SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJZ) — Half of the students in one Maryland first-grade classroom say their teacher punched and even choked them.

Gigi Barnett explains the investigation and what the school is doing about it.

Young elementary school students say their teacher abused them.

Susan Burke, 35, has been charged with abusing eight first-graders in December and a kindergartener in her class last year.  She is out on bail but did not speak to reporters.  Her Laurel home is surrounded by toys and trash. Neighbors say she snapped after a recent divorce.

Parents of kids claiming abuse initially thought the stories were exaggerated.

“I just thought there were better background checks for school teachers,” said one mother.

The nine victims tell investigators that the abuse happened at school during school hours.  They say their teacher would kick them, punch them and even choke them.

Online, Burke alluded to a recent rough time, saying, “The last two years have been a true test and I cannot thank my friends and family enough.”

Court records show she’s had financial trouble.  Now she’s out on $75,000 bond while police stay on the case.  Investigators are continuing to interview children and follow-up on leads.

The school district suspended the teacher as soon as the first allegation arose last month.  All of the victims are 6 or 7-years-old.

Burke will be back in court next month.

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  1. Jesse says:

    Something tells me the teacher took the kid by the back of the neck to lead him back to line. Kids today exaggerate. I’ve seen a few teachers lead kids by the arm in a quick manner that may appear like excessive force. Parents haven’t quite shown kids today what physical force really is. I say, bring back the paddle and the belt.

    1. Erik says:

      I agree Jesse! Many people are not aware that a growing number of elementary school teachers have bruises on their arms and legs from students hitting and kicking them.

    2. ray says:

      one kid yeah 6 kids no!!!! look at here maryland Judiciary!! she obviously has issues!!!

      1. Theresa says:


      2. Su says:

        I disagree that just because there’s more than one child, they’re telling the truth. Everything from abuse investigations to witch hunts have been started because a group of kids have gotten together and decided to denounce someone; perhaps because they want attention, perhaps because they’re angry at the person, or perhaps just because they don’t realize how far it will go. I’m not saying the kids are lying or the teacher is innocent….just saying that you can’t judge the truth based on how many kids are chiming in on the allegations.

      3. kevin says:

        Wanna see a whole bunch of kids lie…google the McMartin Pre-School Incident from years ago. Countless innocent adults lost everything because of a rush to judgement. If you think something can’t possibly happen, I’ve learned that that’s exactly the time that you should consider the impossible possible.

      4. Drew says:

        I dated a elementary/middle school teacher and she was the most unstable woman I have ever met. She was on medication (Zoloff ..however it’s spelled..and alsowhich I didn’t find out until later), and when she didn’t take it she would lose it. The said thing was her fellow co-workers were also on some type of drugs. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine being around some of these kids these days, but if you’re not strong enough for the job, find something else to do.

      5. ron says:

        i dont care what type of issues she has, she should not be hitting kids period

      6. Jamey says:

        I worked for the school dist. as a substitute teacher (everyone picks on and tests the subs), and I NEVER put my hands on a child. I come from Texas where they still spank in the schools. I was a victim of abuse by a teacher. I know first hand what it feels like on both sides. I don’t care who you are you DO NOT put your hands on another child. I believe in popping a child, with an open hand, on the behind, but only if it is the child’s parent and NO one else. Kicking a child NO! Grabbing their arm in a rough manner is not permissible. We were told by no means were we to touch a child. If you cannot hug a child that is severely upset, then you definately cannot put your hands on them to do harm!

    3. Rosemarie says:

      Children are very aggressive. They do try to hurt you and hit you. I really do not think that she did all of these things.

    4. Anon says:

      Jesse … you are wrong … believing 6yr olds claims is for stupid people


      1. Jamey says:

        I have a six year old and there are certain things you just don’t ignore or automatically assume that they are lying. The parents of these kids are totally right in what they are doing.

    5. Gina says:

      I bet all you people leaving comments about how we should beat our kids are all old people right? All I ever hear from old people is stupid stories about how you got beat to within an inch of your life and it makes you all so much better people. Get real. The world has moved on. There are better, more intelligent ways of disciplining your children that are more effective than beating them. Hitting a child teaches them to disrespect you and distrust you. I’ll tell you another thing, if a teacher ever hits one of my kids, the last thing they should worry about is the courts coming after them….they better watch out for me!

