BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A cat is recovering at a Baltimore animal shelter after allegedly being beaten by two teen boys.

According to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, a concerned citizen saw two teen boys beating the cat in Fells Point.  He chased the boys, but couldn’t catch them.  He then returned for the cat and took her to BARCS, where she is being treated and cared for.

The cat, now named Marilyn, had a broken rear leg. Vets inserted pins and wires to save her leg. They believe Marilyn is about 1.5 years old.

Comments (73)
  1. wendy says:

    These kids should be sent to prison and beaten and raped–disgusting pigs. I hope they are caught and tortured!

    1. Janet says:

      Actually, these kids need long-term help, as the likelihood of animal abusers becoming child or spouse abusers is really, really high. Torture, no, but education and emotional counselling, absolutely. It needs to be mandatory, too.

      1. Pete says:

        Janet, put your bleeding heart back into your NPR totebag and get the hell out of here. Education? Emotional Counseling? Are you kidding? These kids would laugh at you…and then mug you.

      2. Trish says:

        Well said and you are absolutely correct.

      3. Laurel says:

        I think at their age they know what right and wrong should be. and no counseling won’t help, but a good old fashion beating will.

      4. Laura Minard says:

        Are you kidding! Meet Balitmores next generation serial killer, do you want them living next door while they go to counseling? Who’s toddler is the next step in the evolution this brats will make.
        Send them to jail, see how well they do, or lock them up in the nut house what ever get them off the streets

      5. sheriff willie says:

        There is more outrage here about cats & dogs than there is about a woman run over by a MTA bus or the teacher murdered in Glen Burnie two weeks ago. Hundreds of angry bloggers inquiring about a pit bull dog burned vs a human life. Where are your brains people? PETA must be loving this stuff. Crelty to animals is just that, cruel & can lead to violence but my god, we’re talking the head of the food chain here….HUMAS!

      6. brynn says:

        @sheriff willie : i don’t get ppl like you who put HUMAN lives before ANIMALS. Who are you to say that a human life has more value than an animals? umm, ya, that’s right, you don’t! You’re NOT god and don’t get to play “name your price’ on the life of another; human or animal. We are EQUALS and EQUAL justice should be applied. Just bc something is covered in fur, scales, or feathers does not mean its life should be of no account.

      7. Sunnie Murphy says:

        The kids today are not taught how to live together. To show kindness from toddler on up. My parents taught all 4 of us to think of each other, remember birthdays, to share and to love unconditionally. I never would hhurt, torture or cause pain to another living soul.

      8. Sunnie Murphy says:

        You know, the personality traits of these two kids for torturing animals, are the same personality traits of dog fighting thugs. Which I hate….

    2. Lisa says:

      This can’t be a reply from a mature adult….Kids react on how they are taught. Let’s be grateful the cat live and actually help children who act in this manner. If anything the kids can change a response like this need someone to counsel to the fullest.

      1. lizabeth says:

        You are joking right? Of course they will change ….haha.. they have the 2 kids that just got off for killing Phoenix as role models..

      2. Laurel says:

        There is no help for anyone that can harm a harmless animal.

    3. Amy Hanneman says:

      I think these kids should serve major time in juvenile hall

    4. Get Therapy says:

      You’re wishing rape and torture on children – who is the disgusting pig?

      1. sally says:

        These aren’t ‘children’ .. they are animals.. no wait— animals would never do such a thing. These kids are the disgusting ones.

  2. wendy says:

    Better yet, I wish I was the one who witnessed this. I would personally make sure these boys suffered a worse fate than the sweet cat. The man who helped the cat is a hero. I wonder if anyone has adopted Marilyn. If not, I would love to. I would also love to see these boys behind bars tortured and raped the rest of their sick demented lives.

    1. Grow Up says:

      Compassion for a cat but wishing torture and rape on children. Hypocritical much? You’re no better than they are with your hatefulness and desire for violence. You’d “love to see” kids raped and tortured? You’re one sick person.

      1. Leighanne Gibble says:

        I am very grown up and yes I say let them get raped and tortured. Anyone who can do this to an innocent helpless animal that cannot scream for help deserves atleast rape and torture if not more. You have roughly a 5-10 pound cat and tow 100 + pound teenagers. In what world do you live in that that seems far to you. I hope they are caught and I pray they serve the max as they are being gang raped in prison! Thank god they are going to retry the twins in the dog burning case.

