By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— The two brothers involved in a racially charged incident in Park Heights headed to court Wednesday morning.   In November, a black teenager was stopped by a Jewish volunteer neighborhood patrol group called Shomrim. What happened next is in dispute, but assault charges have been filed against the two.

Mike Schuh was there when they came to court.

The court sees it as simple misdemeanor cases. Out on the streets, one side calls it racism, the other protection.

Avi and Eli Werdesheim strode into the Mitchell Courthouse to the cheers of more than a hundred supporters.

They’re  being arraigned for the November incident in Park Heights.

The police report states that the two Werdesheim brothers followed a 15-year-old African-American and got out of their private patrol car. In the charging documents, the teen told police that Eli Werdesheim hit him in the head with his radio and shouted expletives saying: “You don’t belong around here, get outta here!”

The brothers claim the teen swung a 2×4 studded with nails. The teen says his wrist was broken.

The incident has sparked protests and claims of racism.Physically, the two protest groups were only 110 feet apart Wednesday, but philosophically they’re miles apart.

“So we’re here today to show a sense of solidarity and say to the citizens of Baltimore City and to our friends in upper Park Heights is that all we want is justice,” said Rev. C.D. Whiterspoon, protesting Shomrim.

The reverend is part of a coalition of nine groups which called for the protests. But only a dozen protesters heard the call.

To the north, Shomrim supporters sang songs and sent prayers asking for help from God.

“I think it’s important to support the Werdesheims as they go through this challenge,” said Stuart Goldman, Shomrim supporter.

In a two-minute court appearance, the trial date for the three misdemeanor charges: second-degree assault, false imprisonment and possession of a deadly weapon with intent to injure was set.

After court, both brothers thanked their supporters.

“They enter a not guilty plea and we resolve this in the courtroom,” said Andrew Alperstein, attorney.

Eli Werdesheim was originally charged with a felony, but that charge was later dropped by city prosecutors.

Both brothers now face the same three assault and weapons misdemeanor charges. Their trials have been combined and the trial date is set for May 2 at the Mitchell Courthouse.

Comments (33)
  1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Ten protestors who i PRESUME WERE BLACK. They only show up to work when something is being given away free, a new gold chain, some P-Diddy C.D. etc. Where is the Black leadership when one of their own has set fire to a dog or murdered one another?

    1. Nick says:

      hello–some were white but U couldn’t see past that BERNIE–take the blinders off

  2. sheriff willie says:

    Uh oh,….there’s a Coon in the room!

  3. County man says:

    My sorry fellow blacks truly disgust me! They only protest and get upset when someone not black hurts a black person, but never protest when blacks kill blacks. We have a citizens on patrol in Owings Mills Newtown because young black males where starting to cause crime and trouble. I’m black and I mostly watch out for black males between the ages of 15-30. This is the core group we all need to watch out for because of the pervasive crime committed in Maryland by them. I fully support the Jewish patrol group, for I know what they are up against: black make thug menaces to society who are the root cause of quality of life disruptions, terror and violence in our communities. Section-8 had unfortunately brought under class blacks into the counties and more upscale Baltimore neighborhoods. Black people with young males in your families who have made it out of your hoods and into our hardworking neighborhoods, just accept being patrolled and watched. We don’t trust you!

    1. Yeah Right says:

      Can you say white racist trying to pretend he is black

  4. CA.TINK says:

    I would say that I am disgusted how this is being seen as a racially motivated attack, however, this is nothing new and I don’t know why I still continue to get so upset over issues like this. Yet Whites are the racist? REALITY CHECK! Anytime a crime committed by another race against an African America the NAACP who come to thier rescue and make them believe everyone is racist and against african americans…these boys were protecting thier neighborhood, now rather they went about apprehending him the right way or not no one can really say because there are a few sides to the story. Then you also have the media who report it like “JEWISH community patrol beats BLACK teen”. Come on now!! Never do you see a headline reading “BLACK man stabs WHITE man” and never would that crime be considered a hate crime even if they if they were calling him “white trash” or “cracker” ha that would never even make headline news! Good for the supporters of these young men, i’m sure they need it! Getting accused of doing wrong when they were doing a good deed and trying to protect thier community.

