Victims

CROFTON, Md. (WJZ) — Anne Arundel County Police are looking for more victims of an accused peeping Tom. 

As Suzanne Collins explains, prosecutors say there are thousands of videos of naked or partially clad women and possibly a hundred victims. 

Police say Charles Novak, 35, is a peeping Tom who even dared to break into women’s homes and steal their lingerie.

One man, who did not want to be identified, is married to one of the victims.

“There’s no sympathy.  There’s a lot of anger and a lot of rage and a deep sense of violation,” he said.

The couple lives close to the home where Novak lives with his parents.  There are multiple victims in that neighborhood who have viewed themselves naked on tape.

“Sat and watched over two and a half hours of video with the detective from Anne Arundel County,”  he said.  “Tried to figure out when they were taken, where he was in relations to our house when they were taken.”

Police say Novak’s camera had 2,300 video clips of women undressed.  In his home, there were a thousand more.  Also, there were 27 bras and panties, some in bags marked with a woman’s name.

“What we need is citizens, if they think they’ve been a victim of crime from suspect Mr. Novak, to come forward to police and then we can move forward to see if somebody else may be on this video,” said Lt. James Fredericks.

One neighbor says Novak was always happy to help them plow out when there was a snowstorm, but now they believe that was just an excuse to get close to their windows with a camera.

Novak’s mother told WJZ a lawyer advised she not speak to reporters. 

“What we’re really concerned about is that we keep that sense of community we had before and the family who’s going to live here long after this is over still feels as if they are a real part of the community,” said the neighbor.

A judge refused to grant Novak bail at a court hearing Tuesday afternoon.

  • joe

    piece of carbage what a sicko

  • Howardthe duck


  • ashley

    Obviously it doesn’t matter if the shades are drawn if he’s breaking into ppls houses

  • ashley

    Obviously it doesn’t matter if the shades are drawn if he’s breaking into houses

    • Howardthe duck

      He broke in or were the doors left unlocked? Did he rape or physically harm anyone? No…He is a threat to himself only & just wants to jack off to his fantasies. He’s been doing this for three years & or more & no one has been hurt. Mentally unstable? sure.

      • rabjack

        That’s how they start out, peeping and stealing lingerie. Next step is rape and then they end up murdering someone. Needs to be put away!!

  • howardthe duck

    rabjack, this guy is no teen, he is approaching forty years of age. If he was going to rape a teen, surely he would have done it by now. Yes he is unbalanced & needs counseling & supervision but let’s not overact & go on a witch hunt because suddenly it’s a popular notion. He is living in a fantasy world.

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