Tanker Truck Accident Temporarily Shuts Down 83

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Two cars crashed on I-83, causing one car to flip in the air and land upside down–wedged under a tanker truck.  It happened right at the start of rush hour Wednesday, delaying thousands of drivers. 

Weijia Jiang has the incredible video.

A horrific scene unfolded on northbound I-83.  Police say a car collided with a Jeep, flipped and got pinned upside down, underneath a massive tanker truck.  For an hour after the crash happened, all lanes were shut down and drivers were stuck in gridlock.

The accident was so nasty, traffic was backed up all the way to the Beltway at the top of rush hour.

“Everybody’s honking their horns.  It was chaos,” said driver Mary Lowery.

“I was trying to get out for my wife’s birthday and it caused me to be late,” said driver Chris Stolz.

“Anywhere you went, any turn you made, there was more traffic.  Everyone was trying to take the same detour,” said driver Doug Sheredos.

One Baltimore County bus driver said the accident made it very difficult for her and her colleagues to get kids home on time.  At one bus stop alone, she waited more than 15 minutes for parents to arrive.

“I was coming from Towson to Cockeysville to a babysitting job.  I have to pick her up from the bus stop so I had to call the mom. I was stuck in traffic,” said Nicole Babus.

A headache for sure, but somehow one without serious injuries.  Police say the driver of the wedged car got out by himself. He was transported to the hospital.

State Police say the driver of the other car was also taken to the hospital.  Both are recovering from non-life threatening injuries.

Police say nothing hazardous spilled from the tanker.

  • DBW

    Your 11pm reports the driver was self extricated and walking around on-scene. I was on scene and witnessed Baltimore county Fire cut the passenger door off. They secured the Driver to a back board and transported by a medic to a trauma scene. The professional actions of Baltimore County Fire on the scene is to be commended. There is no way that the driver of the rolled car could have gotten out of the car as the doors and windows were crushed allowing only 4 inches to access the interior.

  • http://spinnernews.com/tanker-truck-accident-temporarily-shuts-down-83/ Tanker Truck Accident Temporarily Shuts Down 83 | Spinner News

    […] Tanker Truck Accident Temporarily Shuts Down 83 Tanker Truck Accident F&#959r th&#1077 interim Shuts Down 83 Two cars crashed &#959n I-83, causing one car t&#959 flip &#1110n th&#1077 air &#1072n&#1281 land upside down—wedged under a tanker truck. It happened r&#1110&#609ht &#1072t th&#1077 &#1109t&#1072rt &#959f r&#965&#1109h hour Wednesday, delaying thousands &#959f drivers. Read more &#959n CBS Baltimore […]

  • eliciaweber

    DBW, thanks for the accurate info.. Apparently news reporters don’t seem to care if the info they provide is factual or not. Sad. You are right, we are all very lucky that we have BCoFD, paid and volunteer units to do what they do. They are often overlooked. And to all of the people who had to honk their horns to get to a babysitting job or work or their wife’s birthday, gee, it is a shame that you are late. No one wants to sit in traffic but how do you think the person in the car wedged under the truck felt.. Let’s stop putting our ‘wants’ first before others, shall we? Thank God that no one died

  • Adriane

    about those news reports: i really don’t understand how they post this stuff as fact. my husband is a school bus driver. while driving a busload of kids to school in November his bus was rear-ended by a beverage truck. the news on-line stations stated that the bus “collided with a truck” and was written in such a way as to make it seem the bus drivers fault. I called the stations to inform them they were totally wrong. their reply was that “that’s what we were told by the officials at the scene”. which is completely wrong-everyone at the scene knew & could see what really happened.

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