Suspect Crashes After Police Chase In Southeast Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A police chase in Southeast Baltimore ends up in a serious crash.

The crash happened on Dundalk Avenue right near the city-county line.

A witness says a county police officer was chasing another car, when that driver lost control of the vehicle.

“They started sliding out of control, hit the pawn shop, flipped over and wrapped around the telephone poll,” said Kent Friend, witness.

There’s no word yet on the condition of the driver.

  • Jerry

    I hope te idiot go ejected. one less crook and idiot to feed in jail

    • Chelly

      yes, Jerry I totally agree…i’m so tired of housing and feeding criminals…

  • bernard mc kernan

    Why do cops even have to chase these creeps & endanger their lives & innocent other drivers. What about road blocks police? Helicopters?

    • J

      Typical Baltimore mindset, a criminal fleeing the police and you want tto blame the police. A roadblock would be almost impossible. Too many city streets would have to be blocked on short notice and nothing would prevent the suspect from turning down any number of streets.

  • Blueclaw

    You do realize that road blocks are almost impossible to set up at a moments notice, not to mention the fact there aren’t enough police cars in one district to funnel a suspect down a certain street.
    Most chases last only a few minutes and yes, they call for helicopter support, but most of the time the chase is over prior to the helo arriving on scene.

  • R

    Bernard must think that what happens in movies and TV shows is exactly what happens in real life!!!!

  • BeverlyAnn

    Instead of commenting on what the police should or shouldnt do…why not say….”IF YOU COMMIT A CRIME…AND THE COPS ARE TRYING TO PULL YOU OVER…DONT TRY TO OUTRUN THEM OR YOU MIGHT HIT A PAWN SHOP AND WRAP AROUND A POLE…YOU IDIOT!” Innocent people could have been hurt of killed…

  • E B

    I’m going on a limb here and saying bernard is either related to the victim or a lawyer trying to cause some commotion in order to sue the police dept. Either way what an idiot you are. We just do not have cops available at the push of a radio button to prepare for a road block.

    We will soon find out that the perp probably had a suspended licences and instead of pulling over and taking the ticket he chose to drive at a dangerous speed and wrap his car around a pole to avoid a $150.00 ticket. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • liziepoo

      I think he just has the typical mentality that so many people (unfortunately) have today.. Always wanting to blame someone else.. It is lucky that the police or innocent bystanders were not hurt in this accident .. It could have been a lot worse. Who really cares if the perp was hurt? Personally I don’t but you know his family is gonna be suing the cops for this one. Let’s all say it together now, “but he’s a good boy. he never done no wrong.” what a joke

      • Samantha

        I care if the “perp” was hurt. She is my cousin. And no one will be suing anyone. And she has done alot wrong no one thinks she is perfect. But people like you are the onesd who deserve to be repremanded for how ignorant and hateful you are.

      • reg ginbmub

        I am just glad they put monkeys back in cages…lol…

  • E B


    You forgot to add how he was about to start college in the fall as well.

    • liziepoo

      haha.. you are soooo right

    • rdnkkkgrl


  • steve

    bottom line…you gotta pay for your crime…

  • Susan

    Sorry but I have NO MERCY ! For losers out doing DIRT and yes I said doing dirt. If you have to run from the police your DIRTY in some way. Probably drugs. Personally I wish the cops could just shoot the B’s. Tired of feeding and housing the dirtballs and crackheads in jail.

  • Susan

    At least it will be one less DIRTBALL LOSER off the street infesting the neighborhood for awhile.Or Even better of we’re lucky forever. NO MERCY !

  • Mercy?

    How many of you drank and drove before? Or should i say got away with it. It was a mother who had a problem. Good thing everyone else making comments is perfect. Those of you with no mercy, pray that judgement day is far away.

    • urnotfunny

      There should be NO TOLERANCE for anybody on a high speed chase that may have endangered numerous lives, including the police. It’s not about perfect, it’s about this trash running the streets commiting crime. And…………….anybody who is DRINKING and DRIVING deserves what they get. If you don’t know somebody who lost a family member because of somebody who “has a problem”, then shut up! Dead people can’t speak after a drunk has killed them.

      • liziepoo

        so very well put urnotfunny. Time to get these losers and the fools that make excuses for them off the streets

    • Susan

      Those who have problems Especially mothers Are a DANGER to society AND theire own children, theire problem becomes EVERYONES problem when they hurt innocent people includind our children. The problem is They CHOSE to run wich ENDANGERS OTHERS.. I AGREE we are not all saint but come on man, Running from the cops. please….. They got what they deseves. Who knows maybe them crashing was the Lord saving some innocent person who was doing the right thing like going to wrk instead of out doing something they shouldnt be doing. They are a menace and cause Their PROBLEM to be EVERYONE ELSES PROBLEM.

