I’m very happy that the University of Maryland has a basketball game tonight.  Ive been a fan of Terps basketball my whole life, and I really like Gary Williams as a coach.  That said it looks like a down year for Maryland.  The good news is it allows me to put one eye on what I think is the best rivalry in sports. Two schools, separated by eight miles.  North Carolina vs Duke.  Both teams are ranked.  If you remember tune into ESPN at nine tonight.

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  1. Common Sense says:

    Maryland has produced one championship in 20 years and multiple years without a tournament bid. Local players have been overlooked and gone on to have great seasons with other Universities. The tenure of Gary Williams has been long overdue and as a life long Terp’s fan also, its time for a change. The terp’s women’s basketball decided to go in another direction after a long tenure and the result was a new look and success ( ie. A championship).

  2. ozzie says:

    greatest rivalry–ali – frazier ( another irrelevant sport now) had all the hype- trash talk- international following– never saw it because too young but had to be a circus

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