BALTIMORE (WJZ)–They snatched a woman’s car keys and took off. Two carjacking suspects then caused a wild pursuit. As the video spreads, many are outraged by what could have happened.

Weijia Jiang explains how police are now using that chase video.

We have seen a lot of other crashes that were less intense than this one and ended a lot uglier. Police say this was a classic example of what police should do in hot pursuit.

From the city to the county and back, the driver of a stolen Acura made brazen attempts to escape from the police helicopter, hitting several vehicles.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 captured every moment.

“We used technology, Foxtrot followed him,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police. “To be frank, this guy isn’t going to outrun a police helicopter.”

Investigators identified the man behind the wheel as Frank Richardson, 27, who’s seen smiling in his mug shot.

Those who saw parts of the ride in their neighborhood say there’s nothing funny about it.

“He could’ve hurt anyone on the sidewalk, somebody’s children, grandmother, grandfather,” said one witness.

“These are machines,” said another. “People don’t understand, these are machines.”

Authorities say the chase started after Richardson carjacked a state health employee Tuesday afternoon in a Reisterstown parking lot.

In order to park in the lot you have to get past a security guard. But anyone can walk on from less obvious directions.

“I’m scared, really because it happened in broad daylight,” said Tawana Brown, victim’s co-worker. “They can come and jack anybody up.”  

Police say luckily no one was hurt. They believe it was a result of the department policy not to chase cars on the ground.

Richardson ultimately abandoned the car. Officers arrested him and the passenger–Desmond McCoy, 25.

“They’re going to burn themselves out eventually. They’re going to crash and we’ve got all the gas in the world for Foxtrot. We can follow him all day long,” Guglielmi said.

Both men are now in police custody facing several charges.  At this point they refuse to answer any questions about what happened.

Police say so far they have not recovered a weapon.

Watch Suspects On Wild Ride:

Comments (11)
  1. Free2speak2 says:

    They were beyond DUMMIES!!!

  2. David says:

    I know there out of jail by now, this is Baltimore!

  3. Louis LoGrande says:

    Maybe they tried it again and crash.

  4. Louis LoGrande says:

    and die.

  5. NIKKI says:

    The smug look on his face is making me SICK!!!! OMG the best thing that punk could have done would have been to wrap his butt around a tree. BAD NICOLE for saying that but I work hard and HONEST for what I have. Sadly I’m sure some judge or master will slap his wrist and let him off…..I’ve seen it a million and one times in court.

  6. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    These two niggas had a rap sheet longer than your dic. The punks should have been in prison serving out their original 20 year sentences. Cops catch them Judges let them go or off easy. They only understand brute force so let’s give them some.

  7. SUPER EM says:

    Why was he smiling for his mug shot?………That let`s you know he is not too bright!

  8. Steven Barrett says:

    we can blame them all we want but it biols down to are city not haveing noone 2 raise the yuth we live what we growe and noone is hlping city youth trough there troubles not even there parents so as a community and as a state we need 2 save are city starting with yuth

    1. Nikki says:

      Hooked on phonics worked for me! Sweetheart come on you can’t be serious.

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