By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The developer who won the battle to get slots at Arundel Mills is suing the owners of Pimlico and the Preakness for, among other things, trying to block slots at the mall. 

Mike Schuh says this story begins in Indiana.

A lawsuit says David Cordish successfully managed an Indiana casino, but when its owner stopped paying Cordish his management fee, Cordish threatened to sue.  The lawsuit contains an email from the casino owner telling Cordish to drop the lawsuit or he’ll disrupt Cordish’s attempt to get a Maryland slots license.  Cordish did sue and that casino owner, among others, helped to bankroll the anti-Cordish, anti-slots campaign.  But Cordish won the slots license and the vote to locate slots at Arundel Mills.

“You can’t come here and besmirch the good name of an honest group of companies and an honest man,” said Billy Murphy, Cordish’s attorney.

Now Cordish wants his attorney to win in court and is suing that Indiana casino owner and the Maryland Jockey Club and its owner.

“This lawsuit is aimed at righting the wrong at David Cordish and his company’s reputation,” Murphy said.

In response to this lawsuit, the Jockey Club emailed a statement.  They say it’s based on speculation and innuendo and is an attempt by Cordish to restrain the First Amendment and free speech.

“The law is smart that it permits free speech but it does not permit defamation,” Murphy said.

This isn’t just about slots and money: this suit is also designed to send a message.

“Although you can say that some people might walk away from that, I think the better view is that you do what you’re supposed to do to keep that from ever happening again,” Murphy said.

Nothing ever happens quickly with civil suits like this.  It could be years before this goes before a jury or is settled out of court. 

Cordish is asking for $600 million in damages.

Comments (10)
  1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Why not?, everybody litigates today. Don’t like the color of your skin or sexuality? let’s sue. No wonder the courts are so backed up with frivolous lawsuits pitting “My dic is bigger than your dic”. What a waste.

  2. Herman Glimsher says:

    That casino should not be allowed at Arundel Mills to begin with….it’s not the right place for a casino. And, in addition, Cordish is a dirtball that should not be allowed to own any casino………watch what happens after that casino opens……………………crime rate over there will increase and then fewer people will shop over there and then the retailers will move out and that place will be like Landover Mall………….that place was the Crown Jewel back in the 70’s, but you couldn’t go there without getting mugged…………now it’s empty!!!

    1. TJN72 says:

      What is the connection between a casino and the crime at landover?
      Also have you walked around arundel mills lot after dark?

  3. JAMES CAGNEY says:


  4. pigeon says:

    Mr. Cordish is a money hungry individual whom the Devil uses for no good. Sir, you will burn in hell. You won the battle but God will not let you win the war!

  5. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Cordish is a phony driven by greed. Citizens of Md are lambs being sold another bill of goods to convince them that this will lower their taxes, build new schools & employ better teachers. Yeah, sure & the Tooth fairy drives a Cadillac.

  6. petfriend says:

    So many points to make here. First off, Mr Cordish is not a devil or greedy. He is a business man who is out to make a profit, which then allows him to offer jobs to people. That’s what keeps most of us employed. Nothing wrong with that if done honestly and it appears at every turn he has acted above board and complied with the law. Secondly, the point of the lawsuit has nothing to do with whether you are in favor of slots or not. The out of state company he is suing allegedly attempted to blackmail/extort him into dropping his slots bid not so that no casino would be opened but so that they could be the ones to come into our state and do so! They then allegedly paid people to campaign against Cordish and slots at arundel mills not to help that neighborhood but to make a profit for themselves. He is right to sue them if they did indeed do this because they have violated the rights of every Marylander by interfering with our vote by spreading lies and propoganda. It is a civil right of citizens to vote without interference and the propoganda spread during last election I believe violated that right.

  7. willie man hanging says:

    Petfriend, U .R full of poop!

  8. spojack says:

    Can we as Marlanders who want the casino sue theose bloggers like Willie man hanging, bernard Mc Kernan, and pedgeo…to name a few, for libel and defamation, and for them trying to delay (even further) the revenue from coming back to the state? They are also costing us jobs! Get over it. The casino will be here shortly.

  9. willie man hanging says:

    Spojack, You sir are full of double poop.

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