      1. Sally says:

        Spoken like a true inexperienced young person who believes they will be 25 forever!!! Put a sock in it, kid, and grow up!

      2. Michelle says:

        “they better watch out for me!” Says the woman who does not think you should spank children. Brilliant!

      3. OLLLLLLLLDDDDD Mom says:

        Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and parents SPANKED, not BEAT their children, there was far less juvenile crime. There was far more respect shown to adults and each other, and there was a greater work ethic among the young people. If my child steals from or is bullying another child, there will be a spanking. I’ll be willing to bet they remember that spanking more than having an electronic gadget taken away.

      4. Si says:

        There’s nothing wrong with spanking your kids in and of itself. You act like its so barbaric but turn around and threaten others with violence and aggression.

        Spanking depends completely on the child and what the child personally needs to understand the concept of “punishment”. Some children are aware enough to understand simple words, some children don’t care about your words, some children need to be spanked, some children think spanking is a game, and some children are too sensitive to be spanked.

        It is best to use a reward system to mold a child (or any living creature’s) behavior. That means that ALL forms of punishment are not advisable to change a child’s behavior. But that doesn’t mean that punishment goes out the window. Punishment is necessary and just as much a part of the human learning process as rewards. Punishment is best when you have a problem behavior that needs immediate change. If your child is about to run across the street, I don’t think calmly saying “Stop Jimmy” is a good idea. You HAVE to reprimand them in some sort of way depending on the personality of the child you have.

        So its neither one way or the other. The most “intelligent” way of disciplining your child is to gauge your child and mold your own behavior to fit the needs of your child. Stop being selfish and adhering solely to your personal beliefs and think about YOUR KID. I’ve seen too many parents go “Spanking is bad!” and their children are running rampant in stores and controlling the parents. I’ve also seen a lot of parents go “You need to spank your kid!” and their children are just as bad and controlling.

      5. Theresa says:

        Gina, I’m in agreement wth you! And I’m not a ‘young’ person.

        People think that 6 year olds lie? Well, adults lie, usually to cover their A%%. To all of them that discredit children: Let the PD and courts courts decide.

      6. Gina says:

        Michelle, If you can’t tell the difference between beating kids, and defending your own children, then I guess you are the brilliant one. And yet another old person telling someone to grow up. Well, this “inexperienced kid” as you call me is 31 years old with three children who respect their elders and are very well behaved and I have never beat them. EVER. So, you can call me inexperienced all you want. I have a good friend who constantly spanks her daughter, and guess what…..her kid acts TERRIBLE. So, don’t talk about things you know nothing about.

      7. jamey says:

        Like I said, an open handed pop on the behind. Just enough to catch their attention, and let them know they’ve done wrong never harmed ANYONE!! Beating a child is a totally different story. However, Gina I agree that if someone else ever punched, or kicked my child….I would be the one in jail.

    6. chrissy says:

      im a parent of a 5 yr old little girl and i stay on my daughters school. im the only one who better grab my child or anything like that. Nobody else has any right to put their hands on another persons kids. if the children are hitting or leaving marks on the teacher there are better ways to deal with it. i dont believe any child should be beat with a belt. it amazes me how ignorant grown adults are. i work in a hospital and some of the adults i work with act worse then 5 and 6 yr olds. would you hit an animal with a belt? no your probably the ones standing up for animal rights but would abuse your kids or somebody elses because your to ignorant and not educated enough yourself. i hope you dont have any children and if you do im very sorry for them

      1. ron says:

        @ si and thats why your kids will be serial killers and disrespect you there whole life

      2. chrissy says:

        first of all my children are well behaved well mannered and score off the charts in school. children learn what they live so if the parents are trash the kids will be too! by reading some of this i see theres alot of trash in maryland. im not saying to tap their hands as babies or pop their butt if needed but there is no reason to hit children with objects like belts or anything else.its what you instill in your children.its not my place to put my hands on another persons kids so that being said its nobody elses place to put thier hands on mine.