  5. harrythe hammer says:

    Minorities in general are the most racist groups in America. The NAACP is a racist org. The Negro college fund, BET t.v.. Nothing but goon for the Coons.

    1. Nicky says:

      I have met many racists Orthodox jews so make sure you include everyone.

  6. County man says:

    Go ahead, Ca. Tink! This black man agrees with you 100%! Where was the NAACP when the group of thug underclass black teens beat that white woman nearly to death on that city MTA bus a few years ago? They even called her “white trash” while beating her. Where was the black community outrage? Where was the NAACP? I hate black hypocrites!

  7. Strider says:

    The sad thing about this whole senerio is that we can never find out the facts of the case because all of the focus has already been divided because of the different races involved. I’m familiar with the Shomrin group and the mission to help control the crime and enprove the quality of life in the neighborhood they live in.
    I think that the Shomrin group is a credible group with all good intentions and I believe that the communities they patrol have benefited from the community service they provide. I don’t think that the Shomrin group as a whole should be blamed or lose credibility because of the actions of one individual.
    I cannot speak on the details of the incident at hand so I cannot comment but I can say that there is no reason at all for a citizen patrol group to confront, question, judge or make physical contact without the endangerment of their own personal safety. There should never be a reason to fear your safety if you have taken the right steps to prevent an altercation. Once the level of confrontation is realized the police should be notified immediately.
    Again without knowing the details or findings of the incident in question at the very least with or without charges, the Shomrin group cannot allow further particpation from the accused and the Shomrin group should be allowed to continue without incident but with better training and procedures.

    Strider, Guardian Angels Chapter Commander – Baltimore

  8. wescoast007 says:

    hey sherif willie, step away from this blog and say that…..U CLOWN

  9. Herman Glimsher says:

    Normally I would agree with bernard f. mckernan and sheriff willie about the darkies, but in this case I beleive that those Jew-boys beat that boy for no good reason.

    You can tell that Avi is a punk who is trying to prove he’s some kind of tough guy commando…….and, he was probably booted from the Israeli army for being a P—Y.
    That little sissy boy couldn’t kick anyone’s ass unless it was some little teenager half his size….

  10. County man says:

    You know, let’s just get this race war going! Yeah, I’m black and hate what my fellow blacks do, but I’m not going to sit back and not challenge the whites on here who are going into KKK territory! I’ll take you on just like a fellow black who threatens me! I’ve got the guns! Let’s go for it white trash!

    1. Owings Mills says:

      You actually sounded quite educated and credible County man…..until this. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. My guess is one of them may have been victimized by another race and it tends to color your perception of the entire race when that happens. Take a deep breath and count to 10 before you fire off the next post like this.

  11. Amanda Plaine says:

    as a white woman Willie & Herman you two are a disgrace to the white race why don’t you take yourselves up to Ceciltuckey live on an island in the Susquehanna then build a bridge and throw yourselvees off it, this is why this country can’t move forward because dumb ass people like you, calling people darkies and cioons you make me sick. now how about you get to jumping off that bridge

  12. Amanda Plaine says:

    countyman please don’t stoop to those two idiots levels, please not every white person feels that way

  13. derrickman says:

    If there is a race war, the jungle bunnies will be eradicated based on pure numbers. Think about all the welfare money we could save to educate & build decent housing in neighborhoods that Black trash won’t destroy a-la section 8.

  14. sheriff willie says:

    Jews have been beaten & mugged for years by black punks in gangs. Jew boys won’t take it anymore & I’m glad they kicked this apes ass. He had a history of criminal behavior & was looking to break into some homes. I would have killed his black ass. Jews have been donating time & resources to blacks for years & in return those arrogant moils just laugh. We’ll see who laughs in the future niggas.

  15. Amanda Plaine says:

    Hey Willie, who put you in the mighty pedastol to judge everyone, BTW i’m marrued to a jew so really don’t open your mouth why you don’t you come to Harford county and tell me to shut the f up i dare you little man

  16. sheriff willie says:

    Amanda, HA HA, A Jew who can’t spell & who lives in Republican territory Harford county. That explains your sorry ass. I feel for your poor old man.

