Teen Tasered By Police, Falls Off Roof

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A teenager was tasered by a Baltimore City officer and fell off the roof.

Derek Valcourt explains the moments leading up to the 16-year-old’s fall.

That teen had climbed out onto the roof of his home trying to run from police. Internal Affairs is now investigating why an officer tased the unarmed 16-year-old.

Tasers are designed to help police subdue suspects threatening harm to officers or anyone else. A teen found himself on the receiving end of disabling volts of electricity. It happened Tuesday morning in the 4400-block of Wrenwood Avenue. As the City Warrant Apprehension Task Force came looking for the teen who had violated the GPS home monitoring punishment he received for a handgun violation, police say their officers were given permission to enter the home by the boy’s mother. But as detectives went upstairs to find the boy, he tried to run away.

“He ended up going outside to the roof of the house. A confrontation between a detective and the suspect ensued and the detective was compelled to fire his taser. As a result, because he was on the roof, the suspect fell to the ground and suffered some severe neck and back injuries,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesperson.

Police say their officers are allowed to use tasers when someone is unruly, noncompliant or has the potential to cause a risk to the public, the police officer or themselves. Including accidental discharges, officers fired their tasers 146 times in 2010. A police spokesman says their Internal Affairs unit is investigating to determine if this was a case of excessive force.

“What Internal Affairs needs to do now is talk to the officer, talk to the suspect, figure out what type of confrontation ensued, why, and why was the officer compelled to use the taser,” Guglielmi said.

The teenager’s name is not being released because he’s a juvenile. He was transported to Sinai Hospital for treatment, but then taken to another hospital, where he underwent major back surgery.

His condition right now is unknown.

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  • Denise Sipes

    damned dummy you know you’re in trouble man up to it the police had a warrant you did the crime so do the time just think if this moron dies the family will no doubt sue

    • Karen L. Wilson-Maye

      Denise, what if the boy was your brother or another relative; would you feel the same way? I’m just saying …

      • William Newsreader

        If this kid was my relative I’d slap him upside the head for getting in trouble to begin with. Not to mention violating his probabtion and running from the police. Maybe he learned a lesson this time. Dont go afterthe cops. Go after the parents for raising a punk.

      • ksmith

        If he was my relative i would have turned him in myself

      • jim

        there’s your answers….just saying.

      • WHAT IF

        What If, What If!
        What If the world only functioned through What If?
        I don’t know if you noticed the part in the article that read “As the City Warrant Apprehension Task Force came looking for the teen who had violated the GPS home monitoring punishment he received for a handgun violation”. So
        “What If”- That “Kid” had not been arrested in first place with that gun and instead had used it to kill your brother or sister?

      • Stephanie Morais

        Stop making excuses for those people. He run from the police again anytime soon. To bad hes hurt but he should have followed directions. When the police come to arrest you become compliant an do what they say. If had he done just that, he would have never been tased nor whould he be hospitalized. I feel for the uneccesary grief the officer has to deal with.

    • Deaira Rogers

      My cousin is no moron and if you don’t know the real details please keep your smart remarks to yourself thanks!!!

      • Be kind

        Dear Heartwings,
        Where is your heart and the young man didn’t have wings that he could have used as not to be in the dangerous medical condition he’s in. Perhaps you should change your screen name.

      • bob

        your cousin IS a moron and so are you if you can’t see that. Just because he is family doesn’t mean he isn’t stupid.

      • Peg

        There was a lack in judgment when the detective tasered him and didn’t think to see where the young man would fall! The young man had a problem with the law but now the law just went and potentially disabled this guy for life! Bad move to not think about the realistic outcome of being on a roof. If he were on the ground he would not be in the hospital now! An investigation needs to be done no doubt! Everyone needs to not be so negative and think about what went wrong besides breaking the law. The law just messed this young man up for life! Please be kinder when you make remarks.

        Good luck and God Bless you and your family Deaira!

      • Kevin

        From what’s been presented in the article, the victim/criminal and the police were both at fault. The kid shouldn’t have run and the officer shouldn’t have fired a taser at anyone on the edge of a roof. That’s why there’s an internal investigation.

        As to the why would the kid run, we’d all just be speculating. As always, one’s race, background and life experiences will color their explanations and justifications for what’s happened. However, as someone that’s black, I can remember my upbringing involved a fair number of of explanations of what to do if you encountered police officers, particularly white officers. Being 46 years old, my parents drilled in to us to comply over and above what was requested. We were told to not give them any reason to do harm to us, this training covered being pulled over by police, being stopped and questioned as to why I was at a particular place and what I was doing.

