BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Prosecutors say he wanted to kill as many people as possible. Now there are surprising new revelations about a Baltimore man’s plot to bomb a military recruiting station.

Derek Valcourt has more on what was revealed in court documents.

Antonio Martinez, 21, was arrested in early December as part of a FBI sting after authorities say he tried to blow up a military recruiting center in Catonsville with a fake car bomb he got from an undercover agent.

Authorities say the recent convert to Islam was acting as a lone wolf, angry at the U.S. military and had even posted jihad messages on his Facebook page.

Now new court documents reveal Martinez discussed shooting people and using propane tanks in the attack, even burning down the building.

The new details come as a surprise to many who frequent the area near the recruitment center that Martinez planned to attack.

“I’m mad. It’s sad, but it makes me mad, too.  For a human being wanting to hurt another human being, for what?” said one local resident.

According to those same court documents, Martinez rejected the idea of setting a bomb off at an area train station. Ironically, he was worried killing innocent train riders would turn public opinion against him.

But it’s now the federal law, and not public opinion, Martinez has to worry about.

He’s charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and the attempted murder of federal employees.

At his arraignment, his public defender argued this was a case of entrapment.

But many in Catonsville are glad Martinez was captured and glad his plot was foiled

“We’re all taking our chances everything we do,” Cheryl Scott. “It’s no telling what’s going to happen.”

The FBI says Martinez tried to recruit four others into his scheme. Two turned him down, one tried to talk him out of it.  A fourth turned him in to the FBI.

Martinez faces life in prison if convicted on the charges.

  1. bernie9inch says:

    Lock this towel head up & forget about him. What a POS he is.

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