Md. Advocates Rally For Alcohol Tax For Disabled

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Advocates for the disabled are rallying for an increase in the alcohol tax to help fund community services.

Advocates and disabled residents shouted “10 cents makes sense” during the rally Friday in Annapolis in front of the Maryland State House.

They are urging lawmakers to approve an increase in the alcohol tax by a dime on each drink sold at restaurants and stores.

Advocates say the tax proposal would raise about $215 million, with $30 million of it for the developmentally disabled.

They say half of the $30 million would address underfunding in existing community services, and half would provide funding for people on a waiting list to get services.

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  • hermanthegerman

    Would be nice if it actually went for the disabled instead of the general fund to be squandered.

  • chris

    Idiocy, they’ll never get a dime.

  • xRIguy

    So that will be about a $4 increase on a 1.5 liter of booze. Nice, what happens to all the lottery $$$

    Another thing, why doesn’t Md. have a yearly vehicle safety inspection. There’s some big $ for the state, say $20 per year for a inspection times how many Md. vehicles??? Get with it Md.

  • Gina

    Let me get this straight. These so called advocates want to give the devlopmentally disabled $30 million out of the $215 million in proceeds that this TAX is going to draw in? That’s NOT EVEN 14% of the proceeds!!! Where is the remaining $185 million going??!! Criminals…all of them!

  • gail

    What about the physically disable. What do they get? They live on S.S. which hasn’t had a raise in two years, thus they live below poverty level, but get just enough money that makes them unable to get the help they need. WHY is the state wasting 18 million dollars to revamp Mt. Vernon when it is not needed. What a waste of money when people are homeless have no food or medical care etc…???? Don’t they have any common sense???????

  • John

    How about a 10cent per cell phone call. That would get people off the phone while driving and make some mega money!

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