  3. michelle says:

    I guess they watched tv and saw that the brothers got off on what they did to Phoniex and decided it was okay to do this to a cat!!!!

    1. Amy says:

      someone needs to look that one juror up and educate her…..maybe when they murder another living thing

    2. Linda says:

      Doesn’t send a good message does it, that if the brothers got off so with these kids so what is stopping them they know nothing will happen to them…..Time to take action prosecutors before more and more animals are tortured….these kids will never be reabilitated they just don’t care it’s all in the upbringing…they were not taught to respect animals, they were not taught compassion….doubt they will learn it now…I am disgusted with the politicians who do nothing about this….we can try to change that with out vote.

  4. L Page says:

    These kids need to be treated like adults & sentence in prison for the max of 5 years. Also they should have them work at either rescue center or SPCA.

    1. Laurel says:

      Please keep them away from animals, would you put a child sex rapist in a day care center.

  5. susan says:

    Right on Michelle! These kids need to be tortured just like these poor innocent animals are being and see how they like it. They are nothing but trouble-makers which some parents are letting happen because they say kids will be kids.That is hogwash! Kids need to be corrected at home without fear of DSS down their throats.

  6. DOGMA says:

    These punks think beating a poor defenseless cat makes them tough I say bring them up here spray them with bear attractor let them out and see how tough they are around an animal that can defend itself

    1. Diane King says:

      Would that be sweet justice or what.

  7. Jeanne Clarke says:

    I hope the witness was able to provide an accurate description to the police and an APB should be put out – what next, beating up an elderly man or woman? My god, what are the kids in the city coming to? First Phoenix, then the Mama cat set on fire, and now poor Marilyn. I would adopt Marilyn, too. I have one rescue cat already and room for another. These boys need to be tried as adults and given the maximum – baltimore needs to send a message to these “kids” that any animal abuse and they will be tried as adults and receive the maximum sentence. My 18 year old son used to cry watching the animal channel about abuse cases like this. He has a gentle heart towards cats. Then again, we have always had cats and I have always demonstrated how to care for them.

  8. Bob S. says:

    These boys are too stupid to understand the impact of their actions. We have bought this mindset on ourselves; the dumbing of America, the inability to hold people accountable and the loss in the concept of shame.God help us for these intellectually stunted people are the next generations leaders. Those of us who are getting older will be the targets of the death panels if the barbarian health reform is not repealed. What is the difference in an older person’s life and those of a cat? In their eyes, nothing. If it does not promote their agenda then it is of no use to them and therefore should be eliminated.

  9. Brett says:

    Send those to me, I’ll get them some help.

  10. urnotfunny says:

    Truth be told, their mothers were probably out spending their welfare check, smoking a crack pipe, while they run the streets abusing animals.

  11. Kat L says:

    Children who abuse animals will advance to abusing people. They need help, but they also need to be taken out of society while they are getting this help. Really scary the anger we are seeing in our young people.

  12. BC says:

    Find those little maggots and tie them to a pole in the center of Fells Point and let people beat them with aluminum bats.

  13. Squaregrouper says:

    The Romans had it right with “Lex Talionis”, or “Eye For An Eye”. If we had mirror punishments our crime rate would plummet. If we eliminated long sentences, and murderers were murdered, rapists were raped and torturers were tortured our society would be better off.

    1. cappunishment says:

      Maybe not king, but you def. have my vote for president.. I have said this all along.. Amen to everything you just said.

  14. Squaregrouper says:

    Our judicial system has become too leniant. Criminals no longer fear punishment.

  15. Herman Glimsher says:

    Counseling isn’t gonna help these losers……..they learned this behavior from their parents, friends, and the others in their hood that don’t know how to act…………these f’d up video games where you get to kill other living things don’t help this problem either.

    They need to be exterminated now so they won’t do something worse or pass their f’d up genes on to any progeny who’ll do the same types of things………gas them now!!!!!!