        I know for a fact that my parents instructions have helped immensely on an occasion of two…particularly on “routine” traffic stops. We got drilled in this because in my parents day, it was common to be harrased by police for being in white neighborhoods, approaching a sales table in major department stores before whites had first or not purchasing certain items of clothing after touching them – ie, underwar of bras…apparently no one white would want to wear such under garments after someone black had touched them. These infractions and countless others often led to police involvement criminal charges and all other manner of non-sense. Today’s black youth have another whole set of instructions to work with when dealing with modern police regardless of their color. Want to know why certain drug hotspots remain hot despite police knowledge of them? Because they may be paid off by the dealers. And when the protection money isn’t paid or the involvement by dishonest police in the drug culture goes beyond protection, some youth know that the police looking for them are coming to do a lot more than take them to jail.

        Why mention all of this? Simple to provide some perspective that typically goes missing in these forums because everyone’s focused on race baiting or trading in stereotypes. Minorities in the US, Blacks in particular, often have a mistrust in the law enforcement agencies and authorities for well founded reason stretching back literally 200 years. What rational thinking person would think everything that happened over 300 to 400 years would change completely in 40 years. Remember, Martin Luther King Jr didn’t die from black on black crime…he was shot by a well-meaning white man from a distance with a snipers rifle because he wanted to drink from the same water fountain…

      • Jon

        Well just a clue if you commit a crime and then you are ordered to stay in your house instead of going to jail and then try and run from the cops because you could not do that……..that is not very smart…….

      • Dave Adams

        Please enlighten all of the public to the “real details”,Since you are obviously aware of the “Real situation…You were at the scene when the events unfolded,correct?

      • Atim

        apparently he is a moron. He ran from the police. Only morons run from the police.

      • Heartwings

        Only a moron would run from the police and not obey the orders of a police officer or the judge that told him the home monitoring probation conditions. In fact, he had to be pretty dumb to get caught with a handgun in the first place. A 16 year old has no business running around with a handgun! Since he had been convicted of carrying a gun, it is a logical assumption he likely had one with him (unless he was buck naked and the police could clearly see he didn’t have one) and they had every right to feel threated and use force. Maybe he said he was un-armed, but I certainly would not have taken his word given his record and conduct at the time.

        We all like to think our loved ones are saints, but your cousin’s conduct speaks for itself.

      • Jim Musser

        He is 16 years old and if these actions cause thisboy to never walk again was it worth it? No decidedly not! I know how it feels to not walk again and think a taser shot on the roof may have been the wrong way to go.

      • Stephanie Morais

        Stop making excuses for criminals. It’s obvious your cousin is defiant and determined to do what he wants to do. He tried to escape from the police via the house roof, got tased and now hes in the hospital. Had he followed direction your cousin wouldnt have fell and injured himself. What your cousin needs is a parent who is willing to put their foot in his ASS HARD, SWIFT AND CONSISTENT. Your cousin owes society society does not owe your cousin.

      • Confused

        Did I miss something in the article…I don’t see race mentioned anywhere. Everyone is ASSUMING this child was black…

    • Samuel Cole

      Denise are you off your rocker? Just because you run from the police does not give them the right to use a stun gun on you and now look he is in the hospital for injures that the state will have to pay for because most people cant afford major surgery esp the types he will have to go through. And by the way the police have to obey the law esp in terms of unarmed suspects who don’t exhibit a danger to the public or them. They could have waited him out and sooner or later he more than likely would have surrendered

      • John Doe

        Maryland Police Officers are disgrace to the Police force.The Internal Affairs are no better. I was stopped by a Baltimore County Officer and I was detained.My Money,IPod,and Blue-tooth was stolen and Internal Affairs said that they investigated my complain and found nothing wrong.So you think they going to find anything wrong with what this Police Officer has done?The Internal Affairs is very corrupt and sweep everything under the blue carpet.

      • Justin

        Actually, it does. They are allowed to taser the person in question once he runs if they feel that there may be a reasonable danger to themselves the suspect or the general public. Since he violated GPS home monitoring for a handgun violation it was a reasonable assumption that there could be danger to one of the afore mentioned parties. He did it to himself by putting himself in the situation to begin with. He was caught tried and convicted the first time then decided he didn’t need to follow the law again. Which part of his decision making process qualifies him as not a moron? It’s easy to complain about the police all the time and ranted sometimes they do make mistakes but in general if the parents did their job and actually instilled values in the chldren instead of pumping out kids like baby factories then ignoring them and leaving them to their own devices there wouldn’t be as many opportunities for the police to do something like this.