      3. Jon says:

        I’ll remind you of this very stupid comment when another student is beating on your child….that you feel “nobody else has any right to put their hands on another persons kid”….the sad truth is you will probably be the idiot suing the district because your child wasn’t defended. Can’t have it both ways kiddo!

      4. chrissy says:

        you can remind me of whatever the hellyou want. my child doesnt get beat on she knows the difference that if a child puts his or her hands on you to go to an adult if nothing happens the kick his ass. thats how i was raised. i dont condone hitting first. its not right nor does it show any home training which i see is in high demand here. your parents should be ashamed. and if they are like you i again say i feel sorry for america because we have the highest number of idiots living in it. and im not your kiddo

      5. Sarah says:

        Crissy…who were you replying to with your second post? I don’t see where anyone replied to you in order for you to perform your second tirade. Also, what hospital do you work for? I want to make sure I’m not under the care of someone who gets so angry and judgemental over a news article.

      6. Jon says:

        BAHAHA!! Thanks for proving my point so beautifully with your little temper-tantrum. You are definitely NOT my kid, but you are indeed a child. I don’t care how old you are in years you most definitely have the maturity level and thinking skills of a poor little child. I will not respond to this post again just so you can have the last say just like a spoiled rotten brat.

      7. WOW says:

        @Jon – well said
        @Chrissy – buy yourself a clue

    7. sven says:

      Jesse kids today don’t exaggerate, they down right LIE! They learn this from their parents. I’d bet all of these ids parents are conservatives.

  2. howardthe duck says:

    This child could have been a bratty spoiled PIA & frankly a good swift kick in the ass is what a lot of them need.

  3. Jim says:

    I wonder if Sharon Durham might not need a swift kick in the ass for believing the 7 yr. old of hand. Ms. Burke’s response was; What are you talking about? yet here she is in jail career over because Durham has a kid out of control and will not admit it.

    I could go on but I’ll leave for a while to see if there are others that see the light or not.

    Point of reference: I would’ve had my butt tanned by the teacher when I was seven, then my Mom got hold of me when I got home,then sent to my room till Dad got home to hear the news.

    Final out A perfect gentleman with good social graces.

  4. Fred Sirody says:

    Is $75K a reasonable bail for a suspected assault, with no lasting physical damage? I think NOT!!

    1. Drew says:

      It is when there are children involved!!!! You must don’t have children, or you’re not actively in their lives. I’d hate to be your child! LOSER

  5. Corky Buchek says:

    So all nine counts must be exagerations then? I’m sure it was more than “leading by the arm” or “taking a kid by the back of the neck to lead him back in line” if she is being held on $75,000 bail.

    1. Erik says:

      Are you sure Corky? Because I am not so sure and I am not sure there has been some serious overreaction to all of this.

      1. Theresa says:

        There are several witnesses by other students. Certainly not everyone is lying and exaggerating.

        People are always shocked when they learn that some one they thought they knew does something terrible and the story ends up in the news. (when actually they didn’t know them that well at all). Everyone and Anyone can be nice, but it’s how they act when they’re angry that says a lot more.

    2. ray says:

      well said corey! pull this nutjob up on maryland Judiciary! she has numerous traffic violations driving on suspended, and she also is going through divorce and custody now this! she is obviously an angry woman that cannot seem to stop breaking the law! how did she keep a position teaching our children wiht a rapsheet?? hmmmmmmm!!

      1. Aaron Bloch says:

        traffic violations, are you serious? just another idiot who doesn’t know how to discipline their kids. you can talk and theaten all you want but if you dont give or show some conseqences chances are your kids will keep on doing whatever it is they want. I smack my kids daily just so they know that I love them. and no i dont abuse them

      2. Su says:

        Traffic violations are considered a rap sheet??

      3. Drew says:

        Ray get a life! You have the nerve to air her business like that. I’m sure your life isn’t peaches and cream and I knowyou have skeltons in your closet as well. Casesearch is totally invasive. You aren’t a detective or lawyer so don’t pretend to be one. LOSER

      4. Pam says:

        1st, @Drew – Case Search is totally legal. There is a reason why it is available to the public.