    1. Zac says:

      First of all you want to talk about games and role models while you allude to profanity in your reply. Great irony. At either rate there is a headline story about two elderly women who got raped and I bet more people are concerned about the cat. I love animals and have a small zoo but we have lost the value of human life.

      Wishing torture makes you no better. Educate the ones who haven’t done these things and start with the parents. They will make the impact.

      1. Laurel says:

        you know why we don’t care about human life anymore it’s because humans are more sadistic than animals. we have no common sense anymore, we treat each other so horribly just look at the news. humans can get help, know right from wrong, animals RELY on US to protect them and give them love, food and water. any human that has no compassion for these types of stories are just as sick as the ones that beat the animals.

  16. Fred says:

    Right bring back an eye for an eye and break both boys legs give them some money and drop them off in a bad neighboehood with a killing a night they should’nt last long!!!

    1. Cinda says:

      I like the way you think, I love the eye for an eye system! I will be willing to break on and let you have the other ones legs. These stories make me sick!

  17. frank coffee says:

    Let’s not forget the kind person that took their time,to get the cat and take it for medical attention . Not looking for anything but to be of service,to this poor animal.
    The two thugs will get what’s coming to them,from God !

  18. Look in the Mirror says:

    Look at the comments hypocrites wonder how kids turn out this way? You just need to look at your own hateful attitudes and screams for violence.

    The two-legged animals here don’t have a speck of sense or humanity between them, yet they expect children who have their kind as role models to do better. Try being less selfish and judgmental, and especially less stupid, and learn what the real problems are underlying what these kids did. That’s the only way you can help prevent it in future. Or are you even interested at all in preventing it? Probably not, seeing as you’re part of the problem in the first place.

    1. Leslie says:

      They start with animals and then move on to humans.. And personally I would love to see if you still have that same ‘holier than though’ attitude IF they ever did anything to you or your family.. You may feel a little different towards these dear sweet innocent children.

      1. Look in the Mirror says:

        It has nothing to do with a “holier than thou” attitude, but I don’t expect your narrow, ignorant, reactionary mind to be able to comprehend that. Nowhere did I say they were “sweet and innocent”, nor did I imply in any way that what they did was not horrendous. You completely and utterly missed the point. Go back to school and learn some reading comprehension.

    2. outkasts says:

      I bet most of these people have family members who hunt animals for sport !
      Ohhhh ! Thats not a cat or dog !

  19. Herman Glimsher says:

    Look In The Mirror-
    The real underlying problems that these kids have is that they’re genetically challenged to begin with and then they’re raised by animals that don’t instill any proper values…….and I’m still convinced that these video games make these kids detached from reality so that they don’t realize the consequences of their actions……….they’re broken beyond repair and therefore should be exterminated!!!!
    And, unfortunately, it’s not the other two-legged animals that have commented here that should be blamed for these delinquents acting the way they do.

    1. Fred says:

      My kids are the most important things in my life and my dog is as loved and respected as my kids they have been taught to love and respect her as they are loved and repected. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you so the hell with those father-less little punks!!

  20. chalkie says:

    I am happy that a person took a stand and saved that cat. Lets face it we don’t have alot of hero’s doing things like this anymore. We need to roll the clock back a couple decades to when you feared your parents and were correct by which ever means it took to keep your arse straight. Our judges and laws do not help this type of problems in our society anymore. Judges are ex lawyers riding out 4 to 8 years and collect a full retirement on the tax payers money for not doing thier jobs. We all need to take a stand and fight, elect officals that will help us not hurt us like O’Malley and the money he gives away to hate groups like Casa De Maryland. By the way this happen in fells point, wonder if the kids even knew how to speak english any way!!!! But anyway we all need to start pulling our share and try to fix the problems that our lawmakers have created and get it fixed ourselves. Just remember just because a politician talks well doesn’t mean they know anything, look at our governor and president both will bankrupt us in do time.

  21. Zac says:

    Herman Glimsher.

    Im sure you have never played cops and robbers, war and watched I violent movie. Stop blaming everyone else. If parents would say no to their kids and actually raise them we wouldn’t have these problems.

    I play these games all the time and my job is saving lives and risking mine in the process. Yes I am a firefighter/paramedic who plays games. Guess that blows your theory. Think before you speak.