      • shut up

        “sooner or later he more than likely would have surrendered” Uhhh..what? Why do they need to waste their time waiting it out when there are more important, more serious crimes going on? F that. That kid wanted to act like an idiot and run, he got what he deserved. He’s lucky they didn’t just SHOOT him.
        What do you learn in pre-school? When a police officer tells you to do something: DO IT.

    • TW

      His family will sue anyway, bet on it!
      In my opinion, the Officer made the right choice. They were there because he “violated the GPS home monitoring punishment he received for a handgun violation.” In all probability, for anyone knew, he had a handgun in his possession when he attempted to escape. He probably spun around, or made some other bone-headed gesture, towards the Officer who then tased him in a split-second self-defensive reaction (better than shooting him with a 40 cal. Glock!). Falling off of the roof was an unfortunate consequence, granted. But, that’s the risk you take by running! Better to Man Up and own your actions!

  • William

    If he ‘lunged’ at the Officer, then he’s lucky he wasn’t shot as opposed to just being hit with a stun gun. He’s the one that put himself in that situation, and he’s the one that forced the Officer’s actions, but I bet we’re the ones paying his medical bills. My condolences to that boy’s family, as I’m hoping they didn’t purposely raise him to act like this.

    • Karen L. Wilson-Maye

      Excuse me but did you even hear what the child felon had to say or are we just going by what the officer reported?

      • jim

        Why dont you read some of blueclaw’s comments before you post. why do you keep defending this convicted criminal, juvenile or not? You just keep commenting on people in favor of the officer, yet you dont provide any insight yourself? Just keep questioning people and make idiotic statements.

      • Atim

        because shes a moron.

  • RIp Yung Savage


    • bonsai5o

      “I think they be lying” I’m going to take a guess and say you attended a Baltimore City public school.

      • Olufemi Mulokwu

        That was a very ignorant thing to say. You act as if people who attend BCPS are all uneducated or poorly educated, which is false. People like you are the reason inner city residents treat outsiders with such disrespect and violence. You shouldn’t put people down based on something you obvious;y know nothing about. No, I did not attend a BCPS, however, I went to college with many of those students and I must say, they are highly intelligent. Do not assume that because someone has a public education they are illiterate because all you did was make yourself look like an ass.

      • jim

        great comment.

    • John Doe

      I totally in agreement with you Rip Yung Savage that they are lying as they always do

    • Karen L. Wilson-Maye

      I have to concur with you; I think some of these officers are playing with “a new toy!”

      • PD

        You do realize that to be certified to carry and discharge a taser they have to be tazed dont you? Incase you’ve never had the pleasure of being on the recieving end let me tell you once you are you understand that its not a “toy” as you call it.

      • jim

        Why do you feel the need to question moves by the police. Its as if you were either of victim of wrongdoing, or you are perpetuating the seperation of police and community. Why are you discounting this individual’s actions? You act you are above all these moves. Are you a police officer? New toy, how naive can you be. Is that what you think officers do, they join the force so they can play with “toys” as you put it. Get real and get informed.

    • Kevin

      Try dictionary.com. I think you be needin grammar lessons.

      • BEAN

        um “ONE OF KIND” im pretty sure Kevin was being facetious (you can google that if you don’t know what it means)

      • ONE OF KIND


    • shut up

      [luhnj] Show IPA noun, verb, lunged, lung·ing.
      a sudden forward thrust, as with a sword or knife; stab.
      any sudden forward movement; plunge.
      –verb (used without object)
      to make a lunge or thrust; move with a lunge.

      understand now?

  • Not Buying It

    “lunged at an officer through the window,” — Yeah, right. That’d be a very difficult thing to do from outside on a roof. I think we can guess what really happened here.

    • Karen L. Wilson-Maye

      Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Hmmm…

      • ksmith

        Doesnt make much sense to run onto the roof if the police are chasing you does it karen stop making excuses for him what he did was DUMB now he has to live with it

      • jim

        great comment ksmith

  • ratm33

    That is just what the police say to try and condone what they do. Most police officers are crooked and they make up stuff to try and sound like they are not.