        2nd @ ray – Your a moron. Traffic violations and divorce/custody proceedings do not constitute a “rap sheet” by any means.

  6. JOHN says:


    1. BS says:

      To John…Turn your caps off and SHUT UP!

      To Corky….you must not have kids or arent around them much, because you’d know, especially elementary school age, if one does it or says it, they all do, kids these days are very smart and slick, the little durham boy is probably a little punk who doesnt like his teacher and decided if he made up some BS like this and got others to go along with it they could get rid of ms burke and get a new teacher… think it sounds crazy, but im serious, kids do this all the time, not just with teachers… bus drivers, foster parents, etc, i see it every day, false allegations just to get rid of the old and bring in the new

      1. Theresa says:

        You said: Everyday, you see kids lie to get rid of an adult they don’t like? Ridiculous.

        Well how about – there are just as many if not many more abusive adults that lie to get out of trouble and then minimize the child’s complaints and credibility because they are a child. You’re trying to diminish the credibility of a child – Shame on you!

      2. Su says:

        I agree with you. I’m not saying that the teacher is innocent….there’s not enough information yet to know that, hence the ongoing investigation. But it is very true that groups of kids, usually spurred on by a ring leader, will accuse an adult of something to either get revenge for something or make them look bad.

    2. Theresa says:

      John, don’t feel bad. There was a group on this site defending NOT putting people on the Sex Offender Registry. There are all kinds out there.

    3. Cal says:

      John, I’m a Marine also, but I do know that if these kids are allowed to go through with this, I surely would not want to be their teacher when they get to high school. I have friends that are teachers and I’ve heard some real sad stories about how teachers are threatened by middle and high school kids because the kids know that they are not to be touched by teachers. I don’t know about you, but I went thru boot back when DI’s would kick your ass to get their point accross, and you know what, It got me through Nam. So bring back the paddle and teach these kids the proper way to respect others…. Semper Fi

      1. Drew says:

        @ Cal…you are correct. I visited my son’s middle school and everything you saw in The Wire about Baltimore Schools are freakiing true. Kids were cursing the teachers, the pricipal was walking around like she was afraid for her life, and one of those little bad ass rug rats even got smart with me. Needless to say I put my son in a private school. These kids are terrible. We all want to feel sorry for the children becauase that’s our nature, but the reality is that these kids are BAD. They are disrespectful to anyone in authority and I personally feel SORRY for every teacher in Baltimore City. I’d rather stand in fron of Liberty Tax right now in that stupid costume than to teach in a school system..

  7. Robin says:

    If these kids were taught right from wrong at home, the teaches wouldn’t have to use disapline of any kind. I think this kid exaggerate, the parent saw a easy buck to be made and there you have your allegations. I hope the teacher turns around and sues the parents of this kid and the school system. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    And to John, Semper Fi? REALLY? No wonder you use caps!

    1. Pam says:

      Don’t disrespect someone who fought for your right to be an ass.

  8. Sparrows Point Guy says:

    Maryland School Board Sucks and Teachers should be paid more.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Susan is a good person. I know her. She is not guilty of this accusation. Period. I dont know how this escalated to such a situation, but I would trust my kids in her care even now. Without hesitation.

    1. Theresa says:

      Jimmy, unless you were there, you don’t ‘know’. Remember prisons are filled with ‘innocent’ people, at least that is what the prisoners say.

      1. Anon says:

        Theresa …. children … 6yr olds are big time LIARS

        so we need real evidence of abuse not just the word of 1rst graders

        Google McMartin-Buckey where the biggest case of kids lying ever took place

      2. Jon says:

        @ Theresa – What the heck happened to you?? You are so against every adult in the world. Clearly you have unresolved issues……deal with ’em before they eat you alive.