  22. jmo says:

    I bet they are Black……………..

  23. jmo says:

    I kNOW THEY ARE BLACK…..So worthless…

    1. outkasts says:

      You didn,t want to educate them until the last 50 years.So thats what you get for being a D..k !

  24. Squaregrouper says:

    BRING BACK PUBLIC FLOGGINGS!!! 10 minutes will be more of a deterant than 10 months in prison.

  25. Charles says:

    When they’re not fighting them, they’re beating them…

    Visit the BARCS website to donate.

  26. Greg says:

    someonr get a rope!

  27. Patti Valdez says:

    They need to serve time in jail. The problem with this world is no one is punished for there crimes. I’m glad someone saw what was going on and saved the poor little cat.

  28. Truthsayer says:

    EVERYONE please give a small donation to the BARCS Franky Fund to which will help this poor little kitty cat out. The money helps the “heroes” take care of these abused creatures when animals beat and burn them. Bless the man who stepped up to the plate and did the right thing.

  29. outkasts says:

    Grandparents could not be educated=Parents=child!Baltimore has a history people….If you kill a man….You would could kill an animal ?Its only been 43 years ago,they even had RIGHTS….I have three cats from BARCS and donate to SPCA.We all have to save as many as we can….I wish I could take another-(

  30. Jason says:

    Funny how the Fells Point kids don’t get their picture in the news like the pitbull burning jerks… just saying.

    1. sheriff willie says:

      Jason, if caught I’m sure the boys picture would be in the news. They got away unlike the two brothers that smoked the pit bull.

  31. Jan says:

    This underscores yet again the problems with today’s kids. They have no discipline at home, are not held accountable for their actions, and have no remorse for what they do. Courts and defense attorneys only contribute to the increase of these incidents. It’s been proven time and again that violence begins small (with defenseless animals) and escalates to violence against other people. Thank goodness for the man who stepped in to stop these kids from beating that cat to death.

  32. brynn says:

    @sheriff willie : i don’t get ppl like you who put HUMAN lives before ANIMALS. Who are you to say that a human life has more value than an animals? umm, ya, that’s right, you don’t! You’re NOT god and don’t get to play “name your price’ on the life of another; human or animal. We are EQUALS and EQUAL justice should be applied. Just bc something is covered in fur, scales, or feathers does not mean its life should be of no account.

  33. sheriff willie says:

    If these kids are caught, what’s the big deal, they’ll be let go. After all, the two porch monkeys who torched that pit bull were let go.

  34. Stacey V-AwarenessHelps Citraro says:

    Where was the animal abuse task force while this was happening???? We must send a message to the citizens of Baltimore and elsewhere that animal abuse and animal cruelty will not be tolerated!!!! We have to mean what we say and say what we mean!!! 0 TOLERANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |

  35. kitties4ever says:

    Yo Juvi delinquents – pick on someone your own size, species and whatever else may be revelant in your case 🙂 Why don’t you go beat up or even better eradicate some homies…….LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE

  36. Mo says:

    I looked it up today. The Baltimore creulty laws say 90 days/$1000 fine for abuse.

  37. lindsey says:

    Jail will do nothing for them!! Even if they do 5 years they will get out and do it again. They need help and just because you look at it like a poor innocent animal doesn’t mean everyone on the jury will its still sad what happened but wishing rape and torture doesn’t make you any better then them

  38. Tina says:

    What they did was cruel, however to wish rape, torture, etc. on someone makes you no better than the two boys. Obviously, these kids need help and yes they should be held accountable for their actions, but not to the extent that carries the same punishment for human being.

    1. Dave says:

      Well said, Tina! My friend adopted Marilyn yesterday and we have renamed her Shylow (not sure how we’re going to spell her name yet). Anyway, Shylow is in the very best of hands, has a loving home, and is doing just fine. As badly as she was abused, she shows very little fear of humans and in her own way has forgiven the two boys for their serious lack of judgement. Thanks to all for their concern.

  39. Dog lover says:

    Too much death to deal with. Maybe the concerned citizen injured the cat and made up the story to avoid the consequences himself (herself).

    Cats are nasty anyway. The cat should be destroyed, it is an alley cat.

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