  • Jogar

    RLP,not buying,ratm33: Doesn’t matter what this idiot did after refusing a lawful order from a police officer. From that point on he was a felon.If he’s stupid enough to get on a roff and try to escape he got what he deserves.Police,especially in Baltimore”the city that bleeds” are in constant danger when trying to apprehend someone. This jerk commited a crime,had a warrant for his arrest,and was trying to flee.He’s a dumb ass,but I do hope he comes out alright.As for you thee idiots that think the police were in the wrong,that’s probably cause your hidding from them too.

    • Karen L. Wilson-Maye

      I, too, sympathize with our Police Dept; however, each officer is aware of the danger in Baltimore. And as for his being a felon, this is a still a child we’re talking about. It’s so easy to judge when it does not involve one’s own family!! I pray for this child as well as for the police officer. God knows the truth …!!

      • not a child

        Still a child? he’s 16 years old, by legal standards yes he is considered a minor/juvenile because he is under 18 but if you didnt catch what the article said his original charge was “handgun charge”….once this children as you call them start playing and carrying guns they are no longer kids, if they are gonna play with big boy toys they are gonna be treated as adults and suffer adult consequences…..each officer is aware of the danger in baltimore and so is every thug that deals drugs, carrys a gun, commits crimes OR RUNS FROM THE POLICE!!! This isnt a game Ms Wilson, wake the hell up, this officer has a family to go home to every night, this thug had a prior for possession of a handgun and the officers going there knew that, like others have stated he’s lucky he only got shot with the taser and fell off the roof instead of death by lead poison!

      • Atim

        no. if hes a felon, he is no longer a child.

      • achijusan

        Karen, lets hear you weeping for “child felons” when one of them kills a relative or rapes you. Im HAPPY this punk is at least off the street and certainly wont be carrying any ILLEGAL HANDGUNS around any time soon.

        he got what he deserved.

        Ha asked for it.

        Im not at all sorry about it.

    • Chris

      You have to be convicted of a crime to be a felon.

      • Heartwings

        He was, that’s why he was on “house arrest” probation.

  • Willie man hanging

    The kid is dumber than a box of rocks. Typical of Balto’s porch monkey community. The police? just as bad, we don’t need more police on the street, we need the ones we have to get smarter or have them replaced.

  • jerome brewer

    The police could have out waited him. where was he going, he had to come down some time

    • shut up

      Wrong. There are other crimes going on that police need to handle. If I’m getting robbed/stabbed/raped how long am i going to have to wait for help because police are “waiting out” this little ahole’s tantrum? ~you can’t caaatch me, i’m on the roof~, please. He got what he deserved.
      It was probably his PLAN to get knocked off the roof by the cops.
      He didn’t want to listen to the police then? I hope he has fun in jail listening to them 24 hours a day. Lock this little future-felon up!

  • Free2speak2

    To WILLE man hanging,

    What is a Balto’s porch monkey community???? Do you have any monkeys in your community??? You are a perfect example of why especially the male generation these days are gone astray & no mature, male, role models. STOP MONKEYING AROUND & STEP UP TO THE PLATE.

  • Shawn

    That kid is lucky he didnt get glock. Did he think they were not gonna catch him? What an idiot. Now that poor cop has to deal with intenal affairs. What about him and his family. Im just mad the cop chose the taser and not the 9

  • sammy

    if they came to arrest you, just go with them, he deserves that honeslty, end of story, i tell my sons if an officer stops you be respectful , dont run or be rude. #1 you are a black man #2 they have a gun #3 they will always win no matter what. i just hope every young black man out there can understand what the meaning of authority is because in my house i teach them about that and also the law

    • Ebolter

      We need more parents like you!

  • sherry

    I don’t feel sorry for the kid. I feel sorry for his family for having to put up with his BS. My 16 year old is just as bad and i tell her every day if you make a mistake correct it, if you do a crime pay the time.I feel sorry for the Police having to put up with these kids these days. This is not how i raised my daughter but she has been in more trouble then any kid i know and i have done everything i can for this girl and i adopted her to begin with and i guess this is the payback i get for being nice.

    • Rena

      It was a great thing that you did by adopting this young girl and trying your best to raise her right, unfotunately, it’s the generation and not the raising. This generation is so lazy all they want to do is sit in front of the tv and play video games. They have no reapect for their parents, let alone the law and the police. Each generation gets worse than the one before it! And you can thank society and lawyers for telling kids that they have more rights than their parents – we can’t discipline our kids because some people abuse their’s. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Just listen to the ugly music they listen to and create – it’s disturbing to say the least! Good luck to you.