    2. ron says:

      well jimmy you let her watch your kid buddy, next thing you know she will be killing them or drowning them in the tub like the other white lady

  10. Diane says:

    I dont believe this story either. I knew someone who was the principal of a school and the same thing happend to him. He was found innocent of the charges but was never given back his principal job or any teaching job.
    I feel bad for her. Kids these days know all they have to do is yell abuse and they dont get in trouble for anything

  11. JOHN says:


  12. DANYELL says:


  13. Jass says:

    Save a teacher,Disaplin your own kid and the teacher wont have to

    1. ray says:

      hope your not a teacher look at the spelling of discipline! lmao!

      1. Jass says:

        ok the word is spelled discipline
        does that make you fell better
        and its laugh my ass off
        if you bump me for a miss spelled word then you spell yours out also

  14. Lynn says:

    The problem with this world is that people are guilty until proven innocent. In any case that involves children with …teacher, bus driver, principal etc., the accusations are made, and no matter what the outcome, the teacher, bus driver etc., NEVER get their job back even if they are proven innocent. Most children think that they can do or say anything to either get back at someone or sue someone for profit, which we as a society have have taught them. Things really need to change. So sad. I feel really bad for her.

  15. chearts77 says:

    Wow. I have a six year old who many a times confuses even me with some things he says because he seems to misunderstand/misstate facts. He’ll say something and I’ll repeat what he said to make sure I understand. He’ll say yes. Then a few minutes later, the topic is brought back up and he’ll state it in another way that would/could mean something totally different than what he said before. My point is, at the age of these kids, it’s possible they are misstating what really happened. I’m not taking sides…just sharing personal experience with my own 6 year old and the need to REALLY TRULY understand what these kids are getting at.

    1. Theresa says:

      That’s probably why they interviewed the rest of the kids in the classroom who witnessed the allegations to get solid information. I’m sure they took this into account, as PD’s deal with children often.

      1. Anon says:

        THERESA … Police Depts. are not trained to read children …. psychologists are.

        McMartin- Buckey …..

        The kids are lying.

  16. annonomous says:

    I have a 5 year old in pre-k and 13 yr old in 7th grade. My 5 year old son knows right from wrong and can also tell me a story in details re who did what. I am a parent who works a full time job but know my children’s teachers even though my children are well behaved in school.
    My point is, if I work a full time job and I am well aware of my children’s academic ability and behavior in school then I am sure that if the children were giving this teacher such a fit the parents should have been contacted period. I am not here to judge and believe that you are innocent until proven guilty but I can guarantee that if my child came home and told the teacher handled them in an inappropriate way I would definitely believe my child. Obviously all kids are different but then again 9 kids are telling the same story!!!

    1. willie man hanging says:

      Annonymous, spoken like a true blind unconditional love for a child parent. I raised four & let me tell you that children are very very different around their peers & other adults than they are with their parents. It would seem to me that other complaints would have emerged about this teacher prior to this & setting bail in that amount is ridiculous. Schools today allow kids to come in class half naked, using cell phones sucking face, (kissing) & do squat as far as discipling or reinforcing parents behavior at home.

      1. Annonymous says:

        I realize kids are very different when the parents aren’t around but when it comes down to it, parents know when their kids tell the truth!

        We are talking about elementary school children. What elementary school do you know allow kids to kiss and carry cell phones to school? Your all over the place…I’m starting o think that maybe your the blonde here 🙂

  17. Heartwings says:

    Wow, reading through these comments, many of you are in need of a good teacher because you can’t spell or use proper grammar! Yes, it is sad what comes out of schools these days because we have so many adults who are barely literate. If you want to be taken seriously, improve your literacy skills and do not violate “netiquette” and write in all caps!

    Teachers are not permitted to use physical discipline such as detailed and I find it hard to believe that many little kids are lying or are sophisticated enough to hatch a plot to get rid of a teacher that they did not like. I also suspect there are more victims who are probably afraid to “tattle” on their teacher for fear of punishment. Those who interview young children are experts and can sort out the truth from lies and the imagination. She is guilty until proven innocent, but it is important to recognize that “nice” people do sometimes have a darker side and commit heinous crimes. Six and seven year olds can be obstinate and have violent temper tantrums that can be difficult to deal with, but a teacher should know proper tactics that do not involve physical punishment.