  17. Amanda Plaine says:

    Hey Willie 1st off I’m not a republican nor a democrat 2nd off I’m not Jewish, here’s an idea why don’t you come on up here and I’ll show you how sorry my husband is, you can’t judge an entire race of people based on the actions of some if that were the case blacks would think all white people were racist pos like yourself, man you’re a sad pathetic excuse for a human being, oh yeah and did I mention I’m white & proud of it. Man dude I feel sorry for your entire family you’re one sorry man.

  18. Nicky says:

    How Ironic that one of the boy’s lawyers-Ms. Green would wear a BLOOD RED coat to court given the boys left the scene and provided no aid to the victem and BROKE the number one rule of all INTELLIGENT/well trained watch groups which is to observe but not engage. Maybe the red relects the Palestinia blood spilled in Gaza that the brother in the army saw when he was serving–it is just ironic and was inappropriate attire for COURT. Also given the nature of the crime it was inappropriate for the Shomrim group to be cheering–lets face it some could still call this a hate crime and your little cheering act speaks volumes of your character–yes, show up for support but the cheering–how infantile and inapproriate.

  19. from the shore says:

    I don’t think Country man is really black. Baltimore is a mess, a lot of bad people doing bad stuff. It is strange that all those people we see getting arrested are innocent ( HA!)

  20. County Man says:

    For the racist white who says blacks will be killed off based on shear numbers. Here is a horrifyfing reality check for you: Whites are already being genetically annhilated by the huge numbers of non-whites wh are immigrating to the US. More people of color are immigrating here than whites from Europe. Also, white women have the lowest rates for having children because white women either abort their fetuses or are chosing to have carreers over children and marriage. While blacks and especially hispanics are bredding like crazy! In just about 25 years, whites will be America’s minority. In fact whites are some of the smallest percentage of human being on Earth. The average human being on this planet is Asian. So much for winning a race war! Like I said, I hate the whites who hav egone KKK on here, but I don’t like the stupid things many of my fellow blacks have done crime wise either. I’m not afraid to speak out against members of my race who mess up and make us all look bad. But. I’m now an Uncle Tom sell-out either.

  21. Bernard Lee says:

    The details of this case are yet unknown. We will hear two sides of the story at the trial but frankly I don’t know how much credibility will be accorded the story of a lone black youth before a white judge and a Jewish states attorney who has clearly shown bias by dropping felony charges when the victem suffered serious bodily harm. The term “you don’t belong here” may be more telling than all the back and forth we will hear at the trial. That this community feels threatened is not in dispute hence the formation of their community patrol. What I would question is their right to declare any area, out side of their own personal property, as off limets to anyone in the United States. This black kid has every right to walk on Public park Heights Ave. even if his presence is threatening to some. He ‘belongs there’ as much as any Jewish person. This kid’s rights are written by the blood of his ancestors in defense of freedom in this country from the revolution to Afghanistan. There are no territorial disputes here, no west bank, no settlements, no Sinai. If you live in America, you live among Americans, the good, the bad, and the ugly all of whom have the right to defend their homes and collectively the duty to defend America.

  22. Willie man hanging says:

    Bernard Lee, This kid has about the same rights as all the other Black kids that have beaten, burned animals & have gotten a free pass in recent weeks. Black city=black jury =O.J.results….The kid will walk. Oh yeah, he has a right to walk down the street but isn’t it funny how he lived nowhere near there . has a police record, & I’ll bet my last $$ this porch monkey was looking for an opportunity to smash & grab from the Jews whi just happen to work for a living.

    1. ron says:

      @willie man
      where do you live in a trailer or something because you are hiding behind these emails tough guy. poor white trash

  23. willie man hanging says:

    Hey Ron, I hear they’re giving a free mini bottle of gin with each welfare check cashed on North ave. Better hurry on over there sonny. Don’t forget to pick ypo some Colt 45.

  24. Amanda Plaine says:

    @ willie dude just shut up, oh yeah and check your spelling

  25. willie man hanging says:

    Amanda, SMD Toot’s.

  26. Kelly says:

    How sad it is that this much race tension exists in 2011. Sometimes its about poor decision making and not race. Racial slurs and racist attitudes furthers no one’s cause and just makes everyone look uneducated. How about we live in the 21st century and not the 19th.

  27. mike says:

    united kights of tennessee of the ku klux klan realm of maryland

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