      • Jo

        Rena, you say it’s the generation and not the raising? Well who makes the kids lazy? Who allows them to sit in front of the TV or play video games? Who buys the video games/consoles? It’s the freaking parents that allow this behavior not the generation. If you don’t want your child watching TV then don’t let them have one or take control of your child in the first place. It’s the parents lack of discipline in most cases that’s the issue. Granted there are those children that turn out bad no matter how you raise them but for the majority it’s the parents fault.

      • mike

        it’s not the raising?….IT’S NOT THE RAISING ?…..to say that ,IS the problem…..the “kids will be kids” mentality is what’s wrong…If they’re drinkin when they’re 16, 17, or whatever….I keep hearing these idiot “parents”saying “oh they’re jus bein kids”…..so if you’re 16….a felon…..and a jr. thug ,gangsta wannabe…..you’re no longer a “kid”…….when you’re 16,you’re allowed to drive a 4000 lb. vehicle on a public street where my family drives. . . if your old enough to do that…..you should be able to understand what STOP……..or FREEZE ….means. if ya don’t wanna fall off a roof….don’t get on the roof………simple huh ?

  • sammy

    if they came to arrest you, just go with them, he deserves that honeslty, end of story, i tell my sons if an officer stops you be respectful , dont run or be rude. #1 you are a black man #2 they have a gun #3 they will always win no matter what. i just hope every young black man out there can understand what the meaning of authority is because in my house i teach them about that and also the law. it is very important for us to understand that

  • what do u know

    1st off its a shame how absent minded ppl are so quick 2 judge! Know your facts about a situation before you go running off at the mouth.were you there to see what happened? Did you see them chase the child,did you witness him being tased on the roof,did you witness him fall off that roof,did you witness him “lunge”at the police or was you even there to witness that same”moron”go the surgery to repair his spine that was broke in half? No you weren’t there so until you can comment on what you saw-mind your DAMN BUSINESS.get a life & stay out of others

    • just my opinion

      @ what do you know: where you their when the situation happended? If you can’t handle peoples opinions stop blogging.

  • Billiam

    It’s clear that everyone wants to put in their two cents with this event, but in all honesty, what did the kid think he was going to accomplish by going through a window on to a roof? There was no place to go but down and in reality, maybe getting tasered was the right thing to do at that time as compared to pulling out his service revolver and simply shooting to kill (police don’t shoot to injure). But no one has commented on the fact that he is 16 and has a handgun charge against him already!!! So, if you’re 16 and have a handgun charge – yes – that makes you a felon. He is not a child – at 16 with a handgun charge against you – you are no longer a child. Keep praying – it’s worked so well this far – not.

    • sammy

      excatly, a kid with a gun can shoot a police, and when he goes to court he will tried as an adult.

  • Deaira Rogers

    Hello my name is Deaira! The 16 year old Daniel Rockwell is my cousin. This story that the media and police are putting out is not true. My cousin Daniel did cut his GPS monitor off his leg over 2 weeks ago. When the police finally came to serve the warrant he did go to his bedroom and get onto the roof. But, as you can see on the picture of the house the roof is to small for 2 people to fit on let alone get into an altercation. He was tasered and then he fell and broke his spine in various places. He was then transported to Johns Hopkins hospital not Sinai where they performed immediate surgery on his spine. Just some updated accurated information. Thanks!

    • Ihatebaltimore

      Well clearly he deserved it. Ugh I’m so like of all the little thugs and idiots in Baltimore can’t wait till they all kill each other off!

    • mike

      ok….so he didn’t comply with orders….which is why he was in this situation to begin with….cause he can’t follow rules…..it’s unfortunate ,but when you don’t do the right things…..bad things happen….the police have better things to do than sit and wait till some lil thug decides he wants to come down off of a roof that he didn’t need to be on anyway……not like this is a isolated incedent of a “kid”(not) making a bad choice…..sorry

    • reds

      what a dumb kid he should have not run from poloce he should be in jail any way. I have a 15 year old son that im teaching to stay away from trash like your cousin

    • Atim

      You just violated his privacy. You were not supposed to identify the juvenile. You’d better hope the police don’t come after you and press charges for that.

    • willie man hanging

      This is the price you pay for raising a rasin head.

  • Blueclaw

    I have had a family member shot by police and you know what, he deserved it. There was no law suit, no asking for special inquires. As a family you can grieve for the loss, but you need to understand these men and women in uniform have a tough enough job already. Tasers aren’t a “new toy” as another commenter suggested. They are a “non-lethal” alternative to their service weapon. Yes there will always be bad cops out there, but the majority of the force show up every day to do a job. Their pay sucks, their life is at risk every call, every traffic stop.