    Although I am now retired, I am a licensed to teach in Maryland and I can say that teachers have to deal with the product of poor or no parenting at home and it can be very difficult. There are a surprising number of parent(s) that will not even bother to come into the school to talk when their child has a discipline problem because they are either “too busy”, think the teacher is lying about the problem because their little angel would never cause problems or they simply just don’t care. Teachers have a difficult low paying job and do sometimes take a lot of verbal and sometimes physical abuse from the kids, but it is very clear that physical punishment is not allowed.

  18. Heartwings says:

    Forgive me, I meant to say Ms Burke is innocent until proven guilty.

  19. Julie says:


    1. willie man hanging says:

      Julie, You’re either lying or he is a robot!

    2. Sally says:

      I hope your kid has better spelling and grammar than you do. And do you have enough computer etiquette to know that typing in all caps signifies YELLING!


  20. grammar police says:

    First off, can you fools please take off your CAPS LOCK?? Oh and like someone else stated….learn how to spell and use grammar correctly…..

    Julie….Im wondering if your 5 year old is smarter than you….?

    ALOT…….a lot

    If your going to post comments on here about people’s children being dumb and your child being smart, you might want to proofread your babble before you post it for the world to see….

    1. Poof read please says:

      Hey ahole.

      “smarter than you” or “smarter than you are”

      “Proofread” or ” proof read”

      Is thy kettle blacker than mine?

      Asians rule grammer police drool!!!

      1. Pam says:

        And you titled your post “Poof read please”

        Read and take note that the word is proofread, not proof read. This is from Merriam-Webster online:

        Definition of PROOFREAD
        transitive verb
        : to read and mark corrections in (as a proof)
        See proofread defined for English-language learners »
        Examples of PROOFREAD

        1. He proofread the essay carefully.

        Origin of PROOFREAD
        back-formation from proofreader
        First Known Use: 1920

  21. Lynn says:

    Some characteristics of children from Kindergarten through grade 5 ….Vary in the amount of activity they need, and their behavior will also vary from day to day. Students of these ages have very short memories, and the day after an occurrance they may have forgotten all about it. Wow…go figure!

  22. sunshine12 says:

    I see this more & more in the news, do the schools not do criminal back ground checks on these teachers that are suppose to be teaching our children? When our kids go to schools they are not supposed to fear being abused or molested. What is going on with our society? Have people just lost their minds? I can tell you right now I consider myself educated & respectful of other people, but I can tell you now, if this was my grandchildren and this @$%@# choked my grandchild their would not be able to hold me back! I would do a little of my own kind of justice! This is totally UNACCEPTABLE ! Susan Burke should never be allowed around children again!

  23. Heartwings says:

    Kids can also be scarred for life by things that happen to them when they are five, six or seven and never ever be able to forget them. To imply that some kids that age cannot tell the truth and accurately relate an incident is a mistake.

    Face it, kids can be a real challenge at that age and the teacher has also had to deal with the stress of a divorce and financial problems. The term “snapped” may be accurate, but people who snap when they go through things that a lot of people do, should not be around children. Look around, how many of the people you know have been through a divorce or money problems and did not “snap”? It’s not like she had a bad day, she has allegedly been exhibiting inappropriate behavior over a period of time with multiple students.

    Even if only one of those kids is telling the truth, that’s enough.

  24. Dan says:

    I see alot of people in glass houses throwing stones!

  25. what says:

    So petty we are. Who gives a rats ass about spelling and caps. Thats what is wrong with the world today,nobody believes kids when abuse happens. Bunch of nuts, believe your kids when they say someone has abused them. I was falsely accused of beating my 2 yr old outside my house with a baseball bat, it was a blow up bat we were playing with outside. But it was a dumb adult that called the police – kids will tell the truth.

    1. Anon says:

      BS. Children lie a lot.

      We have to verify with independent evidence abuse occurred.

      A 6yr old’s word mean zip

    2. Sally says:

      Kids will tell the truth, huh? Obviously you are a very inexperienced parent…let’s hear you say that when the kid is about 15.

