WESTMINSTER, Md. (AP) — A Baltimore man has been sentenced to eight years in prison for calling a bomb threat to a courthouse in Carroll County.

Thirty-six-year-old James Russell III was convicted Thursday of making a false statement regarding a destructive device.

Authorities obtained Russell’s cell phone records, which showed that he called the District Court building 36 times on May 12. They included a call at the same time a clerk got a call saying there were bombs at District and Circuit courts.

Russell had been scheduled to be in District Court on May 12 on theft charges.

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  1. flyshrty09 says:

    Bomb Threat
    Quote from CarrollCountyTimes

    How does a man get 8 years for a bomb threat and refused drug treatment until after he’s served 1 year of his sentence, but a teacher touching himself in a classroom with students gets 6 months, or a man preforming sexual acts on himself in from of minors get released to a mental hospital, and let go? Because “Bomb threats are extremely disruptive to the functioning of the court and use up valuable law enforcement time and resources, he said. Galloway said he thought a stiff sentence was important, partially in order to deter anyone who might think about making a threat in the future.” How about giving 1 of these pediphiles a stiff sentence like that and use that as an example. All they get is a slap on the wrist plus having to register as a sex offender. Give them jail time. Not supervised probation for 5 years or let them go free. Think about how they violated someones child. Child abuse victims go through a lot and its hard for them to function…just a thought.. [wink

  2. dennis cash says:

    why is it that a criminal who makes a threat to do harm gets 8 years and a criminal that kills her own son gets suspended sentence. Something very wrong with the legal system and how it should work.

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