LEONARDTOWN, Md. (AP) — The Charles County Sheriff’s Office says a woman has been charged with murder in the shooting death of a man. 

Latronda Jackson, 33, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Eric Washington, 44. She is being held without bond. 

Deputies were called to an apartment about 3:30 a.m. Sunday and found Washington dead of a gunshot wound. Deputies say they found drugs, drug paraphernalia and a handgun at the scene. 

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Comments (12)
  1. Herman Glimsher says:

    drugs and guns found with someone named Latronda???? NO WAY!!!!!
    I’m taken aback!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    LOL..Now, you know that comment is just WRONG….WRONG…
    Something like poppers and a pistol and a girl named “Buffy”..

  3. Angela says:

    You’re a jerk. Drugs and guns are also common among Herman and John as well. Simple ass.

  4. ricky says:

    They’ll make her feel right ay home in prison,put up some news paper drapes,lawn chairs & lounge fine furnishings & a caddy out front.

  5. kelli says:

    Wow, i see people can be ver harsh,ignorant, & disrespectful with words. I’d love to know what you think of my name. It happens to Matthews, Jacobs, Bobs, Sarahs, Hollys, & Amys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To make a point it can happen to anyone, anywhere, with any name jerk!

    1. GCF says:

      But it happens to the Latrondas at a rate of about 60:1 over the Hollys and Amys. Wake up and come out from under that rock.

  6. Dot Com says:

    A moron named Herman? NO WAY!!!!!!!!

  7. jmggiants says:

    Lotronda, I wonder if she is white? LOL where do they get these names, playing scrabble

  8. East Coast says:

    It’s funny how when people say out loud what they’ve always been saying, people get all huffy and act offended. These names are ridiculous and I would be embarrassed to have some made up name. La’Quisha or “Ri-Quaindia, I mean come on. Who names their own children like that? People always have and always will LOL @ names like that. Period. I actually had to scroll up to see this latest made up name. Oh and drugs with a handgun involved? No surprises there either. Fry her!

  9. sheriff willie says:

    The good news here folks is that this Welfare Bunny’s check will stop. The bad news is that there’s a million more just like her coming up. They just can’t control those hormones. Think I’ll send her a bushel of Bananas…Err, wonder if she know the difference between a bushel & grams?…Oh yeah.

  10. A BOY NAME SUE...LOL says:

    What do you think about Barack Obama’s name…or The First Lady…ummmn..enough said..

  11. Lady bug says:

    Some people do the most dumbest things. I know Latronda personally, she just threw her whole life away, she did not think of the consequences that were involved, and she sire as hell did not think of her children. Now they are left without a mother for the rest of their lives. It goes to show that drugs is not where its at, but hey at least there is one more addict off the streets.

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