    3. Jane says:

      Oh yeah it takes a dumb adult to call the police when they THINK a child is being abused. I would think a child could get hurt not matter what they are getting hit with. I guess the next time a dumb adult sees a child getting hit with a bat, blow up or other wise they should assume that the SMART adult doing the hitting is just playing. Right?? How stupid is that? Kids tell the truth too? No one tells the truth all the time and if anyone thinks they do, they are sadly mistaken!

  26. Mary P - Brooklyn says:

    To “What”- They are right, someone should beat you with a baseball bat for your poor spelling and grammar ROTFLOL! I hope you realize your poor literacy skills immediately ruin your credibility. Do you realize you won’t be able to help your kids with their English homework once they get out of kindergarten?

    Your post is incredibly stupid as anyone who sees what they think is child abuse should immediately call the police. Police and CPS are trained to decide what is abuse and what is not and deal with the situation appropriately. The person who called the police cared enough about your kid to call the cops and you should thank them. If you think all kids tell the truth all the time, well, I have a bridge I would like to sell you

    1. Anon says:

      Police and CPS couldn’t find their Ahole with a funnel

      they are NOT trained well enough to figure out 6yr old lie a lot

  27. Anon says:

    Why would anyone take a 1rst grader’s word seriously about anything?

    It’s McMartin-Buckey all over again.

  28. Anon says:

    McMartin- Buckey …..

    Idiots wanted to believe small children and teachers lives were ruined

  29. jango Fett says:

    I always am amazed when the media takes a position on a story and digs their heels in and starts personally attacking the accused in this story..talking about her being divorced or that she’s has financial problems, or that there maybe some toys or other items that are not neatly kept on Ms. Burkes property. Nothing concrete, no negative comments about the teacher abusing her own kids or kids in yhe neighborhood…but WJZ likes to run her down even moreso despite the very minimal evidence against her.

  30. jango Fett says:

    …But this is a witchhunt afterall? Let’s just assume she is guilty, I mean they charged her right? She wasn’t out spending money from taxpayers on a political issue like ambulance fees..printing up corrupt fliers and the like…all perfectly traceable items like her boss IKE.

  31. LARRY M says:

    cameras in school will keep teachers and students in line . theonly way to find out the turth .

  32. chrissy says:

    If you think that smacking or grabbing up a child or anything is right that is your belief but I know if my child was acting up I would be the one to handle it not have the teacher smack or hit them. I know that children act up, smart mouth, and who knows what else in school but if you have the feeling as a teacher to grab them up or hit them because of that you should take them to the office and have the parent notified before it gets to that point. It should not be acceptable for a person other then you the parent to make the choice of laying your hands on a kid in any form.

  33. WOW...WOW...WOW... says:

    if the school was equipped with cameras there wouldn’t be any question of who is lying. everything else is videotaped why not classrooms. it would be an excellent tool for so many different reasons.

  34. joe s says:

    i would love 5 minutes in a room with this lady she deserves everything she gets

  35. lindsey says:

    All of the parents on here who are saying that kids lie its your responsibly as a parent to teach them not to. Most kids will make up at story at school but when they get home they tell their mom. If it is a lie I’m sure the kids will slip up soon enough. But as a parent it is my responsibly to punish my kids not the teacher and if my kids were acting up then I would hope I would be called to deal with it not her. Getting sent to the principals office worked when I was in school what happened to that? As for the spelling and grammar leave it alone that’s not the issue at hand

  36. former teacher says:

    I just want to comment about the people who keep saying aren’t teachers supposed to go through background checks — they do, I taught in four different counties, and for private schools and I have been fingerprinted everytime I was hired for a different job. A background check is not going to find something that hasn’t happened yet if there is no criminal record. And traffic violations do not count unless there is a felony involved.

  37. Willie man hanging says:

    This is, “Much to do about nothing.” Parents, turn off your cell phones, stop watching Oprah, spending to much time @ the mall & teach your children the basic principles of honesty & responsibility along with accountability. This character assassination by the media & you numbskulls is mental vomit.

