ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Eastern Shore lawmakers are questioning the governor’s proposed ban on septic systems for major new subdivisions.

However, Maryland’s acting environmental secretary says the governor is not advocating a total ban and supports new advanced septic systems that remove more nitrogen from wastewater.

State Sen. E.J. Pipkin says he is concerned the proposed septic ban would amount to a building moratorium that would have severe economic consequences. Pipkin also questioned what the ban would mean for farmers’ property rights and towns without access to public water.

Eastern Shore lawmakers met Friday with Robert Summers, the acting secretary of the environment.

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  1. Guest2 says:

    The governor has failed to check all of his facts. It’s another item for the Western Shore to be telling the Eastern Shore how to live and what they can or cannot have on their property. The governor needs to realize that he keeps alienating the residents on the Eastern Shore. The Eastern Shore is under attack by the State of Maryland, and the Enviornmentalists. My question to these people, what are you going to eat when you legislate everyone out ot business and shut every thing down. Are you going to buy your food from China, heaven help us. The Eastern Shore is agricultural for the most part. The watermen, the farmers, and the poultry growers are under attack and trying to just make a living and they are being thwarted at every corner. People are regulating them out of buisness that have no idea what agriculture is all about, and that includes in my opinion, the Maryland Department of Agrliculture, as they are not standing up for the farmer, and the poultry farmers to any degree. Maryland has lost the agri-business of Perdue Farms to Delaware. Over one hundred jobs are being transferred to Seaford, Delaware.

  2. To learn about the myths used in the argument against the current septic legislation, visit!

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