    • Rena

      Thank you! Someone finally making sense – Police officers and firemen should be the highest paid governent employees, yet they are among the least!. Yes there are some bad ones but there are more good ones and they risk their lives to save strangers they don’t know. I feel sorry for this family but I don’ know what they expected the police to do! “Oh, sorry ma’am your son is out on the roof, will you ask him to come in so we can punish him for breaking the law – again”. Get real

      • just my opinion


    • mikie

      very well said……..sorry for the loss ……people need to realize when someone is wrong they’re wrong….if one of my daughters or son put someones life in danger for some stupid reason…..they get what they get……..it’s how it works

  • Jeremy

    I bet this kid is a problem child with more than 10 arrest. He dont listen to his momma and he dont go to school. If he had shot th cop then what. A flag for his mom and a check for his kids? No good. This kid was acting up so he got tased. So be it. Lets be mindful its a felony warrant for a gun

  • Jeremy

    Dearia Rogers how many times was your cousin arrested and what was he doing on that roof when the cops are serving a warrant? U said he cut his gps off 2 weeks ago so why didnt u report it 2 weeks ago. I bet he gets his ignorance from u

    • deaira

      Just that once he he was running of course and I bet you get your ignorance from your mother!

      • jim

        wow, you couldnt sound more uneducated. U chose to come on here and try and defend your cousin, but there is nothing you can say that will excuse his actions. The best thing you can do is stop posting and go support your cousin. He needs you more than some message board does.

  • Lisa S.

    It doesn’t matter how old, what he did, why he was running…he was NOT LISTENING TO THE COPS. Period. If a cop asks you to stop, you stop. Period. I’m so sick of people who think they can run away, for whatever reason, and get away with it. I’m sorry he fell, but he fell because he did not obey police orders and was in violation of his GPS. If you see the uniform, the badge, the gun and are given commands: follow them. Everyone else is expected to. Shape up, Baltimore.

  • Whats Wrong w/ This Picture

    Home monitor for a handgun charge? I thought there was a mandatory 5 year sentence for that?

    • Feisty333

      HAHA not in Baltimore Hun. Go sit in court on Gay Street. The Masters will let them go without even blinking. They have have a gun while smoking crack and they will get off……even while on probation.

      • Atim

        he is a juvenile. he got a reduced sentence

    • wetr

      Excellent point.

  • what do u know

    What makes u think he was arrested more than 10x’s? For the record he wasn’t know your facts before you jump out there making assumptions!

  • what do u know

    Again know your facts! If getting caught with a rusted shotgun,that fell apart when the police tried to check it for bullets,where is the felony?probation was issued because the state said the rusted gun could be used as a stick there for a weapon!where’s the felony?know what the hell you talking about before you part your lips to speak

    • I don't care

      The idiot still shouldn’t have violated his punishment, or ran from the police, both of which are also crimes. This sounds like a repeat offender to me. Gravity hopefully knocked some sense into him when he hit the ground, because his family clearly did not.

    • mike

      the pathetic excuse makers ,like yourself,……is why baltimore is a septic tank…..the FACT is….having a hand gun.is a felony……and i don’t care if it was a cap gun…..and he pointed at the police…..he’d be dead …..i cannot understand why I have to see you people(excuse makers) on the news playing your victim rolls…….you guys are really good at it though…..lol

  • ravenmaniac881

    Deaira…..shut your pie hole. Were you there? Probably not. Why didn’t his parents either turn him in for cutting off the ankle bracelet or discipline him….Oh they probably couldn’t…dad’s in jail and mom’s not worried about her son’s well being. The Baltimore City Police should not have to go out and track down a little juvenile delinquent punk. I say lock the parents up also since I’m sure thay saw he was without the bracelet. I guess the home monitoring system doesn’t work…..guess the next step is lock his little sorry arse up till his sentence is complete.

    • deaira

      I say you mind your damn business no I was not there abd I didn’t have to be you ppl are so ignorant! I say lock you up for running your mouth so much!

      • I don't care

        Criminals running loose in our streets is a scenario that’s all our “business”. We now celebrate one less.

  • steve

    what was he doing on the roof? My only assumption is that he was trying to flee. The only way off the roof is to jump, maybe that was his plan. He just so happened to get tased in the process. You break the law and run from the police there are gonna be consequences. Prime example.

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