  38. J says:

    I wish they would videotape the entire interviews with these kids. They don’t do that anymore after the McMartin incident. They had multiple kids reporting incidents in the trial, but when the defense used the videos from the interviews they found that the investigators in the case asked the questions over and over until they got the answer they were looking for and also suggested many of the allegations to the kids in the questions to get the right answer. Since then, they don’t videotape the entire interviews anymore when questioning children about abuse, because the defense would be able to use it. One of the kids who now is an adult admitted to lying because he was getting attention and the answers were suggested to him so he thought that’s what they wanted to hear. NOT SAYING this is the case here, just pointing out that you can’t always trust 6 year olds who are at the hands of over anxious investigators. I remember being 6 and at that age you tend believe what your classmates tell you and if a rumor gets started, you believe it as if you actually saw it.

  39. P of the Doll says:

    People need to teach at home about their kids, so that they can understand and realize that being disobient in school is not right. What people failed to do is show disilpline at home to their children. They send children to school so someone else can raised them. Now see the results.

  40. Shelly Gales says:

    Shelly Gales

    All those in support of this teacher that have children, let her babysit your kids then…and see if your children have lasting scars from the treatment of this creature. I refuse to believe that all these kids are lying. I hope God and the courts give her just what she deserves.

    1. Jane says:

      JUDGE NOT!!! Anyone ever hear of that? Only a few people know the truth and WE are not any of those people!

  41. Sheila McGrath says:

    I went to Catholic school. There should have been a lot of nuns in jail. Believe me, I’m not scared, just learned how to respect authority. My daughter was more scared of me than she could have been of any teacher.

    1. Pat says:

      Sheila, I pity your daughter living in fear. Fear does not make for respect.

      Back in the dark ages when I was in (private) school the teachers were allowed to use physical punishment (which parents knew about and still chose to send their kids) and some of it was pretty brutal, although I got beaten a lot worse at home. Yeah, I am scarred for life because of it. Too bad nobody cared about child abuse back then.

      Public school teachers have no business putting a hand on the kids and I don’t believe for a second all of those kids are lying.

  42. willie man hanging says:

    Many of today’s children are latch key kids. Parent’s too busy or lazy to teach them accountability but then again these Mothers are the children of many dope smoking hippie idiots of the 60’s , 70’s & 80’s. Figures don’t lie but liars always figure.

  43. Lucy says:

    I find it funny that this article is about a teacher who abused 8 young kids and the discussion on here is about bad parenting! Apparently the parenting paid off because the young kids came forth and told the truth about what was going on. No child/person is perfect we know that but that doesn’t give a teacher the right to put her hands on kids that don’t belong to her.

    Willie Man Hanging…your just ridiculous!
    Let me guess your a man right?

  44. Willie man hanging says:

    Lucy. I am not ridiculous, I speak the truth.. Youu’re just sensitive because of it & the fact that most mom’s today are more busy working paying for the baby Benz & lifestyles of the rich & famous in their fanatical minds that the babysitter guardian is Play station, I-touch, T,V. & video games to go along with microwaved dinners. Pop is breaking a nut @ work & when home can’t even get his nut.

    1. Lucy says:

      Sounds like you have a rough life!

  45. Slim pickins says:

    Beat all the little brats

  46. joe silvestri says:

    let the kids beat her ass down

  47. americanprick says:

    Joe Silvestri, ..What grade are you in??? That sounds so lame i CAN’T EVEN comment on your dumb ass.

  48. Jim says:

    Well several day’s have gone by. I should have unsubscribe from this feed three day’s ago. It has been as i expected, Mostly a scary bunch of children (immature adults?) who’ve made it a point to comment off subject. Ya gota love the yeller’s, every one is sure to do and follow their lead. Yea right! My personal fav of course was grammar police (Grammar Police) Yes the first to comment off subject & while yelling. I was going to ask you to be my copy editor til I realized you couldn’t edit your own rants.

    Jimmy I believe what you say. You are the first and as far as I can tell the only one with first hand experience & knowledge. Please do not let the selfish posters here know any more, and be sure to let Susan Know you are there for her.

    Oh ya; Grammar Police, If you wish to be help full to the betterment of society, come out from that curtain you’re hiding behind so that you may be embraced for the gifts you have to offer.


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