BALTIMORE (AP) — Federal prosecutors say an Easton man who pleaded guilty to transporting people for prostitution has been sentenced to a year in prison.

Isidro Jimenez Sanchez, 32, was sentenced on Thursday. Authorities say Jimenez Sanchez, a Mexican citizen in the U.S. illegally, will likely be deported after serving his term.

According to court documents, a co-defendant gave a confidential source a business card advertising prostitution. In July, authorities executed a search warrant on the brothel, on East Dover Street in Easton, and arrested Jimenez Sanchez, the co-defendant and a prostitute.

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Comments (4)
  1. SG says:

    Twenty years ago, Easton was a beautiful town. Now, this garbage has infiltrated. If you STOP HIRING THEM, they will go somewhere else!

  2. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    One lousy year with three hots & a cot? A disgrace to our judicial system. Judge should spend time in the cell with him.

  3. KottaMan says:

    He will “likely be deported” after getting out of the joint? What kind of left-handed BS is that?

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