BRANDYWINE, Md. (AP) — An FBI agent suspected of drunken driving and a fatal car crash in Brandywine has been arrested in Prince George’s County.

Police say Lawrence Garner Jr., 18, of Brandywine was killed in the crash Monday night. Another person in Garner’s car was critically injured.

Investigators have not charged the 37-year-old FBI agent. The State’s Attorney’s Office will determine whether to press charges.

FBI spokesman Paul Bresson tells WTTG-TV that the agency is aware of the incident and their sympathies go out to the people involved.

Garner had graduated from Gwynn Park High School last year and worked at Home Depot in Upper Marlboro.

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Comments (12)
  1. SMH says:

    Why would the State’s Attorney’s Office have to “decide” if they are going to press charges? He was drinking and driving and killed someone…….would’nt that be a no brainer?

  2. somechic says:

    yep; our tax dollars, hard at work! so sad!

  3. Amy says:

    @ SMH….My thoughts exactly!!! Decide!?!?! Seriously!?!? There’s no decision to be made. He was breaking the law, and at least one person has been killed. HOpefully the other passenger recovers.


    Prayers to the families….losing a son to a senseless crime. 😦

  4. asdf says:

    Sorry, but that’s how law enforcement works. They are above the law. The only we he gets charged is if there is enough public outcry.

  5. warrk21 says:

    Please go to departedngone and Let The World Know that we have lost a Good Life.
    Departed N Gone

  6. policy says:

    To SMH, Amy, and asdf(aka moron)…. You all obviously dont have any background or experience in this field or area of law……this is routine policy for all traffic accidents that result in death and someone possibly under the influence…whether the suspect is an fbi agent, police officer, trash truck driver or nfl football player….the SA office reviews the case and the person is usually charged on an indictment in the future, thats how it works…..also the article states “suspected of drunken driving”…..meaning premilinary evidence suggests he was possibly under the influence but they are probably waiting for blood results or things of that nature back, to build a more solid case…just somethings to think about before your spout off about a topic you arent familiar with….

    To asdf…..your a moron, if this agent was drinking and driving, he will get charged, you have no idea what your talking about, go back to your cave where you feel safe to say things you wouldnt say to someone if face to face in person, your a coward

    1. Shocked says:


      It sound to me as if you have anger issues, it would have been much nicer and effective, if you had just explained the policy to readers so that they could understand, instead of writing as if you have no intelligence when it come to socializing with other humans. I must say you sound like the moron here. I hope the family finds justice and peace after loosing their son. You on the other hand can go live in a cave and you wouldn’t be missed.

      1. Jerrab says:

        I agree with Shocked! Why so angry Policy? Obviously a fellow law enforcement official or wanabe. Face to Face? Coward? Angry??

    2. shiv says:

      “The State’s Attorney’s Office will determine whether to press charges.” he WILL be sentenced for something, there is no doubt he killed one and critically injured another. he may get Vehicular Manslaughter or something but there SHOULD be no reason he won’t get something. if he does not, then THAT should be investigated. there is NO excuse for drinking and driving. find a safe way home, call a friend, co-worker, your boss, don’t drink and drive unless you only kill yourself then i don’t have any comment on it but if you take someone else out, that is another issue altogether.

  7. Kevin says:

    This man deserves to get life for his actions in my sight. On monday night at 10:30pm a fbi agent who decided to drive drunk with a BAC of .25 which is 3 times over the legal limit hit and killed a young man named Lawrence and put Robert in critical condition fighting for his life to this very minute. This man was well aware of his actions and probably had more understanding of the law than the normal person because he was apart of the law. This is the man who is being paid off of our taxes but yet he can kill somebody and not be arrested till the next day, I dont know about everyone else but something isnt right! He killed a young man who had many great things in his future, he killed a son, brother, uncle and my friend. This man deserves nothing less than 18years behind bars. I will not rest until I feel as though justice has been served. By any means this should not be thrown under the rug and forgotten. I hope all see the true devistation of drunk driving and hopefully through JR and Rob’s accident it might have saved someone elses.

  8. Gwynnparkstudent '2012' says:

    I am a 16 student at gwynn park highschool and JR went to my school last year. He is missed greatly . I feel the enforcement should come to our school and explain to us WHY????? Just as the family of the agent would have felt if he would have died insstead is the same way the family of JR feels. He had some more growing up and a life to live. This ended over a drunk FBI agent that could not be a leader. So I guess he was just saying when police are off duty they dont have a job or responsibilities or that they really dnt care about the lives of others when the badge comes off.I feel that agent Johnson should definatley be punished .I dnt know all about the process but there is nothing to defend. I understand there is a procedure but with a rank as high as that mistakes should be rare. A trash truck driver or nfl football player dont have the same responsibilities that you do. So honestly there is No similarity. Trash men, librairians,and nfl players cant pull us over , they are not the ones we call when we are in trouble. YOU ARE! This responsiblity came with your job . So as much credit as you get for doing your job is way less for when your not. Police officers, agents and etc. are looked at as one .Therefore when one messes up it gives all a bad mane and it makes people question your ability. I personally have nothing against authority.

  9. A Manor says:

    @ KEVIN and GWYNNPARKSTUDENT ‘2012’ I am in agreement with your well versed, mature comments. As a member of The Garner family’s community, I was very shocked and saddened. As far as the actions of the FBI Agent, you two have spoken well covering that subject.

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