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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you own a car, you probably feel like your bank account is under siege.  Gas prices are climbing rapidly and it could get even worse.

Kai Jackson explains how decisions made in Annapolis could affect your finances.

Just the possibility of a gas tax increase makes drivers cringe, but state Republicans warn a gas tax hike won’t be levied without a fight.

If you drive, the numbers are not encouraging:  $3.05 for a regular gas at one station.  At another, it’s $3.19 for regular and $3.43 for premium.

“I think the gas is already high enough as it is.  People are having problems with the economy finding jobs,” said Siren Davis.

Energy experts say because gas is a commodity, it’s affected by many things, including market conditions and world events.

“Any world event, any indication that there’s a shortage of crude or that there’s a shortage of refined products will affect the retail price of gasoline,” said Pete Horrigan, Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors’ Association.

In Maryland, it’s possible that drivers may shell out more money for gas.

The national average for gas was just below $2.75 a gallon this time last year.  It took a slight dip in October and right now, it’s well above the $3 mark.

Because of the looming state budget deficit, Governor Martin O’Malley says a gas tax hike is possible. is determined to put the brakes on raising the gas tax.

“We think people ought to know and we want to give them a tool, a resource to contact the legislature and stop it,” said Ryan Mahoney, Maryland Republican Party.

Oil experts acknowledge even though Maryland is below the national average, paying in excess of three dollars a gallon is painful.

Comments (32)
  1. Debbie says:

    Gee don’t think about cutting spending just raise, raise ,raise taxes on everything. Time for everyone to speak up and let these representatives know in this economy the only thing a tax increase will do is make the economy worse. And that those who think taxes are the cure rather than curbing spending that their days in office are numbered.

    1. Squaregrouper says:

      Once again, Maryland re-elected these fools. it is now time for “us” to reap what we sow. I’m leaving this state as soon as feasible.

  2. Mike says:

    It is time to tell the governer and all of our representative sitting in Annapolis that if they continue to throw everyone in Maryland into poverty with their actions that when the next election year comes up they will all be trying obtain unemployement benefits and paying for all the extra “fees” they decided to impose.
    I don’t know what people they think they are representing but it sure isn’t the citizens of Maryland.

    1. says:

      No they won’t. The know maryland will continue to elect Democrats.

  3. Kirsty Hellmech says:

    Geez, I wouldn’t be complaining at that price! Here in Queensland Australia, the gas prices are at $1.49 a litre. that’s well over $5 a gallon… food for thought.

    1. Bob says:


  4. CHARLES says:


  5. MARK FADITA says:


  6. AL says:

    lay off the city police the county police, the state police leave the fuel taxes alone governor, OMALLY = LOSER

  7. BETH ANN SWARTZ says:

    double the beer wine tax,,,leave the fuel tax alone idiots idiots idiots

  8. Me says:

    If they want to decrease spending to lower the tax, the politicians need to take a pay cut. They are grossly overpaid.

  9. WHY GAS TAX says:

    omally smuck,,,,mikluski smuckatelly,,,,,ben cardin smuck the three losers of maryland

  10. maryland politics rated worse in the usa history says:


  11. Gayle Johnson says:

    No more taxes. Maryland needs to look at how they pay government workers. They hire people for jobs pay them top wages and some of these people don’t know the job and then if something needs repair they call in an outsider. So why have somebody on staff? I know this is fact becaused I somebody who works for MD government. Take a look inside O’Malley and control yours & government spending and get your hand out of pocket since there is only lint in them anymore.

  12. STEVE says:


  13. JOHN says:

    how hard to you think 74 year old mikulski works ,,,yes punt is indeed intended,,tired of paying these losers salarys,,,,,bad decisions

  14. J says:

    The real issue isn’t a couple cents gas tax. (I don’t agree with that either). The issue is the gas companies uping the price of gas a couple of cents every week. When Exxon is making 10’s of Billions of dollars in profit every year, you know where your gas money is going. There’s no reason that gas should be over $3.00 a gallon right now. Just wait until the summer. I don’t think there should be a gas tax hike. But I wish people would get as outraged by the Oil industry gouging us for all our money as they do when a few cents tax is proposed. People only seem to care about anything when the government does something. When corporations constantly raise the price of their products, while laying off employees, keeping salaries at a constant level, and shipping jobs out of the country, and forcing the employees they have left to do double the work, no one could give a rats butt.

  15. FYI says:

    j for you info exxon dosnt set the price of gas it is a commodity just like gold and is traded just like gold what we need to do is stop buying gas from over seas and buy here

  16. d glenburnie says:

    everyone keeps saying that at the next elections we will elect someone else if this keeps up but every year these same people keep getting elected . this year I voted for nothing but new people in both elections I did not vote for any of the previous canidates and they still got in . what a wasted vote mine was. blame all on your selves voters you all have continued to put the same people in over and over . after this year I may never vote again become an unregistered voter . it is a shame it has come to that.

  17. Bob says:

    What is wrong with our congressmen and governor. People is this state are dying. We can barely pay our bills as it is. They keep raising every commodity and the governor allows this to happen. People are still loosing there homes and jobs.

  18. Andy S. says:

    It’s time to flush that septic tank we call the State Capitol and fire the whole bunch. Anyone who’s been in office more than four years, including the Governor, needs to go!

  19. Tree Hugger Tina says:

    Go green! Buy a nice energy efficient compact vehicle, ride a bike, car pool, or just take Mass Transit! Shut the hell up and stop whing and do something about it! It’s up to all of us to join together and start saving our enviroment! Together we can make a difference.

    1. A says:

      you must have never been on a baltimore mta bus. to ride a baltimore mta bus safely you need a ar-15, at least 2000 rounds of ammo, body armour, biohazard suit and a gas mask

  20. Willie joe wanker says:

    Tina, Wait until you’re old & on S.S., have to make decisions whether you buy food or medicine. Was a time when we were young but business was crushed by big box stores, can’t find work when you’re sixty. Can’t buy a new car much less an electric one cause people who live in an apt can’t hook & charge it. Some black prick will come & steal the cord. Tina, you shut the F…K..UP!

  21. Heather says:

    Tina you’re an a spoiled rich idiot. No one can afford to but energy effcient cars b/c they can’t even pay their bills. And how can i ride a bike when i have to take 2 kids to daycare before work??? how can i car pool when no one i know is going in the same direction as me to work? and there is no mass transit where i live. SO TINA YOU REALLY NEED TO SHUT UP AND THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

  22. Tree Hugger Tina says:

    Heather, it’s not my fault that I worked my way through college and have several degrees! Come on, it can’t be that hard to find a ride to work. Last time I heard McDonalds had served billions and billions.

    1. Willie joe wanker says:

      Tina, Such a schmuck you are. Try supporting yourself on the pay from a McDonalds much less a family. I personally think you are B.S. about working your way through college. Bet you had peanut butter legs, (easy to spread) or a rich uncle you did lap dances for.

  23. Heather says:

    Tina, i’m sorry that you are too ignorant to realize how many hard working middle class americans are in the same position as i am, and i’m sorry that you’re too ignorant to realize that us hardworking middle class citizens are the ones keeping this country going. and no, i can’t carpool to work b/c i work in the sticks and everyone i know that might possibly give me a ride is heading in the exact opposite direction. Just b/c you have college degrees doesn’t mean you have a dam bit of common sense.

  24. vitaliy says:

    What does McDonalds have anything to do with this?

  25. Tia Smith says:

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  26. Joseph Pearl says:

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