    • ben

      no mercy no the drugged up mother should have stop many drunk drivers do so we should pitty her because she didnt stop ,,,,,,,,, idont think so

  • B

    How about not letting the Police leave the station until AFTER a crime is committed, only responding to take the report. No lights, sirens or speeding. Better yet, eliminate the Police altogether. The citizens can fend for themselves. Ask the citizens of Camden N.J. if the feel safer now that HALF the cops are gone. I know the criminals are LOVING it. Wake up ppl. The Police aren’t the problem.

  • ChillOut

    No one has the right to judge anyone else. Just because someone made a bad decision doesnt mean that they should be ejected from the car or shot. Come on people what if this was your loved one or family member. would you be showing no mercy to them. im not saying that the person should have fled from the cops but just because they did that doesnt mean we have the right to call the a dirtball loser or saying that it would be even better if you were lucky if they are off the street forever. Thats like wisking someone dead. Seriously. Nobody has the right to say something like that. Come on now.

    • liziepoo

      My loved ones and family members don’t behave like this because they know how to behave responsibly. Here we go again… more excuses

      • samantha

        Realy? I didn’t see not ONE excuse in what chillout said. I seen PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES. Thats not an excuse, that’s the truth. people do make mistakes are you god damn perfect? I’m sure you’re not. And i’m sure all your loved ones are model citizens lol. right.

    • Susan

      What if it was your loved one, or your little baby hurt by one of these monsters? Never be able to hear your baby say Mommy I love you, Mommy I’m afraid and your can no longer protect your innocent little baby because one of these Monsters robbed you of that… What would you say then? Its sad but it happens all the time.

    • KottaMan

      You said two wrong things here. As to your comment that “No one has the right to judge anyone else” that is against human nature. You need to learn that people judge others every day for a variety of reasons. If someone chooses to engage in very dangerous criminal behavior, I, and society at-large, have the right to judge. Then you said, “Just because someone made a bad decision doesn’t mean that they should be ejected from the car or shot.” Not wearing a seat belt IS a bad decision. How can anyone not know this? They are “free” and the CONSEQUENCES of not using one have been very much publicized for decades. Making that bad decision to not wear the belt was an intentional decision by that driver and the laws of physics frequently cause ejection. As they say in elementary school to the kids, think first, then act.

  • Nikki

    I guess you are the type of person that is against the death penalty, even for child killers. I’m sure you wouldn’t feel the same if it was your child or mother that is killed by this idiot. You can say what you want but these idiots could care less about a human life so why should we care about theirs?

    • samantha

      NO ONE WAS KILLED. Yes, someone could have been. Burt they werent. And i am against the death penalty of ANYONE. No one deserves to die until god is ready to take them. And judges don’t get to play god. And im pretty sure ” fleeing from police” isn’t punishable by death so why the hell should any of you idiots get to sentence her to it?

      • jr

        she just lucky anyway she aint gonna see her 5 year son any time soon now her face is messed up and she has broken bones and she go right to jail for that crime hit and run evading police she being charged with alot im really hoping her kid dont suffer for her crime but losing a mom he will sad sad sad

      • KottaMan

        Samantha, grow up! She and the public were only lucky she didn’t kill someone ….. this time. Your thought and comment tell me and other readers that you depend on “luck” to get through life. You fail to see that anyone driving like she was is handling a 3,000 to 4,000 deadly weapon. It can kill just a surely as a gun or knife.

        For your information, NO auto insurance policy pays for damages, injuries, or death in such a case as this where the driver is fleeing/eluding police. So, her
        actions will result in losses to the shop owner and the pole utility company that her insurance (if she had any) will never pay for. So, they can sue her for that but I am sure she has no money to pay them and no assets for the sheriff to seize to satisfy a financial judgment issued after suit from the court.

  • what

    not wishing anyone any harm but this guy hit the pole because he was speeding out of control. hitting the pole probably stopped him from hitting a little kid or other innocent person,

  • E B

    You know if the person kills them self than that saves us the Tax payers some much eeded money. Good thing the only thing harmed in this situation is the Pole, That poor poor pole didn’t even have a chance. Take a look at the pictures of the car and pole, imagine had this person would’ve hit a human being. holy cow. I’m not a betting man, but I would put my money on this person surviving and doig something like this again in the future.

    • susan

      I agree, what if it was an innocent baby killed…. I’m sorry gonna fix it.? HECK NO….

  • J.Dixon

    This was a terrible crash and my family is in Baltimore hurting right now You dont know this person and you are judging her unfairly You should be praying for her innocent family what if she was your daughter or granddaughter You would not be saying these things then

    • jr

      like i said who gonna suffer from this her son will be the main 1 who does moree will suf

    • susan

      I do feel for her family and I pray the Lord gives them peace. However what if she was the victim of someone else doing what she did. what if a drunk driver hurt or killed her. How would you feel. about the person responsable. I dont think its personal, its just life is hard enough and this kind of behavior angers people and they are venting not just about this situation but this kind of situation.If you are a family member I do feel for you and pray for your peace.

