BALTIMORE (AP) — Two women can now be named as mothers on birth certificates without a court order in Maryland.

In a letter to birth registrars on Thursday, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene states that beginning no later than March 1, a woman can be named as a parent of a child born to her same-sex spouse. Previously, a same-sex female spouse had to obtain a court order to be named as a parent.

If a woman who delivers a child indicates that she is married, then registrars will enter that spouse’s information into the vital records system, regardless of gender.

The change is a response to Attorney General Doug Gansler’s opinion last year that state agencies should recognize out-of-state gay marriages until the legislature or courts decide otherwise. Maryland law defines marriage as between a man and woman.

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Comments (8)
  1. KottaMan says:

    This is theater of the absurd. And gays wonder why the majority do not want their agenda rammed down everyone’s throat……

  2. Vetgirl says:

    All I can do is smfh..

  3. John says:

    There will be plenty of happy guys out there, … name on birth certificate….no proof of who the father is = no responsibility for later child support.

  4. I Cannot Belieive This says:

    This is ludricous! Will the form ask which mom is the biological mom, if indeed one is the biological mother? What about the biological father? I suppose other forms will need to be changed as well. What a mess that is being created!

  5. xoolboy says:

    The Systematic fall of America, piece by piece. I will truley miss this great land of ours. I’m so glad that at the age of 40 i got a chance to see alittle of its greatness. i feel so bad for my kids, we are handing them a confusing and imoral world. I apologize now, because I know our kids will hate us in the future.

    1. lailafox says:

      they may hate you in the future because of your narrow mindedness and intolerance. My children will be happy knowing that their family is just as important as heterosexual families. my mother and father are proud of ALL of their children, and grandchildren; we hope we can leave the world a better place for everyone, not just who look like us, and believe what we do.

      1. phoenixrising says:

        Well said, lailafox. It baffles me that people can preach hatred and intolerance and then claim to be morally superior. It is also a shame that legislation is even necessary – talk about a throw back to Jim Crow laws.

  6. Lina says:

    Congratulations to the Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene! Children who will be raised in a loving home with two married moms or two married dads should have the same rights as all other children.

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