  • A. Rose

    My family is going threw a very bad time..Yes what she did was wrong…but NO one deserves to get hurt like this….the family is suffering the worst. Bad choices make people do bad things and NO one is perfect…and everyone makes mistakes. Thankfully no one else was hurt and instead of judging her you should pray for her family…Ignorance is what makes people say things such as I hope the person got ejected….come on people for real!! How many of you have drank and few drinks and thought I am ok to drive??? What if’s…….thats all people have and none of you are God last time I checked so dont judge people!

  • urnotfunny

    Chillout – Tired, sick and tired of excuses, people need to start taking responsibility for their own actions. There is a portion of society called “bleeding heart liberals”, you may fall in that category, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to make excuses for people who deliberately endanger the lives of innocence. Trust this – if you lost a loved one because of the negligence of somebody who was willingly irresponsible, you would not have the same mentality, and if you did, then I would wonder!!! I will leave it at that.



  • Mikeyswifey09

    First off, I just want to say if it wasn’t for me stopping at a green light and her hitting the pawn shop I am sure this young girl would have killed me, my unborn baby and my family that was in the car with me last night. Even though I was that innocent bystander that could have been killed by this young girl I still feel very blessed that I wasn’t. I was in shock when the fire dept. pulled that young girl out of the car and she was still alive and I pray for her speedy recovery and also her family. I am also praying for the family in the car she hit and ran prior to her accident. A lot of people were very lucky last night. Just to clarify as an eyewitness, the POLICE WERE NOT CHASING HER!!!!

    • samantha

      God bless you. That girl is my cousin. I am so sorry for what could have happened to you and your family as a result of her being careless. But these other people on here are so ignorant and hateful.

  • jr

    who is she and how old there no excuse that was a bus stop there too what if there was a mom and dad there with there kids waiting for bus that would been deadly lock b””’ up throw away key

  • jr

    so sad ive always been told that the drug driver or drunk driver always survives the accident and the innocents dies im seeing it so true even thow no 1 died drugging and driving just as bad as drinking and giving these idiot meth to come off drugs dont help it a cover up so be aware the person next to you a druggy on meth

  • E B

    To the family,

    You are the silent victim in this case, no one is blaming you for her fault. You are the ones who have to try to help her, but you know as well as I do helping a young person under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She really doesn’t care and the only ones left to suffer are you and your family. I express my sinceriest sympathy to you , but not her.

    To Mikeyswifey,

    It is glad to see that you and your unborn baby are ok and this could’ve turned for the worse for you and your family. Now that we know the polive wasn’t chasing her from an eyewitness point of view, this even makes it worse for her. Kids these days watch to much Tv, but don’t realize that unlike in a movie when the director says cut the actors get up from playing dead.

  • samantha

    Let me tell all of you something. That girl in that is like a sister to me. She made a mistake, people make mistake. Havn’t any of you ever made mistakes? If you does that mean to deserve to die because of the mistakes you made? No one deserves to die like that. She is a mother of a 5 year old little boy, and yes that is all the more reason why she shouldn’t have done what she did, but no one has good judgement of all the time. Just because you have a lapse of judgement does not mean to deserve to die or even be hurt for that matter. You people need to know that god created everyone equally and none of you are any better than her, you just might make a better decision here or there. I’m not saying that what she did wasn’t wrong because it absolutely was but would fleeing a cop sentence someone to death if it went to court? No, not by the laws that i follow. So she shouldn’t be sentenced to death by you people. None of you have any right to judge her, especially since you don’t have a clue who she is. All you know is that she “ran from the cops” nothing more, nothing less. You people really need to think about what you say before you say it, and don’t cast stones when you live in a glass house. Everyone sins and everyone makes mistakes. Her could have cost her her life, fortunately that wasn’t the case.

    • Karma

      I do know this girl. And she is NOTHING but a trouble maker. She is CONSTANTLY starting problems with females and everybody else that she can. AND she ran from the cops, because there was drugs in her car & she was high. Thank the good lord that her son was dropped of before-hand. Let me ask you this..If i was the one who did this & i killed your cousin who was “an innocent bystander” would you defend me??

      • samantha

        How did you know she was my cousin? I never even said that…ha, whats your name?

      • too the druggie cousin

        samantha you dum ass stupid b…… you posted are you taking same thing ur cousin taking

      • sheriff willie

        Samantha, Are you a porch monkey? or just mentally challenged?

    • betty-boop

      is she doing better did they actully put her in jail yet was her eye popped out and where do i go to help her at what page do i go on thanks my names betty

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